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  1. my name is Douglas t. Gugel and I have a 2inch long by fingersize width and diameter when fully erect and grape size miniballs and I am under 1inch long by fingersize width and diameter when limp I also have premature ejaculation and have been a bedwetter my entire life and now I have to wear thick adult diapers and diaper covers 24/7 due to full incontinence, I have been teased and called names and made to cry by women more times than i can remember and they have all dumped me for bigger penis real men they tell me I'm not a real man because I don't have a real man's sized penis and testicles , I have been very sad and heartbroken and cry alot about all of these issues but there's nothing I can do to fix or solve the problem , all the women I know have nicknamed me vienna sausage dick and babydick and I'm still called those name's to this very day !!! Sincerely , Douglas t. Gugel
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