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  1. Definitely agree I'm not even bothered by the lack of sex now, I just need companionship. I think I'll look into asexual dating sites. I don't see that as "settling for less," or anthing like that. in fact, if a woman likes me so much that she wants to be with me without sex, thats pretty magical
  2. "Keep trying," they said "You'll find a nice woman eventually," they said
  3. Sorry to hear that man. Unfortunately stories like that don't fill me with much hope either, knowing that a woman can come back for sex and still shame you behind your back. I don't think I'll ever trust anyone enough to have sex with them!!
  4. That wasn't really the case in my only experience but I'm not saying you're wrong. In my case I remember just being happy to have a girlfriend, then when it ended I was really surprised and upset. Then when I found out she was shaming me to people I never recovered
  5. I've known about the term for a few years
  6. You're all good bro, I know you weren't trying to argue. It's hard to believe how much of a nasty person Lily Allen is but.. sad but true I'm afraid. I think the songs are generally about him being a bad person I guess.. but she thinks it's okay to body shame to get revenge. And then go on to body shame ALL under endowed men Check this out http://www.pmlive.com/pharma_intelligence/Case_study_Savethemale_1317350 Some male suicide awareness thing, "It gained social media support from celebrities including Stephen Fry, Ricky Gervais and Lily Allen." HAHAHAHAHA. The irony is incredible. Shameless c*** Yeah I don't have issues with the fact that people have preferences. I think most of us would agree with that. But I don't see why people need to advertise the fact/shame other people I 100% agree. The problem is though, if you call anyone out, you'll just get penis shamed. I think this requires a seismic shift in thinking that probably won't occur in my lifetime
  7. That's a good point and I do agree, however I can't help but view it as a disability on my end as well. Trying to be positive though, we would say to physically or mentally disabled or handicapped people that they have nothing to feel shame for right? They didn't choose their situation. I guess the same could apply here, and I ought to treat myself with that same compassion. I feel like it's a lot more groups than that I don't belong to. Confident people, sexually active people, etc.. I said I'm not angry with women, which is true, but on the whole I feel totally distant or disconnected to them in a way because I know there's a 99.99% chance they'll stop viewing me as a human being with feelings if they ever saw me naked. That being said, 50% of the music I listen to is by female artists and I read books by female authors etc, so I'm far from anti women or anything like that. And when I'm with my female cuddle therapist I have 100% trust in her. I think you were on to something when you mentioned asexual relationships, because my distrust with women is all sex related. Take that out of the equation and I think I'll be ready for a relationship, once I start to like myself more. I also agree that therapy is a good idea for me.. at least to deal with my panic attacks which, at their worst, can be triggered by something as trivial as seeing a happy couple walking together down the street 😕 I knew what you meant I appreciate your thoughtful and productive answers by the way. It's quite comforting to know there's someone out there who totally sees through the societal crap and actually see guys like us as humans with value. Unique individuals just like everyone else. You're providing light to people who really need it, like a candle in an endless, dark hallway. You don't have to put your time and energy into this so I want you to know that I appreciate it, even if I've seemed stubborn or unappreciative
  8. Which is strange because English women seem to demand a bigger size. It will probably take me a few more years before I'm able to put myself out there. I might not ever be able to. Thank you for the productive advice though, I appreciate it I don't know how accurate this data is but it's worth a look I guess. According to this, the British are in the mid range. No mention of Denmark but the Swedes are an average of 5.9 compared to the 5.5 over here https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/iv-drip/the-penis-size-study-how-do-british-men-fare-8192025.html
  9. But this is the norm of society. Nothing I can do will possibly change that. I just don't think I belong here.
  10. https://airenpetalbert.wordpress.com/2017/01/15/forget-taylor-swift-lily-allen-is-the-real-queen-of-ex-shaming/ and check out this wonderful article which CELEBRATES the fact that she body shames. The "author" quotes three or four different songs which are clearly about it. "If you’re like the woman in this song who cares about her sexual pleasure, you go girl." and " Shots fired. And in case you’re not satisfied with the small-penis-shaming that happened over there, here’s more..." are all quotes from this wonderful "author." It's shit like this that makes me want to give up and say goodbye.
  11. https://www.reddit.com/r/smalldickproblems/comments/anb3gq/lily_allen_singer_on_small_dicks/ It's about size dude. In this thread they're discussing a video which has now been deleted. It was called something like "Lily Allen supports male suicide" and it was a compilation of her introducing the song. She would talk to the men in the crowd saying "I hope none of you have small dicks" and then the women in the crowd would laugh/cheer
  12. I've been thinking about this more and more lately. I've never had sex at 30 years old, due to a traumatizing experience in my teens. The mere thought of sex gives me full blown panic attacks which, realistically, will be incredibly difficult to fully overcome. I don't crave sex, I just crave companionship. I hope I'll find my asexual life partner one day
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