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  1. People's health matters, the economy matters, some countries covid figures seem a lot worse than other countries - the UK figures are sobering, not very well handled.
  2. What an amazing hairstyle that lion in the pic has 🙂
  3. Trouble is even if older people are being more careful, if younger people are not they could still get exposed to Covid through families. It is not just the responsibility of older/vulnerable people to isolate away - society is or should be a unit with a balanced approach. I do think the decision to let students go back to universities rather than study online as much as possible for a few terms was questionable because they have to go back to families at Christmas and may spread covid around.
  4. I can't take anyone called Cardigan seriously 🙂
  5. I can't figure out why Donald Trump is so silly in trying not to wear a mask/ making a big deal of taking it off. It is just idiotic.
  6. @LaLa, Tom Ellis looks a bit different in Lucifer, I think he must be wearing eyeliner or something.
  7. geronimo


    Best of luck Dave! Hope it is nice.
  8. @LaLa yes, Miranda was really a funny show. There is that classic scene where Miranda gets her dress stuck in a taxi door and it flies off down the road! Funny characters.
  9. I watched Tom Ellis in the sitcom Miranda, bit of a different series @LaLa. He obviously got a big break.
  10. I did read somewhere that something like coronavirus burns itself out after a couple of years, so I hope it does go away.
  11. geronimo


    Yes, he does very introspective comedy - good monologue.
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