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  1. Klingsor, there is no need to be silent - am not sure 'silence is golden' if someone is suffering.
  2. What a horrible customer. It's only a mask and for their protection as well.
  3. Facemasks are to be worn just about everywhere indoors here from this Saturday. Strange really, there was debate here a while ago about burkas and face coverings and now because of covid almost everyone is face covered apart from their eyes. Must be very difficult for staff wearing them for hours and hours.
  4. geronimo

    Why Are We Here?

    I like this (quiet) forum - I suppose it is not so busy because less people are using forums? It was hard to find originally, just looked now and it is page 4 on bing search. Quality rather than quantity 🙂 Edit - just searched again and now it is page 1 lol.
  5. Yes, I'd agree with LaLa, something has changed in the life of the girl you were talking to - it's not your fault HL, as you are not the one who has changed your behaviour.
  6. Loads of people must be feeling the same way. I haven't got advice as such, just wanted to leave a supportive message. One of the ways to think about it is it hopefully is just a phase of life and you are building on the friendships you do have even if you are not seeing them much right now.
  7. The whole covid thing is very strange, whether it did get out of a lab or whether a market - and even in milder cases, it can sometimes linger on. I think people are getting used to the masks here, I am still avoiding shops if I can though.
  8. Dima, why not write about 3 things - your academic interests/ any achievements, why you are interested in that particular course and why that particular institution. Note down anything that comes to mind, even if it is just a few words to start. Ask someone to help check it over if possible. Best of luck with it.
  9. Vic, I hope your mask is a proper home made one. 😀 My sister has just ordered a bunch of disposable ones. Like the Jerusalem vid, very patriotic - makes me think of this very old footpath I walk sometimes, people must have been walking it for centuries and it passes a church. Haven't seen any satanic mills lately.
  10. Hiya Vic, I am ok thanks. Have been helped by the nice weather too. Non essential shops open tomorrow, but I bet a lot of people will continue to shop online. Not surprised that psych admissions are up, have read it is the same here.
  11. geronimo

    Morning Limerick

    Even your limerick is about career change 😀 There once was a blogger called Malign, Who saw that the weather was fine, Went out on his way Escaped counselling for the day And found he had a much better time.
  12. Lockdown is hard work, millions of people with anxieties. Some things easing a little here, people going back to work and able to drive further for walking. Some reports that people do not want to go out yet though. Who'd have thought 2020 would have this kind of start? (Wish the planners had.) Laughed at my favourite comedian Romesh's show yesterday, even funny through video link. Sorry you guys are having a tough time 💛
  13. @Klingsor yeah, lockdown is tough, definitely can mess about with the head as well and worse when someone has mh issues. It's sad, cos sometimes there can be a bit of camaraderie among neighbours just because they live in the same road.
  14. Don't worry KS, they probably argue behind closed doors 😜
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