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  1. I noticed that there is a member called Curtailed, and that he posted in this thread, of all the threads he could have posted in. It made me wonder if he'd chosen the name Curtailed, because he had a curt "tail" himself.
  2. Enkosi, ndiyabulela, ndiyabonga, nee dankie, thenks.
  3. I have today discovered a possible cure for that silly feeling we've all had of not being real. I am referring to that feeling that not only is one inside a Plato's Cave, one is actually merely another of the shadowy figures projected onto the cave wall oneself, a non-being like those other shadows one is able to observe. Rene Descartes is famous for having cast off this feeling, by observing sheepishly that he was, after all, thinking, even as he doubted his own existence. The cure for the feeling that one isn't real, is to join MentalHelp.net, where (I have just learnt) one has to post into the New Members Post Here section, and to post about the feeling one has of not being real. In due course, surely, the moderator will rule reassuringly that one is real. I mean, the moderator's only alternative is to rule that one isn't real, thus risking - well I dread to think what gruesome consequences might ensure, if somebody with that "I'm not real" feeling, suffered the shock of being pronounced not real, by a MentalHelp.net moderator. Once I am trusted, I'll tell you about $19,000,000 I discovered in the African bank account of somebody killed in a plane crash. But having found a cure for that feeling that one isn't real, is triumph enough for one day.
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