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  1. Small, I'm sorry it's taken so long to post back. Life got a little complicated, I've been trying to deal with someone I was very close to a long time ago resurfacing. I guess she thought a year was long enough to wait. First though, I made pasties! I found a great, classic recipe for Cornish pasties that tin miners carried down into the mines. I gotta admit these were delicious! I don't know if you're familiar with a frozen food called Hot Pockets. It looks like a miniature pasty. I was never too impressed with them. They have more of a pie/pastry crust. I found I much prefer the biscuit type crust the pasties have! I substituted turnips (which I had on hand) for the rutabaga (which I like also, but I didn't have handy). I've baked these a couple times. I made a vegetable version that my daughter loved. You asked about my sparring. There's not really much to tell. I have a close friend Jim. I grew up close to him and his sister Leanne. Everyone just called her Leah. Jims dad was big Jim. Big Jim was black, Jims mom was Mexican. (Leah was and still is beautiful.) Big Jim was friends with Sarge who owned the 'fitness gym' I sparred in. Big Jim owned a couple convenience stores. He had a nice home with an in ground pool we kids swam in. I was pretty much the only white kid that hung around in the gym. I was wrestling and running track in school at this time, working out with weights. I suppose I should tell about a series of incidents in school that affected me in regards to all this. I've said I've really lost my temper maybe twice in my life. This was one of them. Jim was skinny and not tall at all. A kid that ran cross country and played basketball picked on him mercilessly. Tony was tall with long lankly arms and legs. I took issue with his bullying. We fought after school three times. The first two times he beat me like a drum. I looked like I'd got my head caught in a blender. He kept the crap up with Jim and inevitably it happened we were going to fight for the third time Friday afternoon. I was friends with a couple big guys on the football team, and ate lunch with them regularly. I was eating lunch with one when he piped up and said I hear you're going to fight Tony again Friday. I just shrugged and said Yeah. He said Why don't you wise up? I just said Huh? He said Tonys dad has gave him some boxing lessons, you need to learn how to box. I just smiled and said Right, before Friday. He said Well, you're a good wrestler. Instead of fighting him on his terms, force him to your terms. This was food for thought. So the third time Tony and I fought I took his punches until I could grab one of his wrists. I pulled him to me and reached down, caught one of his legs and put him flat on his back. I jumped on top of him and proceeded to beat him senseless. I was driving my right fist into his face as hard as I could punch. I forced his upper teeth through his lower lip, and unfortunately broke my middle finger knuckle on his left cheek bone. He had those long arms. I was so close he couldn't get a proper swing on me. He was just kinda ineffectually beating on my back. I'm not proud of it, but I just lost it. After a while two of my bigger friends picked me up and pulled me off him. I came to my senses quickly and watched some guys help him up. He was covered in blood and had a cut on his left cheek. I didn't knock him out, nothing even close. I walked over to him, a couple of his friends blocked me off. I said I'm just going to say something. They let me walk up to him. I told him This is what's going to happen every time you pick on Jim. We're going to fight. You're going to beat me 2 or three times, but I'm going to get you down every once in a while and when I do I'll beat you until you can't stand. He just looked at me like he scraped me off the bottom of his shoe. In all fairness I had a black eye and split lip, I didn't walk away unscathed. And I had a hairline fracture in my right hand that still bothers me today. Tony got 5 or 6 stitches just below his bottom lip. Oh well, at least for once HE was the one that looked like his head was in a blender. Two things came from this. Tony bullied other kids, but he left Jim and I alone. And none of the other lower level bullies tried anything with me. I don't think I struck fear in anyone, but they knew for an absolute fact if they picked on me they weren't going to laugh and walk away. I had other schoolyard fights won a few, lost a few. But in all the other cases we made up, and some became close friends. Not Tony. He and I coldly ignored each other until I moved away years later. The only other person I've kept animosity for I think I've bought up before. At any rate Big Jim heard about all this and introduced me to Sarge. Sarge told me up front I'd never be a boxer, but I was plenty stocky enough to hang around and spar with some of the other guys with the long arms. Sparring taught me a lot, but a couple times a week Sarge or one of the really good boxers would focus on me and give me a real lesson. I eventually boxed in the P.A.L. No awards or trophies, but with my short, stocky arms when I snuck a good uppercut in I watched a few eyes glaze over with some weak knees. Once everyone at school heard I was boxing, the thugs gave me a wide berth. Hope this makes for a few minutes reading Small. It might answer a few questions. Sorry again about this taking so long. Take care!
  2. Small, it's interesting you say your nephew stances right but is a left paw. My oldest boy is right handed in everything, but when he played baseball he batted left, and wore his glove on his right hand and threw with his left. I guess it's whatever they learn and are comfortable with. I helped with kids starting out boxing, but when I was helping out I certainly wasn't an advanced coach or anything, I was just helping kids with the basics. Yes, I own my own guns. I have two .45s, a 9mm, a .357, a .25 and a couple .22s to plink with. I also have three long guns and an antique .36 caliber black powder rifle. My boys own 2 or three guns apiece. I do shoot for pleasure, but I also take my practice time very seriously. I take professional class time refresher training at least once a year and practice often. I firmly believe if a person isn't going to take gun ownership seriously, they have no business owning or carrying a firearm. I used to hunt, and took the boys occasionally. Among the things I taught the kids was that they never shoot and kill anything that they're not going to eat, and never take more than you can eat. Don't waste anything. Hunting isn't for pleasure, it's for putting food on the table. Oh well, time to jump down off my soap box. I envy you having tried pasties before. I'm definitely going to make that the first thing new that I try to cook. No, the gym I'm looking at doesn't have any type of boxing set up. It's more of a modern weight training place with treadmills, not an old, comfortable sparring gym like Sarges in Louisville. Heck, Sarge probably isn't there anymore. Take care Small. P.S. Hi Victim. I seen you were reading along. I hope your cutting down on the beer is still going well. Take care too!
  3. Small, it was great to see you had responded! It's good to get grounded again. I suppose it time to pull my big boy pants back on. I'm glad to see you've got into a place with your company that you like and are comfortable with. I have to admit I smiled when I read that part of your post. We could not be more polar opposite when it comes to work. I always enjoyed the actual hands on physical aspect of my job, and absolutely hated meetings with a passion. The few times I had to have a meeting in carpetland I was already in a foul mood before I walked through the front door. I think they considered me anti-social, but I got the job done so they put up with me. Different strokes for different folks. So you're teaching your nephew to box? Great! It sounds like it's going well with him! Maybe, if you're so inclined and have free time you might consider volunteering some time at a YMCA or P.A.A.L. to coach and mentor other kids? It sounds like you're a natural teacher. Just something to think about. I've started walking again. I used to take long walks, but not really for exercise. Just sharing time. I had the jump rope and training bag for cardio. Now I'm picking up the pace and getting my heart rate up. All of the kids kicked in and bought me a nice smart watch that 'talks' with my phone. The watch measures my heart rate and half a dozen other things. I think they worry a little about me over doing it. I really don't walk for distance, but I walk for a set amount of time, keeping my speed and steps up. Yeah, it's amazing how out of shape and how many pounds you gain in a years time. I'm eating better, more salads and less fast food. I'm living about 40 miles north of the old house. I'm still out in the country. It makes for pleasant walking. A nice couple bought the old place. I'm glad someone has it that can appreciate it, but I'll never go back. The kids and I do have one more thing planned. There's an indoor shooting range in Indianapolis. The boys are both proficient with guns, know how to handle them and be safe. A couple years ago I'd been bugging my daughter to at least learn about them, especially the safety aspects. Now that she's a teacher and on the job she's agreed to go to at least one hour of range time and learn how to check if a firearms loaded, how to safely unload and disable one and actually pick one up and shoot it. She has absolutely no interest in owning a gun and has never touched one. That's fine, but I want her to know safe handling and unloading so she can neutralize one she's come across. I haven't cooked something different or interesting for a long time. Chili, cheesy potato or bean soup, cornbread doesn't count. I could do those in my sleep. I watch too much TV. I was watching a travel show. The feller on it was hiking in England. (Lord, there's a lot of beautiful country side and sights there!) Anyway, he stopped at a small shop and bought a Pastie. It looked like a pie crust folded over with some kind of a super thick beef stew inside. Small chunks of meat with lots of veggies and a real thick gravy in a thick bread type crust. I was drooling. These were just sitting out on a shelf. The young lady in the shop wrapped it in a piece of wax paper where she said it would be fine until lunch. It looked delicious. Something like a beef potpie in a folded over crust. I'm intrigued, and I'm going to find a recipe and try to make one (or two or more). I like stir fry. It's hard to justify making a multi item, complex meal for just one, isn't it? I'll humbly make a confession, I love chicken flavored Ramen! I keep a case of 12 packs down in a cupboard and break one out for lunch. I know I'm not a starving collage student but I eat it because I really like it, not because I have to. Small, I hope your life stays on a track that you like. Sometimes easy and placid is refreshing vrs. having a crisis thrown at you every waking moment. Springs coming. I can't wait to just walk and enjoy watching the farmers planting and the flowers bloom. Take care!
  4. Hi Small. I hope you are doing well and in a good place in your life right now. I'm walking again, trying to get back into shape and thinking I might join a local gym this spring. You'd asked me in a different thread if I had cooked anything lately. I finally had all three kids over for just a family evening. It's been well over a year since I've seen them in a lighter social setting. I made a stock pot full of chili, and a big pan of scratch made cornbread. It must have hit the spot, there wasn't any leftovers for lunch the next day. We enjoyed a fire outside. I was just a bit wistful, but it was nice to have the kids all together in a lighter atmosphere. I hope everyone's doing well here. I think about all here I've grown to know and think well of you.
  5. gone

    I wish you well

    Small, I haven't cooked for a long time. I'm just starting to feel clear headed. I don't live in the old house anymore, I insisted we sell it to move and have the money for treatments. I think that was a big mistake on my part. She would have been far more comfortable at home. It wasn't so clinical, so sterile. I live in a little rental where I have no ties. I really don't know what I'm going to do yet. Take care.
  6. gone

    I wish you well

    It's good to hear from all of you! Small and I have PMed each other a little this past year. I've been through a tough time, but I'm starting to recover. I guess time heals all wounds. It's Christmas eve, I hope all of you are in good health and you're snug, warm and with folks you care about.
  7. I hope this holiday finds everyone well and content, at least for a little while. If you can please be with family or friends whom you love and care about. I've grown to like and care about many of you long time posters here, and while I know we have our troubles and on going problems know that I and others here do think about you and wish you well. Happy Holidays, and for those who celebrate Merry Christmas. John
  8. YES! Sarah already knows she's got to make homemade potato salad this evening to go with the brats, cheeseburgers and.....HOTDOGS!! Maybe some of her baked beans, too!
  9. I had to laugh. Sounds like me. I'll walk away or anything to avoid a fight. Like I said before I'd rather trade recipes than punches any day. I know....Res will love this.?
  10. Just seen this. We're in Gulf Shores for a week. Glad to see you're toughing it out. You're made of strong stuff, you'll get through it. I'm still working part time, it's ok. Pays ok, the hours are great. I'm helping to teach kids at the local PAl gym. Since I had that trouble with my left eye I've been fighting some other problems with it. Surgeon said absolutely no sparring or hits to the head anymore, so I'm screwed. I still work out with the bags but that's all. I hope you and everyone else are doing well. I'm kinda living the dream right now.
  11. Just now seen this Small. Sorry you're tore up brother. I'm sure if you have to move on you've got many marketable skills you can cite. Employers will line up to get you!
  12. I've been called a coffeehaulic. I drink at least a pot a day, usually more. I love it too! We're planning a week in Gulf Shores right now.
  13. gone

    The Man Cave

    Fistbumps all around? Sorry I missed that. I've been busy this week working up in a church tower.It's about 190 foot tall. When I was working for my former employer one of the churches south of us (actually down close to Evansville) had us do the repair work in their 'bell' tower. There's no actual bell, but they have loudspeakers that broadcast a bell ringing on the hours. They also have a clock on one side at the 150 foot mark. This was built in the '40s. The clock gutworks are electric, but all the bearings and bushings need attention every 5 or 6 years. I guess they contacted my old company who told them I no longer worked for them. The church then called me directly and asked me to come and work for them for one week while they were having the clock fixed. They offered me a decent amount of money, so I agreed to oversee the project. I was supervising a couple guys I'd worked closely with in years past, so everything went pretty well. A carriage bolt had lost its nut, dropped out of the woodwork above the clock mechanism and jammed a gear. This caused the motor to burn out and tripped the breaker. (A few years ago we pulled the old fuse box out and replaced it with a new breaker box.) I replaced the bolt with a stainless steel one and secured it with a nylock self locking nut. We finished up by fabbing a simple metal box and covering the clockworks up so's no bolts or birds could get into them. The worst part of all this? Climbing that infernal ladder up and down and up and down every day. Didn't have to do any walking working out this week. It has rained....and Rained....and RAINED. The wife and I are aching to get the garden tilled and get some plants in. We've only got one row of sweet pod peas out, one row of greens and one row of radishes. I'm ready to till and get some cucumber and tomato plants out, but it will be late Sunday or more likely Monday before the grounds dry enough.
  14. gone

    The Man Cave

    I could build a heat box big enough to dehydrate me! We could call it John Jerky Lite. I'm 50% less filling but I taste great! We could have Teriyaki, Original and Hot Cajun! Comes with an ice cold Guinness Extra Stout! MMmmmmm.............. (Ok, I'm finished. No more poor puns)
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