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  1. retr0john

    Naional Hot Dog Day!!

    YES! Sarah already knows she's got to make homemade potato salad this evening to go with the brats, cheeseburgers and.....HOTDOGS!! Maybe some of her baked beans, too!
  2. retr0john

    My so called life

    I had to laugh. Sounds like me. I'll walk away or anything to avoid a fight. Like I said before I'd rather trade recipes than punches any day. I know....Res will love this.?
  3. retr0john

    My so called life

    Just seen this. We're in Gulf Shores for a week. Glad to see you're toughing it out. You're made of strong stuff, you'll get through it. I'm still working part time, it's ok. Pays ok, the hours are great. I'm helping to teach kids at the local PAl gym. Since I had that trouble with my left eye I've been fighting some other problems with it. Surgeon said absolutely no sparring or hits to the head anymore, so I'm screwed. I still work out with the bags but that's all. I hope you and everyone else are doing well. I'm kinda living the dream right now.
  4. retr0john

    My so called life

    Just now seen this Small. Sorry you're tore up brother. I'm sure if you have to move on you've got many marketable skills you can cite. Employers will line up to get you!
  5. retr0john

    What soothes you?

    I've been called a coffeehaulic. I drink at least a pot a day, usually more. I love it too! We're planning a week in Gulf Shores right now.
  6. retr0john

    The Man Cave

    Fistbumps all around? Sorry I missed that. I've been busy this week working up in a church tower.It's about 190 foot tall. When I was working for my former employer one of the churches south of us (actually down close to Evansville) had us do the repair work in their 'bell' tower. There's no actual bell, but they have loudspeakers that broadcast a bell ringing on the hours. They also have a clock on one side at the 150 foot mark. This was built in the '40s. The clock gutworks are electric, but all the bearings and bushings need attention every 5 or 6 years. I guess they contacted my old company who told them I no longer worked for them. The church then called me directly and asked me to come and work for them for one week while they were having the clock fixed. They offered me a decent amount of money, so I agreed to oversee the project. I was supervising a couple guys I'd worked closely with in years past, so everything went pretty well. A carriage bolt had lost its nut, dropped out of the woodwork above the clock mechanism and jammed a gear. This caused the motor to burn out and tripped the breaker. (A few years ago we pulled the old fuse box out and replaced it with a new breaker box.) I replaced the bolt with a stainless steel one and secured it with a nylock self locking nut. We finished up by fabbing a simple metal box and covering the clockworks up so's no bolts or birds could get into them. The worst part of all this? Climbing that infernal ladder up and down and up and down every day. Didn't have to do any walking working out this week. It has rained....and Rained....and RAINED. The wife and I are aching to get the garden tilled and get some plants in. We've only got one row of sweet pod peas out, one row of greens and one row of radishes. I'm ready to till and get some cucumber and tomato plants out, but it will be late Sunday or more likely Monday before the grounds dry enough.
  7. retr0john

    The Man Cave

    I could build a heat box big enough to dehydrate me! We could call it John Jerky Lite. I'm 50% less filling but I taste great! We could have Teriyaki, Original and Hot Cajun! Comes with an ice cold Guinness Extra Stout! MMmmmmm.............. (Ok, I'm finished. No more poor puns)
  8. retr0john

    The Man Cave

  9. retr0john

    The Man Cave

    The first time I read this, I thought it said I was inedible. I was getting ready to protest. I might not be a meal sized Norwegian polse, but I can say I'm a compact Vienna sausage. Then I looked closer and seen it said indelible! Ok, I'm an idiot.
  10. retr0john

    The Man Cave

  11. retr0john

    My so called life

    Three phase isn't hard to deal with. You sound like you're very familiar with wiring, it'd be easy for you. You should get that old Farmall and at least tear it down. It's not doing anything right now. It's just rusting away. Satisfy your own curiosity by tearing it apart. If you decide to not restore it, nothing harmed. I think you'd enjoy it. You're good with your hands, and you're technically minded. If you didn't get bored with it, I think you'd do a great job on the restoration.
  12. retr0john

    My so called life

    Yeah, I spaced it. That sentence was screwed up in so many ways. No, no woman's work. Just a test. It's just a display piece. I'd hurt myself if I tried to use it, Sarah doesn't sew.
  13. retr0john

    My so called life

    Gonna try again. I've just been involved in a couple small projects. I helped a friend and his son wire an old house he bought. He got a hold of me and said if I'd tell them what to do, they would make the hard wiring pulls. I landed all the switches, outlets and fixtures. The house is old plaster and lath. I showed them how to sister onto the old crooked rough cut studs and make a square straight wall the dry wall hangers could use. I installed a 200 amp breaker box and was there when the inspector looked the wiring over. My grandma had an old Singer treadle sewing machine she had been given by her mom. She let my mom take it and use it years ago. My dad passed away last August. Mom was cleaning out a lot of stuff. She finally let me take the antique home. It was in real rough shape. This was a much used household appliance. Over the years it had become run down simply from use by four generations of families. I carefully took it apart and cleaned the metal base and sewing machine. I waxed the sewing top and cleaned the little chrome accent pieces Singer had originally. The wood had become pretty rickety. I removed all the fasteners and reglued the wooden structure. The old finish had taken a real beating. I stripped it and cleaned it up. Then I hand rubbed some old fashioned tung oil into the wood and let it dry. The result looks like a 100 year old Singer that has simply not been used, but doesn't look 'fixed up' or refinished. I wound the bobbin, threaded the machine up and sewed a little piece of cloth. It worked great so I walked away and left well enough alone. Ok, crossing my fingers as I hit the Submit Reply button. EDIT: Yay! EDIT #2: The result is a 100 year old Singer that looks like it hasn't been used much, but doesn't look restored or refinished.
  14. retr0john

    My so called life

    Ok, this made me stop and think. You know, I'd never thought about this. Hmmm.......
  15. retr0john

    My so called life

    Damnit! I wrote a long response and it all disappeared when I hit the submit button. I'll try again later.