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  1. Honestly you gotta be careful about doing that. If you watch the "members online" footer you'll see that for every one or two of us that post here regularly there are quite a few unnamed visitors. There are a lot of people, more than the community here, that suffer from SPS. It's huge...umm....no pun. So be careful, just because nobody responded to it right away doesn't mean it wasn't a significant contribution to the conversation. Something you say may ring with somebody else without you knowing..... As far as I know this is the only SPS forum on the 'net and I place a great value of these exchanges, the interactions, the ideas and experiences we share. No-Homo...but guys I think we're pretty spectacular for what we're able to talk about with each other. We may not live to see it but we are the beginning of a social revolution. One day we'll be recognized. Brother, this is one of the best posts on this forum I've read in a long time. That's a great story, hilarious. I'm not laughing at you, I'm laughing with you at the HIV scare. LOL! You know I've never done it, never hired a prostitute. I want to, I go on backpage and look at the ads. I'm just too shy. I'd be the asshole that pays for an hour so I can spend the first 15 minutes talking trying to "get to know her" a little bit. I feel like I need to click emotionally at least a little bit to have sex. And what if she makes me laugh, fucks my brains out, then what? I'm gonna end up giving her all my money or try to ask her out on a date or something just gawdawful like that. I want to so bad but I'm a little scared of the outcome. heh heh heh...prostitutes make outcomes. huh huh huh But really man, that does sound fun.
  2. Homo Sapiens...yeah something like that. I saw once that all humans are first of the country they were born in, and second all humans are Iraqi's. The Garden of Eden is supposed to be where the Tigris and Euphrates meet and the oldest traces of what we call human culture have been found there.....really cool stuff. That's right, go sulk.
  3. I'm actually pretty weak at math but I'll try to line this up for you in a series of equations... "real life" = "your experience" - "your emotional overreaction" "awful exaggeration" = "real life" * "the negative hype you bought into" "all the bullshit SPS sufferers have chosen to believe" = ("what grabs attention on TV" + "ignorant pop culture") * "kind-hearted, sensitive, people" Whenever you grow up you should be a man and do some man-type shit which, to real men, is to use all the strengths that you've been blessed with to make somebody else's life better.
  4. Hold on... How can you two be serious about that? 10,000 years old? Young earth=6000 years old? What time period did you two grow up in? Who was responsible for your education? What area of the world? Staunchly religious? Hey klingsor, this is the definition of archaic: Young earth. Creationism. 6000 year old earth. None of those things are real. All fantasy, invented by man a long time ago....proved (yeah I said it, proved) wrong. These things aren't real. Religion can be persuaded into agreement with modern science. And if not, spirituality certainly can coexist with it. I'm a deeply spiritual person and I know better than a young earth. I'm just astonished to find....anybody. Yeah but watching it every day on tv and beating off to it is another story. I'm just saying...you know, not to do the things that could potentially exacerbate a known medical condition. Like for diabetics, they probably shouldn't be eating candy bars every day. Yeah I know, they've eaten a candy bar once before. A King Size one (no size pun intended). But that doesn't mean it's healthy to do every day, right?? I'm just saying that I know when I look at rowdy ass porn a lot I sorta have more SPS problems. Maybe you would benefit from watching a little less rowdy fuckin' porn. That's all. The difference is drastic, the difference is causation. Obviously the effect is the same, identical, no difference. But when you accurately identify the cause, then you can do something about the effect. The truth is that I don't have a problem with my small penis, it feels good when I tickle the sensitive spot...it pees (albeit sometimes on my shoes, the short bastard)...it works. My depression is what makes my life suck. Why does a woman today even require these things? Is that a real question? Why does "today"'s woman require these things? Are you suggesting that yesterday's woman didn't require these things? Because I'm pretty sure they're just as important today as they have been for a few thousand years. Maybe you've never met a real woman, other than your mother? And if the guy is stupid, broke, depressed, clingy, shitty day, abusive, etc. etc. then the guy sucks...no matter how 1MILLIONx1MILLION (that's huge) his penis is. Or if he's the inverse, 1/1MILLIONx1/1MILLION (that's tiny) he still sucks. My posit is that the other things are way more important to way more women than XbyX. But not the women people here on the SPS forum quote, of course. Not the things we pull from YouTube or Yahoo! Answers. We only quote the ones that ridicule, embarrass, harass and belittle us. You guys know, the really ignorant bitches that make it on TV, the ones that have to talk loud and wear sluttly clothes and excessive makeup and make vulgar jokes about us. Those......awesome....chicks......in the minority. That's who we pay attention to, right? wtf.... The point with that is to illustrate that being born with an emasculating condition hasn't prevented me from being a stereotypical man. I used to be the scrawny guy that couldn't do physical stuff, it took years of hard work and I changed it. Too bad we can't change everything about our physique with years of hard work, huh guys?? I can think of one guy at my gym in a fucking wheelchair that puts out more than most of the douchebags (I'm thinking of you, klingon) with 4 working appendages do. Heart impresses me. I feel assurance, confidence and satisfaction from knowing that I'm an honest person, I bend over backwards for my loved ones, I make a tremendous positive contribution to the world I live in on a daily basis...and most days my dirty little secret, that I was born with a laughable penis, I don't let effect me. I don't need a big penis to be a good person to people. And good people show gratitude for it. That's my armor, not the diameter of my arms. My excess strength is only in case I need to lend some. I did my 15 minutes of internet research (that was with a sarcastic inflection, as a student in a master's program I'll take this opportunity to inform you that your google-youtube-wikipedia research doesn't mean shit to anybody) and found that some people think it's good, some think it's bad, whatever. It's probably less smelly...in fact I know that's true from what girls tell me. And I know I'm less sensitive, which for most guys is a good thing...although I've gotten it back with the piercing thank goodness. It's part of our culture, you shouldn't be surprised it was done to you, your parents aren't idiots for having you circumcised...your parents are idiots for not policing your TV and video game and internet usage.
  5. America isn't old enough to have anything archaic about it, especially customs. Not to mention archaic by definition means, "out of practice" so I guess circumcision isn't...... The other guy from another culture blamed it on Jews and the Muslims, you came out of left field with some blatant hate towards Christianity (the denomination I have to assume your STUPID parents are) and my Wikipedia search said it's been around for about 6 millennia. I'm gonna say Wikipedia is probably the most correct. The self deprecation in the same sentence that you whine about your AWFUL MORONIC parents is really too much. Grow the fuck up, kid.
  6. If you quit watching that kind of porn you might have less SPS issues. It's all true for tiny little pipi's and for normal pipi's that think they're tiny. Both work...they both piss and have a sensitive spot that if you tickle it...SEMEN SHOOTS OUT and gets girls pregnant :*((( I'm separating the pain I feel from thoughts that are irrational, illogical, unfounded, ridiculous, etc. It's the different between real life and the awful exaggerated drama that goes on in my head. The awful stuff is still there, I think we all have it, right? But I'm just learning to recognize the difference between what is real life and what I'm making worse by being dramatic. A few of my favorite examples: Awful exaggeration: I have the world's tiniest penis. Real life: I have a penis smaller than most men. Awful exaggeration: My small penis is the reason that the sky is grey, I can't quit drugs, I can't make friends, I can't be happy. Real life: Sometimes I get really depressed about my small penis. My depression makes it difficult to enjoy other things in my life completely unrelated to my penis size. Awful exaggeration: No woman could ever love a man as hideous as me. Real life: There are a lot of women way more concerned about important things, like intelligence, financial security, emotional stability, loyalty, parental abilities etc. than XbyX penis size. Maybe it takes a more patient woman, a more compassionate one, maybe I have to accept some of her faults as she accepts mine. Is that what they call love? Awful exaggeration: Okay sure she loves me for me and not for my cock. (darn?) But having a small penis means no woman will ever get sexual pleasure from me and my wife is doomed to a life devoid of sexual gratification. Real life: I make girls scream and squirt and flop around like retards with my hands and mouth. They're absolutely brainless when I'm done with them and they always enjoy falling asleep in my massively muscular arms. When I feel like stretching them out, and I do enjoy doing it, I do it with 1 of 2 toys I have for that, or if they're really relaxed...my fist. And not all of them, but most that I can stretch out like that can still feel tight for me later the same night. Oh the miracles of a woman who does her kagels. In regards to circumcision... I'm pretty okay with my circumcision. Sure, it's a cultural thing, but I don't think it made me any smaller. Jesus, they're not lopping the tip of your spear off, just part of the scabbard lol... Also I have an apadravya so I guess I embrace "body modification".
  7. Hi! You have a good day as well sir!
  8. Hey OP you're badass, I like you man. Thank you for the introduction, it's pretty refreshing. My contribution to the hijack is as follows: When I hear a small penis joke come out of a woman's mouth I immediately destroy her as well. I'll make fun of her loose flabby vagina from getting trains run on her and no kagels, I'll make fun of her fat, her makeup, whatever. Most of the time the next thing out of their mouths is, "I guess you're one with a small dick buddy!", my technique for that is to talk over them and say funnier and more humiliating things so everybody is laughing at them not me. I love doing it, it's....yup....for me this is better than sex.
  9. No, I don't date much, I suck at it. I suck at bowling, hate that shit, too. They are, overwhelmingly, a nasty race. Hateful to each other, most of all. me neither This an irrational and negative thought and you need to purge it from your head. SPS is a disease the result of all the tripe being pandered in Western culture, not something 'mother nature' wove into the plan for natural selection. Nobody wanted you to have it except the nasty hateful shallow things being referenced in this thread. It most certainly, physically, cannot keep you from reproducing. (Some guy can chime in here, "But if you had a true micropenis conception would be difficult blah blah blah..." but no, not really, if the couple wanted a kid it would happen.) We learned SPS.
  10. Bambi is my fuckin' power animal. I don't think that's the right way to get a person to commit. Being genuine would probably work better for me.
  11. SPS is something I've struggled with for the better part of the past decade. I'm a lurker here, whenever something happens that seriously damages my self image I'll come read the recent posts for a few hours, feels better knowing I'm not alone. I guess if I'm posting then something just awful must've happened. I posted my story back in '11. I just don't get why women use jealousy and humiliation as a means to an end. I googled that exact phrase and the first several websites returned were Instructions on "How to use jealousy to get what you want" written from both the male and female perspective. Then I found a nice article about how jealousy is poison and has no place in relationships. I guess it's normal, a custom, a socially accepted norm. It doesn't make sense to me. When I can watch the power of my words build a person up, put a lasting smile on their face, a bounce in their step..........Gosh it just makes me feel so good. I love making other people feel good about themselves. I like that.
  12. John, always with the thoughtful and insightful replies. I, too, am sick of hearing the double sided rhetoric. I have taken to calling men and women out, loudly and angrily when they dare make fun of small penis guys. It's usually men, by the way, that make fun of small penises...and if there's a woman in the group I can turn her against him, have her spilling the beans about how size doesn't matter and how her best lover in memory was smaller. It happens so frequently it's become easy. It's all so funny, nobody would dare accuse me of having a small dick because of how I look, act, on the outside. Agreed. For all of us right?
  13. I know exactly, precisely what you mean. For my all-male coworkers I have de-bunked myths, explained the whys and hows of female anatomy, what average is, how it doesn't matter physically or emotionally...all quite convincingly. They take my word on it as an authority because of my lifestyle... From virgins to the experienced, they come to me for advice in sex and love. w-t-f. How little they know about me...about my own truth. If only I could convince myself. Agreed. If your previous statement is true, isn't it in our heads then? Then that must be their physical problem...like Loneone said. I wish I had quipped back to all the woman that disparaged me that they were just loose, and to do their damn kagels. But not this time. Keep up the good work with her. I think society is having a lot of fun and making a lot of money at our expense. Those with the shame can cover it up with clothing and pretend to be normal. One day I dream a movement will start to squash this horrible self-induced affliction, that something is wrong with half of the men in society. This "Bigger is Better" innuendo used to sell cars and cellphone plans that teaches us we are unfit, reminds us to feel wrong about something that shouldn't be... it needs to stop on a huge level. Because there's nothing that can be done. Not yet anyway. And besides...it's not a real problem anyway, right? Because god or evolution, whichever you prefer, would have fixed it by now. I hope we are past this as a culture before modern science has a way to make our penises as large as we want. I wonder how many self immolations in the name of SPS it would take.
  14. Hey Dredg, Welcome to the forum. I couldn't tell English wasn't your first language, I'd say from reading your post that your comprehension of grammar and colloquialisms is excellent. I'm not sure what to say to you about your situation. I really can't say what the right thing to do is...I've been trying to empathize and I'm not even sure what I would do. I do feel it's important that you not seclude yourself socially, especially from women. There seems to be a trend with SPS sufferers that once that trend starts it's hard to stop. I'm sure you understand that from your past several years. I'm happy to hear you found a woman you can relate to, that is a difficult thing for anybody to find, regardless of their physical attributes. I'd say the top priority is not to push her away...like you said, don't destroy it before it starts. If she is long-term material she shouldn't mind waiting to have sex. Once you two have bonded emotionally I think the obstacles with your size will be easier to overcome. Love brings compassion, understanding, honesty, and the genuine mutual desire to make the other happy. Emotionally, she'll be sensitive to you and have a desire to make you feel happy, comfortable around her. Physically she will be more sensitive to your touch because of your shared bond. I can foresee that there will be a point at which your delaying sexual contact with will be interpreted as a lack of attraction to her. Maybe that will be the time to talk with her about your problem, letting her know how you feel about her, first of all, and yourself...the problem we all share. Or maybe you don't say anything about it...maybe she cares so much for you by then she doesn't notice, doesn't care because the emotional bond you share is what makes your lovemaking great. In my experience, the casual references made by women I cared about comparing me to past lovers are the most damaging...that's why I suggested you might advise her that you are quite self conscious about it. There are plenty of ways to serve sexual gratification to women on a silver platter without using your penis. I had many women I only rarely used my penis on, and most of them expressed or implied I was the best lover they ever had. My sexual gratification was very low, and emotionally I felt a little empty since it was all tongue, hands, and toys...not quite the same as coitus. But that emotional emptiness may have also been caused by so much sexual contact with women I had no emotional connection with. Hard to say. It's all very confusing, frustrating, and painful. Keep us updated on your thoughts, choices, and experiences. Your friend, MG
  15. My interpretation from readings and first had experience is that SPS is a mental illness characterized by an anxiety over their size, to put it simply. It may be very similar to Body Dismorphic Disorder. It has nothing to do with the actual size of the individual's penis. Certainly a man that actually does have a small penis is more susceptible to being overcome by this mental illness, but a small penis isn't a requirement for it and doesn't mean they will necessarily have SPS. There are plenty of men with small penises that do not have SPS. That being said, there must also be men with above average penises that do have SPS. Again, it has nothing to do with physical size. It's a mental illness. Re-read http://www.mentalhelp.net/poc/view_doc.php?type=doc&id=24026
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