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  1. @everyone else, thanks all, but i don't have anything to say except i'm glad to have found this forum and fortunate to have met all of you. it wasn't my wish to announce it this time. all the best, everyone.
  2. i just saw this now, and i must say i'm disappointed and upset. didn't expect it from you.
  3. hello all. sorry for my tardiness but i've been busy lately. anyway, i'm happy to report that i'm finally where i wanna be geographically lol. it took me about two years, but i'm finally here. let's see what's in store for me; the next few weeks should tell. i hope everyone is doing well; and i wouldn't mind people posting updates here.
  4. Resolute

    Im worthless

    how are you feeling today? any better?
  5. Resolute

    Define "failure"

    hey mark. i hope things have improved some since your post.
  6. Resolute

    My country

    a little better, thank you. i updated my thread recently, if you wanna take a look.
  7. Resolute

    My country

    should be even better than before.
  8. i doubt the fat guy was laughing at you.
  9. hello everyone. this is my long overdue update: my legal problems are pretty much solved and passport is ready. hopefully i'll get the money i was promised soon, and i should be out of here in the next few weeks. hope everyone is doing well.
  10. i'm very displeased with everything in the world, and with how i and my life have turned out.
  11. Resolute

    My country

    when can you start using it?
  12. Resolute

    My country

    thank god for that.
  13. Resolute

    My country

    it's not even on the list in france itself.
  14. Resolute

    My country

    although, no self-respecting thief is gonna steal a peugeot.
  15. Resolute

    My country

    damn, tbd! sorry to hear. it could be worse... you could be carless to begin with, like me. or worse yet, you could be a peugeot owner like small. not trying to make fun of your situation, man; just adding some humor. tell me, did you have insurance? i mean will you be reimbursed?
  16. this reminded me of the guy who trained rocky.
  17. you can teach small how to cook, and the rest of us how to fight.
  18. this guy has a thing for @ing and being @ed.
  19. hi wulver. welcome to the community. nice to meet you, and i hope you like it here. see you around.
  20. i'm sure the surgeon would allow sparring with small, since he punches like a five year old girl.
  21. same shit. thanks for asking.
  22. i could make for each of you and beth houses out of bubble gum.
  23. masturbation would be my interpretation of "self-love".
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