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  1. That stuffs going to make you think stuff you don't want to.
  2. Now I'm no expert but I know There is a big difference between an urge and anxiety. "when I say urge I mean like when your standing on top of a really high roof and look down and get the sensation that you might jump almost like a pulling feeling and it scares you". I dont think thats an urge because youre not taking pleasure in it, plus, anxiety and arousal can not occupy the same space. "I went over to my sister house and was looking through some pictures she had and saw on of my neice in a bathing suit and had a bad image pop into my head and it scared the hell out of me". This stuffs very common in ocd, its happening because you've got this subject on your mind. Its just like when you buy a new car and all of a sudden you start to notice cars of the same brand of yours all over the place, If you can stop thinking about it this stuff stops happening. You also said that you stopped changing nappies, with stuff like this you just have to get on with it, just do it. Anyway changing nappies is horrible they are full of shit, right? Try mindfullnes its a form of meditation, say youre sat there worrying about something. instead of worrying just think "im sat in this chair", and also at the same time, think about whatever youve got to do in the day, and what youve already done in the day. This way you will actually start getting bored but thats better than being anxious. Didnt they give you something so you can sleep? because lying in bed is bound to make it worse.
  3. Is it the things running through your head during foreplay causing ED? you said its gone away previousley, this makes me think its anxietey killing your libido, which is causing the fetish for pantys cause you still want sexual pleasure but cant vent it with a normal fantasy. If thats the cause then theres LOADS of ways to prevent this happening, for one, try just not becoming aroused atall, think about something else other than sex, that could give you the drive to get off on normall stuff again. Understand that guys need sex, its like a valve thats constantly building pressure, and if you shut it off then its going to get stronger, maybe strong enough for you to get off on something acceptable. Theres anti anxietey meds which could make you able to have normal sex again, theres relaxation techniques that can make you feel comfortable with thinking that stuff during foreplay so you can get it up, a quallified sexual therapist is best. Some things you say make me laugh good luck!
  4. I have removed my posts in this thread because there are dangerous psychologically damaging things in here and nothing should be read by anybody who isn't a trained mental health professional. Sorry to all this has affected.
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  8. I have removed my posts in this thread because there are dangerous psychologically damaging things in here and nothing should be read by anybody who isn't a trained mental health professional. Sorry to all this has affected.
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  10. Ill sureley be doing that. =)
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  12. hopes to you to recover, take your mind off things, watch a movie when it comes, i have found the dirty sanchez movie to be quite a distraction personally. all the best.
  13. I dont know anything about autism, but I think that its normal to recognise that another guy is cute looking, if even on a subconcious level, but its just that most wouldnt say it out of homophobia. I think maybe he could be taught to say things like this at appropriate times, like in a joke perhaps, so others dont feel uncomfortable and think hes coming on to them whilst mutually acnowladging that we all think these things and its really "ok". When you think about it literally its just the same as recognising a squirell is cute, with its little fluffy tail and shiny eyes, theres nothing strange about saying a squirell is cute because it dosent have the stigma of sex associated to it. Im sure it would be weirder if all of a sudden he started saying that he thinks that dog poo is cute, maybe then theres something to worry about. Sorry if this is just a ramble...
  14. age below 16 = not pedophile, so you are not a pedophile. I had the same sort of problems around your age, I would have been okay if I didnt take drugs when I was older, therefore I advise you to NOT TAKE DRUGS, alcohols ok though (when ur old enough). Also dont go browsing the internet looking for information on weather you are a pedo or not just ask on here or maybe on ocd forums, that way you spend less time thinking about it and you are much better off. You cannot and will not turn out to be a pedophile, so long as you dont fantisise about these things on your own, or actually molest a child you will never be a pedophile! I wish I had people to talk about this with when I was your age, im jelous, enjoy life and stop worrying about it! who made you scared about this in the first place, the media as usual?
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