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    If someone is bored at home and wants to chatttt, be my guess im looking to improve my english, ive been suscribing to language exchange sites but havent got really good results with it ppl never talks or just dosent contact u. If u want to learn spanish i can teach u, not a great teacher but at least u gonna learn some words if u want ahahaha. Thats all bye bye.
  2. Hi Haley, parents do what they can sometime less and we grow with the tools we have at that time.
  3. Hello, im sorry english is not my main language and probably is not that good and u somehow got the wrong idea of what i wrote , a teraphist talks back, gives solutions sometimes, etc.u open up, etc. So u can get the wrong idea that he or she is a friend, or some other type of figure in ur life besides a teraphist. But again i tell u this is wrong, shes just ur teraphist. Theres lots of places where u can meet ppl and make new friends i wish u luck.
  4. teraphist sometimes atach to people. they listen all our shit so sometimes they care about us after hearing our sad storys, but at the end they are doing their job dont forget that. i dont get why would u imagen that ur teraphist is thinking about u? is ur teraphist something more thatn a teraphist to u?
  5. its normal, send her and email every once in a while and as time passes u will send less until one day u wont send none, u wont miss ur teraphist as days go on. but if u opened once to someone im sure u can do it again, dont worry u will find another teraphist, friend, etc that u can talk things, learn, etc. Just open to ppl.
  6. Well havent been around in months, i feel ive learned a lot in the past time i feel good, im really lazy i sould remedy these soon with some activity. But in general im ok i think. Havent take meds in a long time, havent gone to teraphy either, last times i went my psychiatrist told me he saw me ok and he didnt see the need that i took meds for now, so i continue with out taking them, maybe ill go before christmass just to confirm im ok. Havent visited my psychologist also, but i sould go visit her to see everything is ok. One day I just decided to live more, still have those days when u dont wanna wake up, but then i think in all the things waiting outside, now every weakeend i try to go to countryside and sit in the middle of nowhere and take some yerba mates or just smoke weed, and wach everything around me, sometimes alone sometimes with friends, some days i just stay home, i wach tv, read a book or take a nap, everything is worth doing. If i feel to exited i try to stay calm, i feel to lazy like not wanting to get up of bed and l get up and do something or visit someone. I hope everyones is doing ok.
  7. my mother has not gone to therapy in 8 months now, she abandoned meds and any help given, so i must say i feel sad coz she is my mother and she is a inteligent woman and ive tryed to help but if i see this situation get worse than it is, ill just put her on a mentally facility and probably leave her there. I feel bad for thinking like this but she only produces me rejection she helped her mother during her crazzy life and know she has become just like her, i dont want to end up in the same situacion. but today im more calm, she came to visit us today she was going to cook she said, my younger brother just told her to go to her house and dont bother us, so i cooked, i feel sorry for her. im not going to therapy either but i think ill go back again since this is bothering me so much.
  8. Hello ppl its been sometime since i wrote something in the forum, the last time i wrote about me and my gf that lost her pregnacy and then left me, a lot has happened since then. I now live with 2 of my brothers and my mother lives on her own on another house we have, but she comes everyday an eat with us. Shes bipolar like me, and she dosent take her meds anymore she reminds me to her mother a crazzy old lady insulting everyone and talking shit, lying, and playing victim role and anoying ppl all day, she gets jealous coz my 4th brother lives with my father so she calls there to insult my father and my grandmother. Today we had a dinner with the family of my father and she called and insulted my grandmother screeming on her at the phone at 2am in the morning and my bro listened my mom insults and stuff and told me. I got home and she was here, coz she dosent have a phone at her house i got so mad and sad at the same time im fuking tired of her, when i was little ive always been sad seen my mother mentally ill but now i also get really angry and i start talking and she just start talking shit and blessing me and saying stupid religious stuff and then she she plays the victim, i was ready to fuking punch her, i just want to throw this person to the ground and kick her in the head until she stops talking. I feel really sad and sometimes i just think i sould pack my bags again and go live really far and just dont talk to anyone that reminds me where i come from, i feel sad for my younger brother im the oldest i and i dont have any solution for this. I hate that my mother has to be mentally ill like her mother and me to, i just hope i dont become so anoying like her. Everyday i fuking see her i just want to kick her and make her feel pain and see her cry, i fuking hate her ive talked so much to her trying to make her understand she need to take meds and needs profecional help and that we love her but is useless, she avoids it and makes comments that im the sick person, my brothers also hate her their tired to, she comes to my house and they ignore her, or fuking make her shut up. All our neighbours knows my mom is fuking crazzy she has fought verbally with almost every neighbour coz the stupid things she imagens, my grandmother tells me shes mentally ill and that i sould try to understand, but i hate my mother anoying her and calling her so late at nigh almost every week just to insult my 87 year old grandmother. Ive spend endless hours talking to this woman trying to make her understand but nothing, Emotionally absent father and a mentally ill mother i get so frustrated when i go to friends houses and they have nice familys, and then i have to go back to live the shit i have home trying to be the biggest person in my house but even at my 28 its seems like im just a kid or something. I just dont know what im writting anymore and ive tryed to read it but it seems tedious so forgive my english or if this makes no sense at all. I'm going to acting classes and got chosen to do a commercial so not all bad I guess, life is funny.
  9. whats his reason for no having sex with u???
  10. Hello ppl, after been extremely happy with my preganant girlfriend and then been very depressed when see lost pregnancy and left me. Now i feel better. Im working trying to keep my mind busy, im back to therapy and maybe next week ill be back to meeds. Ive made a deal with my therapist, she feels responsible for my life and told me she wont report me. All i have to do is go more often and we will start some heavy therapy, ive agreed to this since i dont want to end up in a mental facility. I feel ok but somethings have changed, i have more self-esteem but it seems some days i just dont feel nothing, its hard to explain. Ive been going to therapy for almost 2 years now, and talked about suicidal toughts some time ago, so i dont know where she got the idea of reporting me, it kinda of scared me i think maybe shes just threatening me so i do things. So ill be around, reading and posting its late and i sould sleep so maybe ill write more tomorrow. I stilll dont know if the title of the topic has anything to do with the content, i felt like i was going to write a lot then i got tired. positive thoughts for all
  11. adictions are hard to handle, talk and talk and maybe u would go no where. u must help when u are asked to, but its important to know that u are there. make her feel u are there, tell her u are there, so if something in her mind changes, or wants helps she will know where to start. maybe u sould get counseling from and expert.
  12. Hello Jenna havent heard of u in a while, obcourse i havent been here in sometime. Ive read your struggle since the day ur brother die, ive get to know u by words and I know u are great person, and it makes me sad to know ur not feeling ok. U cant do nothing to be loved, if they cant see how great u are, its their failure. you have two beautiful children, and you are a person who cares about others, what else do you need to increase your self-esteem.
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