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  1. Hi Movesin, I too suffer from anxiety and I can totally relate to some of the things you are going through. I am sorry you don't have any support at home. This must be difficult. What helps me when anxiety strikes me, is to take one step back and to prioritize things in my life. You said that you need to make many decisions now. Start with one that you feel is the most important one, the one that will affect your life the most and work towards resolving it. One decision at the time. I hope this helps a bit.
  2. Hi Tekka, welcome to our community!
  3. Hi Feferi, i am disappointed as well in the outcome of the elections. You are probably scared because of some of the comment he had made in the past. Please don't give up we are in this together. Always love who you are and never lose sight of your beliefs! We are here for you!
  4. Lana73


    Sounds like a very stressful situation, Andromeda.. Your father probably feels worthless himself and takes out his frustration with his life out on you and your mom. Think about all the future job possibilities that will come your way once you pass your exams. Think of it is a temporary phase in your life that will end eventually. Things do, change for the best, just not as fast as we want them to....
  5. Lana73

    Being grateful

    Greatful that I still have my health that allows me to enjoy little things
  6. Lana73

    Been A While

    So happy for you, Sue!!!!! Congratulations!!!
  7. I go through something like this few times a year. Get excited about making big changes and then I lose my motivation. What works for me is choosing one goal and then trying to follow through with it. Maybe you can try it? Just concentrate on one thing- does not have to be anything big.
  8. Lana73

    Time as a Vector

    New beginning, new doors to open! Exciting!
  9. I honestly don't know... I just attached as a regular attachment and it came out like this Oops
  10. No it does not!! These are just fantasies. You did not actually physically harm anybody so you are not masochist. Sorry you are having a hard time. Sounds like maybe you are having obsessive thoughts, something I am very familiar with.
  11. Lana73


    How are you, Sue?
  12. Hi and welcome to the community. Just a thought- what if you have a Skype session with your therapist once in a while this way you feel that he is still part of your life? I've heard that more and more people are starting to use skyping due to distance issues. It may not be an option for you, but I just thought that this is something you might want to look into? I think emailing him and telling him how you feel would be helpful to you. He may not respond though. A lot of therapists don't keep in touch with their former patients. After struggling with finding a new therapist, i was able to find a female therapist that I adore and trust, which I thought would never happen. Take care
  13. Lana73


    How are you feeling today, sweetie? I am so glad you are back and feel safe here. (((( Sue )))
  14. Hi, Read your post and can totally relate to how you feel. Without going into details, I had to stop my therapy. The feeling of loss still hits me here and there but I have learned to live with it. And it does, get easier. I wish you all the best.
  15. Lana73


    Sue, I am so happy to see you here! I will be thinking of you, sweetie. Hold on tight. (((((Sue))))
  16. So sorry about your loss, Mark. Hugs to you, dear
  17. Lana73

    Being grateful

    Every single day I am grateful for my parents who give me an unconditional love and support.
  18. Hey PP, So glad to hear from you! How are you doing? sending big hugs your way
  19. Lana73

    Music therapy!

    I know that somebody posted this video a while ago, but I absolutely love it and wanted to repost it. It does feel sometimes that we live in a " very mad world". Sorry for being a bit negative today
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