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  1. Andromeda

    Feeling fine

    I feel happy this month.I felt real happiness before years and was forget this feeling.But I really like it now
  2. Feeling better:)

    1. IrmaJean


      That's wonderful to hear. :)

    2. LaLa


      I hope you still do feel better! ;)

  3. I remebered when I was so depressed and scared,because these OCD thoughts.I really was in danger and when I asked for help people around me,they didnt believe me.I know this was before years and I was kid,but I still feel angry somethimes.Is it normal to feel like this even now?I tried to understand their point of view and not to be angry,but I cant always make anger go away
  4. Im so glad you are feeling better,medlem
  5. Andromeda


    Thanks for your support.It really means a lot to me.I feel better today.Maybe my biggest problem are obsessions.They make me feel so guilty
  6. Andromeda


    I feel like total human failer.When I think about last 4 years I see myself like nothing.I lost most of my friends,I cant fight with OCD,I have this scars on my arms from burning myself,I feel guilty,insecure and lost.My family is sure Im worthless.I think they are right.I feel pain and saddnes.Maybe I dont deserve someone to hear me.Im trapped:(
  7. Hello and welcome:) Im sorry you are having hard time.:(Anxiety and depression are hard to handle.I felt like you many times.I know that when you are worried is hard to keep friends,but I dont think everybody want to harm you.Try to trust people more.Sometimes depression confused our minds and we cant find good things in life and see people who want to be our friends Take care for yourself
  8. Hi and welcome to the community:) Im sure lots of people will want to know you. Im sorry you dont feel fine.I understand you.I have problems with self-harm too.When you want to cut maybe is good idea to distract yourself with something. Take care
  9. Hi

    How are you?


  10. Just want to say Hello:)

    Have nice day Beth

  11. Andromeda


    I will try to read something.Maybe this will distract me.
  12. Andromeda


    He wasnt home for 3 days without even call so I was worried about him.But before 1 hour he call and Im glad he is ok. But my antxiety is strong.I want to burn myself.I really need to calm down.
  13. Andromeda


    Im so angry.In my family of course had fight again and my father said he will never come home again and nobady knows where he is.Im sure he will come back,but why he act like a child?I dont know what's wrong with him.For now I have to start to take care for my mother and brother.I see my mother feels really bad.
  14. I understand what you mean.I had period when I felt numb.This feeling is awful.Maybe you really are too tired and you need some rest.Sometimes listening nice music can help
  15. I feel better.I went to visit my grandmother and aunt without my parents last week.It was fun and I dont feel so much anxiety now

    Have beautiful day Lana:)

  16. Hi Lana:)

    Hope you are well

  17. Im sorry you are still feeling bad Jenna.:(Im sure PTSD is hard to handle but dont lose your hope.Things will become better with time Take care for yourself
  18. Thank you Lana.You are so kind:)

  19. I like this poem Jenna.This is really good way to describe your feelings
  20. Andromeda

    This family

    I think Im safe.All my life things were like this and I know what to do when situation become really bad.I just dont have to be around them.Just wanted to say how awful I felt when I was little.I never told about this to people aroud me.I know I have to be more strong now because of my brother.I want he to be more happy than me
  21. Im sorry to hear you are feeling so bad PetPerson.:(Dont judge yourself so much.We all somethimes hurt people who we love.Try to forgive yourself.You are not worthless nobody is.You cant be burden to people that care for you
  22. Andromeda

    This family

    Well I understand when they fight with me.But when they fight each other and neighbours come and say they will call a police if my parents dont stop I have to do something to stop my parents not only because of neighbours,but for their own security too.My mother was injured one time and my father too
  23. Andromeda

    This family

    I feel so tired to live with my parents.I cant take their fights every day.I just want to runaway,but I dont have other place to go.Atmosphere at home is terrible.I love them,but they make my life so stressful:(
  24. I can understand you.I have bad memories from school.When I was 9th grade I was all alone and I didnt talk with my classmates at all.(I still dont talk a lot) This memories still bother me somethimes,but with time things get better.It will become better for you too.Dont blame yourself for things happening so long ago.I see now you dont have friends,but someday you will find people who really care about you. Take care:)
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