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  1. Just some random words, nothing to see here.
  2. I'll see if it works for me....
  3. Notification test ... 2nd try ...
  4. "How did the test go... over" Like a lead balloon. Over! :-) Hey, at least he's alive, and can post. :-P He helped me find out quite a lot about what someone who just registered can see, plus what the registration process even looks like in this new forum software. Just trying to get the feel of the new software, and where we might want to tweak it to make ourselves happier. Of course, he couldn't help me with the blogs, and that's probably job 1.
  5. This is an admin test by malign.
  6. Huh? Nothing ...

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      Well, you asked what was on my mind.

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      Are you having fun? :)

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