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  1. You are quite correct of course. 7 x 6 is bigger than the vast majority of men. 5 is the average girth and 6 is waaaay more….. try tracing 6 girth on a bit of paper compared to 5. And the poster is fully aware of this…… and yet is posting on a forum expressly about small size. Its as believable as a giant posting on a dwarf support site. Just ignore him.
  2. I dont think I would agree with this I'm afraid. If you say you dont iike pizza then you dont like pizza right? He says the girl doesnt like small dicks (if I have understood his post right) So if they got intimate she is not going to like what she finds- so this wont end well- why create an awful situation and ruin a friendship like that? It may even escalate so he is ridiculed or shunned by his social group- in this day and age the small dick thing is soooo toxic. So a smaller guy has be tactical and cautious- you need to weight the odds in your favour… ps although yeah a lot depends on his 'actual' size…..
  3. Khloe Kardishan on penis size…. demonstrating that its not just her older sister that despises small penises… By the way, for those that dont know - apparently the kardashian girls are amongst the most watched and influential women on planer earth. 7. Penis size matters to her but it's not everything: "I don't want anyone with an eeny, tiny one. But if you know what you're doing then you still know what you're doing. There's more to it than just f--king that matters to women." 8. She walked away from a guy who was too small down thereonce: Though she said size isn't everything, she admitted, "I've dated someone, and we made out. And over the pants, I did not really feel much of anything so I just ended the night."
  4. I think you should retain the friendship with your female friend as its good to have people in your life. But I would advise against any romance with her. From what you say she appears not to like small genitals so any sexual contact with her is going to unpleasant for you both. And the aftermath will be awkward - it will likely ruin the friendship AND she might tell mutuall friends- that is not going to help your confidence or happiness one bit. Keep looking for a different girl - good luck ps and lose some weight - thats always a good thing for lots of reasons
  5. The guilt women feel over the issue is 1-4 below. This sums up what my exes went through 1. “I love him, but it’s hard…” I feel terrible. I love this guy and he does everything he can for me. He’s the perfect partner in almost every way. Unfortunately, his penis is abnormally small, 3 inches erect. I was disappointed at first, but I really thought I could work with it. We’ve been together 6 months now and I’ve never had an orgasm from penetration. He does other things to make up for it, but as time goes on, it’s getting tiring. We’ve tried everything from extended oral to toys and every position imaginable. I miss the ease and closeness of sex I’ve had with past partners. I love him but I’m finding it difficult. I feel mean and shallow for having these thoughts. 2. “It wasn’t satisfying” I dated a guy for awhile after a long time of flirting. He was extremely attractive to me, both physically and mentally. We got along fantastic and he always used to joke about having a small penis. I always thought, well it can’t be that small. Well it was. I’m talking like…maybe 2 inches long and 1 inch wide while fully erect. I stuck with him for awhile and while he was good at other things, it just got to the point that it wasn’t satisfying. I felt bad and let the relationship go on longer than I probably should have, getting to the point of dreading sex, but I kind of felt like a shit at the same time because everything else was wonderful and it wasn’t his fault he was born that way. 3. “It wasn’t pleasing to look at” Dated a guy with a micro-penis. I went to give him head and it was like the length of my pinky. It was kinda dark so I thought “okay he needs to be warmed up a bit.” But it was already hard when I touched it. I couldn’t do it. I just…its not that it wouldn’t have worked or anything because I’ve heard it can be pleasurable. But it wasn’t pleasing to look at. 4. “I hate that my boyfriend has a small penis” I know that as a woman I’m not allowed to say anything like this, but I can’t not say it anymore. I’ve been with my boyfriend for a year (we celebrated our anniversary 2 weeks ago, actually). Other than our sex life, we have a great relationship. We like the same things, he makes me laugh, he’s a great guy. All around, we are perfect together. The problem is that in the time we’ve been together, I feel like I haven’t had sex once. I can barely feel him when we are together. He goes down on me all the time and we use toys a lot, but it’s just not the same. In the past, I guess I was blessed with guys who were ‘well hung’ and I could orgasm from just having sex. I miss that. We’re so great together, this just isn’t fair. It’s so frustrating. 5. “I broke up with my boyfriend over his cock” He was tiny. Like four inches long and 1 inch in diameter. I’ve never seen such a small dick in my life. He was a nice guy but I just couldn’t do it. When we first had sex and he pulled it out I wanted to leave but I felt bad. I gave him a handjob and it was so awkward… He kept trying to talk dirty and saying stuff like “You love my cock don’t you?” And I ended up laughing at him. I told him I just wasn’t into dirty talk which was a complete lie. I broke up with him a couple weeks ago and I feel so much better not having to deal with him. I told him we just weren’t compatible but I think he knew why I broke up with him since I kept saying no to sex with him. 6. “I know penetration isn’t everything…but…” Several years ago, I went on a date with a guy who I met on OKCupid, and it went pretty well. We went back to his place and started fooling around, and I soon discovered that he had a micropenis. I was turned off, but felt like it would be mean to stop because of that so we went ahead and had sex, though I couldn’t feel anything. I didn’t see him again after that… told him that I just didn’t feel like we had good chemistry. It was a very awkward situation all around. I know that penetration isn’t everything, but I personally like it a lot and don’t feel like I could have a satisfying sex life with someone who has a micropenis.
  6. Now this article I DID seek out. From the horses mouth….. This Is What It Actually Feels Like To Have Sex With Someone With A Small Penis Amanda Chatel 21.1k I met Mike at a bar. He was actually a bartender in my neighborhood many moons ago, as they say, and being at a vulnerable place in my life, his charisma immediately drew me to him. I was getting over my first love, or rather, trying to get over my first love. And Mike, being the exact opposite of that first love, seemed like the most convenient way to move on. He did work a block for my apartment, after all. Mike wasn’t exactly attractive, at least not in the traditional sense. He wasn’t particularly smart, interesting, and he had an ego on him that was extremely misplaced, considering his consistent mediocrity. But, as I said, I was in a rough place — a desperate, lonely place — so after several nights of banal chatter over too much wine, I took him home. It started out slowly. We did that whole thing two people do when they’re dancing around the obvious. We sat on the couch, talked, and I basically pretended to listen, as I brought him home for one reason and one reason only: sex. Having roommates at the time, we moved from the couch to the bedroom. I dulled the lights (as in turned them off completely) but nothing is ever completely dark in New York City, and I crawled into bed with him. We didn’t kiss the same. He was far too tongue-y for me, and after struggling to find a middle ground on the kissing front, I gave up and decided to try to get things closer to home plate by reaching down to give him a handjob … where I was confused. “What the hell is going on?” I thought. I could definitely feel something in my hand. I mean, there was a phallic-shaped something in my palm, but considering how much I could wrap my hand around the whole thing, it didn’t make sense. I proceeded to stroke it, which proved difficult with such a short shaft, so decided I should investigate. I shimmied my way south and because my hand had been in his boxers during the handjob, I pulled them off to get a better look. There, before me, was the smallest penis I’d ever seen in my life. Yes, my room was fairly dark, but I could see enough to quietly gasp…and gasp I did. It made no sense; he was easily six-feet tall with considerably large hands. How could this be? It wasn’t much bigger than a cocktail weenie or maybe a baby carrot or, more realistically, twice the size of my thumb in girth and roughly about the same in length. I have small thumbs. We proceeded to have sex and I didn’t feel…well, anything. I felt a pressure between my legs, most likely from the weight of his hips against mine, but inside there was nothing ― no friction, no in-out motion, no deep tickling that comes with a penis being inside you ― nothing. I would later learn, after having sex with him again (because, well, I was bored), that he was aware of his penis size. He was, in no way, in denial about it, because how could he be? Instead, he made up for his teeny weeny by giving some of the best oral sex I’ve ever received and honestly, that’s what kept me around for a few months. We definitely had sex a decent amount during our six-month-long tryst, but it was never satisfying. And I did, on more than a couple occasions, ask if “it was in.” I didn’t do it to be mean; I just honestly didn’t know. I’ll never know if it was a medical condition or just simply bad luck, because we never discussed it in detail. But I do know that of all the men I’ve been with, his penis wasn’t just small; it was alarmingly small. I write this with no ill will toward him (as a woman might do when she’s been burned) but from a real place of OMG, WTF? If I couldn’t feel him inside me, how could he feel himself inside my vagina? I always wanted to ask, but didn’t. In the end, I started sleeping with my first love again because I’m a glutton for punishment and Mike moved on to someone else, too. Wherever he is today, I’m sure he’s satisfying a woman with his tongue, because he really has no other choice in the matter. I was never really one who needed a big penis but after that, I’ve realized otherwise. In the words of Sex and the City’s Samantha Jones, “What can I say? I need a big d*ck.”
  7. The Naked Attraction Show has just finished over here in the UK. An article derided the show but had this notable quote…. "I've been in a situation where a guy treated me like an absolute princess but had a tiny penis," said Rebecca, who insisted the winning candidate would have to measure up" And no, I didnt seek out this article at all…. it was in the Telegraph of all places…
  8. if you compare the size of the diagrams to the dimensions on A3 paper then yes they were pretty thick and long penises. You are referencing a body dysmorphic disorder. I dont have that. I know how to use a ruler and my abilities to estimate from a frozen image are just fine. I also am able to interpret graphs, data sets and surveys. I also didnt imagine my rejection from 5 women nor the 100s of examples in my life of women praising large penises and denigrating small penises. Sometimes life is cruel. just the way it is.
  9. I have read in medical journals that 0.2%-0.6% of all males have micropenis or microphallus. Given the earth has a population of 7 billion and nearly half are males then yes its a lot of people with this awful curse.
  10. just saw a random show with peoples reactions to this. many were deriding the body shaming. but then one woman said 'she couldnt get the horrible little penis out of her mind ' obviously that got a huge laugh …. i guess thats the point of the statue….
  11. maybe in real life he has a medium or large penis? or maybe he has lots of money?
  12. yeah, not an ideal situation….
  13. No they would still find it revolting as Trump is revolting and the stomach depicted was revolting. However they would not have obsessed over the 'revolting, pathetic, tiny dick' in the way they did with the actual statue. The designer made his penis pathetically small to humiliate and ridicule Trump- and it worked!
  14. the vast majority of sources quote 3 inches length as micropenis. Though some stay 3.75 inches. I have never ever seen a reference to girth in relation to micropenis though I would imagine that minus 2 standard deviations from the mean would likely put a penis in that region. As to the video its worth noting the women were using A3 size paper not A4 size paper. In which case they were pretty large diagrams. And I certainly hope they were 'large' and not 'medium' as they dwarfed what I have!
  15. maybe- but the female reaction would be profoundly different.
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