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  1. Hi soregretful This is my second visit BACK TO THIS SITE after a long time. After reading through the forum I couldn't help myself to read through your post before I logged off the site like many times before. I think I'm on the right track here but... Correct me if I'm wrong. Are you saying that you think Therapy is not doing you any good, or you feel it isn't doing you any good? :confused: If that is what your saying then I could relate to what you are saying. I've been having Therapy (CBT and Counseling) for over Twelve Months now and I feel just the same as you. Everyone keeps telling me that I'm doing well but I don't feel any different from the first day I started Therapy? Maybe it is doing us good but we can't see it in our selves? All I can offer is go with the flow even if it's to keep the Mental Health off your case if you know what I mean?
  2. Thank you Sweet Sue. It's just a pity that some other members (Administrators) didn't read on the same lines as you Oh well, either I'm thick or some certain people are being ignorant!!! I laugh now because they can stick their compliments right where the sun don't shine!!!
  3. Awe Thank you to those who could be bothered!!! Especially the Administrators Mark and Allan, I LOVE YOU TOO LOL:rolleyes: I Definitely know the script ere!!! God be with you ALL
  4. I first discovered this site erm... Lets say a couple of years ago in which I made some very good friends, and bad! The latter being my own fault!!! Since then... A lot has happened to me. I have been through a RTA Which has left me with severe lower back problems which has affected my Bladder. This has also affected my life style, in way of means regarding my walking, standing for long periods, sitting for long periods, bending down for anything among other issues that affect my Mental Health. (Nearly said mental help :s) Anyway, no time to grumble, lets stay positive! It was my birthday yesterday and I was very surprised that I never got a birthday greetings from the mental help Administrators which to my last knowing were Mark and Allan? By the way Hi. Erm... Correct me if I'm wrong but... This site does give birthday greetings doesn't it? To be honest, it's been such a long time since I have been on this site, a lot of it not being my own fault with being in and out of hospital, change of medication and just life in general that I've forgot a lot of what goes on in the real wide world. Also, getting back on the right path to civilization. After a few diagnoses that was given to me back then, they are wrong diagnoses and finally... Been given a diagnoses which I believe this to be true. (Given by my Psychiatrist) which is EMOTIONALLY UNSTABLE PERSONALITY DISORDER ON A BACKGROUND OF RE-OCCURRING DEPRESSION which involves Anxiety, panic attacks, social phobia, OCD, and so on. The purpose of my visit today is WHERE R MY B/DAY GREETINGS MARK & ALLAN??? Only joking, and to say HI TO MY FRIENDS THAT KNOW ME ON HERE. Also HI to all the members that don't know me on here. I will try to get back in to communicating with this site and it's members as often as I can but for now MWAH !!! XXX
  5. Thank you tmays for that, I will do.
  6. Live for today because tomorrow may not ever happen...
  7. I must agree with Bluerose entirely. You hit the nail on the head there Bluerose!
  8. I know what your saying Cathy but... she's so unpredictable! I don't know whether she is suffering with depression? She's one of these who will go to a Chinese Herbalist and spend pounds on herbal tablets to help her depression then go in a pharmacy and ask the pharmacy if these tablets are worth taking? So, a matter of fact... there pissing against the wind with her! Excuse the expression! I think she puts on more than is actually wrong with her?
  9. Your father needs professional help! The only way you can help him is to be there for him when he needs you but... let me tell you it's going to be a long rocky road!
  10. I can understand where Katie is coming from, being a Home Carer myself for 9yrs. I covered the old as well as the aged with learning disabilities. Why should she have to give up her job especially, seen as she enjoys it. I am not clued up fully on this thread as the first two have been deleted but... what I can gather, this has something to do with vulnerable adults right! Sorry, ignore what I'm babbling on about!
  11. There is someone out there for everyone, remember that!
  12. how come mine dont work

  13. Hope things go well for you and good luck!
  14. This is going to take time and all you can do is... let your mind take as long as it wants?
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