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  1. Hi soregretful This is my second visit BACK TO THIS SITE after a long time. After reading through the forum I couldn't help myself to read through your post before I logged off the site like many times before. I think I'm on the right track here but... Correct me if I'm wrong. Are you saying that you think Therapy is not doing you any good, or you feel it isn't doing you any good? :confused: If that is what your saying then I could relate to what you are saying. I've been having Therapy (CBT and Counseling) for over Twelve Months now and I feel just the same as you. Everyone keeps telling me that I'm doing well but I don't feel any different from the first day I started Therapy? Maybe it is doing us good but we can't see it in our selves? All I can offer is go with the flow even if it's to keep the Mental Health off your case if you know what I mean?
  2. Thank you Sweet Sue. It's just a pity that some other members (Administrators) didn't read on the same lines as you Oh well, either I'm thick or some certain people are being ignorant!!! I laugh now because they can stick their compliments right where the sun don't shine!!!
  3. Awe Thank you to those who could be bothered!!! Especially the Administrators Mark and Allan, I LOVE YOU TOO LOL:rolleyes: I Definitely know the script ere!!! God be with you ALL
  4. I first discovered this site erm... Lets say a couple of years ago in which I made some very good friends, and bad! The latter being my own fault!!! Since then... A lot has happened to me. I have been through a RTA Which has left me with severe lower back problems which has affected my Bladder. This has also affected my life style, in way of means regarding my walking, standing for long periods, sitting for long periods, bending down for anything among other issues that affect my Mental Health. (Nearly said mental help :s) Anyway, no time to grumble, lets stay positive! It was my birthday yesterday and I was very surprised that I never got a birthday greetings from the mental help Administrators which to my last knowing were Mark and Allan? By the way Hi. Erm... Correct me if I'm wrong but... This site does give birthday greetings doesn't it? To be honest, it's been such a long time since I have been on this site, a lot of it not being my own fault with being in and out of hospital, change of medication and just life in general that I've forgot a lot of what goes on in the real wide world. Also, getting back on the right path to civilization. After a few diagnoses that was given to me back then, they are wrong diagnoses and finally... Been given a diagnoses which I believe this to be true. (Given by my Psychiatrist) which is EMOTIONALLY UNSTABLE PERSONALITY DISORDER ON A BACKGROUND OF RE-OCCURRING DEPRESSION which involves Anxiety, panic attacks, social phobia, OCD, and so on. The purpose of my visit today is WHERE R MY B/DAY GREETINGS MARK & ALLAN??? Only joking, and to say HI TO MY FRIENDS THAT KNOW ME ON HERE. Also HI to all the members that don't know me on here. I will try to get back in to communicating with this site and it's members as often as I can but for now MWAH !!! XXX
  5. Thank you tmays for that, I will do.
  6. Live for today because tomorrow may not ever happen...
  7. I must agree with Bluerose entirely. You hit the nail on the head there Bluerose!
  8. I know what your saying Cathy but... she's so unpredictable! I don't know whether she is suffering with depression? She's one of these who will go to a Chinese Herbalist and spend pounds on herbal tablets to help her depression then go in a pharmacy and ask the pharmacy if these tablets are worth taking? So, a matter of fact... there pissing against the wind with her! Excuse the expression! I think she puts on more than is actually wrong with her?
  9. Your father needs professional help! The only way you can help him is to be there for him when he needs you but... let me tell you it's going to be a long rocky road!
  10. I can understand where Katie is coming from, being a Home Carer myself for 9yrs. I covered the old as well as the aged with learning disabilities. Why should she have to give up her job especially, seen as she enjoys it. I am not clued up fully on this thread as the first two have been deleted but... what I can gather, this has something to do with vulnerable adults right! Sorry, ignore what I'm babbling on about!
  11. There is someone out there for everyone, remember that!
  12. how come mine dont work

  13. Hope things go well for you and good luck!
  14. This is going to take time and all you can do is... let your mind take as long as it wants?
  15. Hi oceanteas I'm sorry to hear your having trouble with your family. Could you not write to them and explain that whatever happened between your parents, all them years ago, had nothing to do with you as you was only a child yourself? If they think anything of you, they will get in touch? Sorry I couldn't be of any help!
  16. Hi malign I don't know what it is with her? She drinks cans practically every day but... I wouldn't say she's an alcoholic. She will start drinking around lunch time then say... have a cup of tea in between then start back on the cans of an evening. She has had all sorts of anti-depressants of the doctor and takes them when she feels like, and not when it says on the packet? However, she is quite partial to taking diazepam. She gets her husband to get them of his doctor for her. I have explained that she shouldn't be taking any one else's medication and also how addictive diazepam really is. She say's she only takes them for her nerves but... her nerves seem fine to me. As far as having a word with her... i've tried on a number of occasions and it goes in one ear and out of the other?
  17. A girl I know says she is very depressed. She has been under her doctor for 12 Months for this, who have prescribed a mixture of medication because this girl says that none of them work? The thing is: this girl is not taking each and every medication that has been prescribed to her correctly! She will try her medication for a couple of days and then say that it is not working? She will then stop taking them and pay her doctor another visit at the end of her course and tell him that there not working, who then, prescribes her a different Anti-depressant. This has constantly gone on for the 12 Months which her doctor is unaware of. Now her doctor has asked her to go for blood test to see what the problem is. She failed to attend these blood test! Is this attention or really depression?
  18. Your self-esteem is the way you look at yourself. If you have good self-esteem it means that you like yourself and you believe that you are as 'OK' as everyone else. If you have poor self-esteem it means that you believe that you are not OK, or that you are inferior to others. People who have poor self-esteem tend to focus on and magnify their perceived shortcomings, and ignore their strengths and achievements. It's like looking into the mirror and seeing a warped picture - a bit like the ones at fun parks that make you look distorted - completely blowing reality out of proportion. Your self-esteem can affect how you feel, how you relate to other people, how you deal with challenges and how relaxed and safe you feel in your daily life. The way you feel In order to be happy you need to like yourself. If you believe that you are not OK, or if you are constantly putting yourself down, you are more likely to feel depressed, anxious or miserable than someone who has a positive view of themselves. Your relationships Low self-esteem can influence the way you behave with other people. For instance, you might find yourself being unassertive (not saying what we think, feel or want), and doing things you don't want to do. Or you might find yourself trying too hard to please other people - agreeing with them and offering to do things for them in order to 'earn' their friendship. Low self-esteem might also cause you to seek reassurance from your friends, because deep down, you may not be sure that they like you. You might allow others to 'walk all over you' because you believe you have no rights, and that your needs don't matter. Being treated badly by other people can reinforce the belief that you are not good enough, and can lower your self-esteem even more. Your willingness to move out of your comfort zone Trying new things and moving out of our 'comfort zone' at times is important for growing and developing as a person. Low self-esteem might hold you back from new experiences because you become overly concerned with the possibility of failure or looking stupid. How relaxed and comfortable you feel in the world When your self-esteem is low, it is difficult to feel relaxed and comfortable in day to day situations. For instance, if you believe that you are not OK you might feel awkward and self-conscious in many situations. You might worry too much about what others think of you, and might be constantly on the lookout for signs that people don't like you. If someone doesn't acknowledge you, you might immediately assume that they don't like you.
  19. Hope every thing goes all right for you, good luck!
  20. I agree with Allan but... can understand where your coming from? If he wants to be a family then... he should treat you like family and that includes discussing every little thing with you, whether it's to do with finances or not. I suggest you nip it in the bud with your husband before he gets you more in debt but... CALMLY!
  21. Fight these DEMONS Joanne, I have too and you can too!
  22. Hi idontwant-tobelikethis Please feel rest assured that your GP will treat everything you tell him in the strictest of confidence, unless, he feels that you are about to harm yourself or others. Then, he will confront the appropriate people of the situation who, will help you. I have been in and out of hospital on a number of occasions and Twice in the last Two months. I also live in the UK. You will not be sectioned on your first attempt anyway unless you tell them that you will S/H again? There are people u can phone when your in a crisis like the Crisis Resolution Team, the Samaritans, M.I.N.D Mental Health Organisations. We are very fortunate in the UK. We have a lot of help regarding mental health issues. More than most, put it that way. If you find it difficult to confront your doctor or any one, do what I do and write it all down in a letter and just give it to him on your approach. I honestly think you are suffering from depression and need to seek help. What sort of depression, only a fully trained professional can tell you that and I'm sorry but... there is no-one qualified enough on here to diagnose you, also, there's only your own GP can do that. I hope this has helped and please keep posting! Take care.
  23. Hi ttjack You don't mention much about your personality but... could that have anything to do with it? A girl wants someone who is devoted to her. I'm not saying that you wasn't to all your girlfriends but... it seems strange that they have all seen boys behind your back so... something is wrong but what...? I'm sorry I couldn't of been of any help to you but maybe someone on here can give you some good advice?
  24. mscat, I really feel for you, truly I do! Does it not mean anything to them when you self abuse? What part of mental illness do they not understand? To me it sounds like they don't understand any of it or... are just playing plain ignorance? At the end of the day... it is YOUR SON and not there's! You do your best and we all know that but... the best is not always the right answer as you have discovered. You want to put your foot down and tell them that your not in the right frame of mind to be galavanting around Disney Land with your son and if they had a bit more consideration between them all, they would know that? This is all about you and your son, not about them, like there trying to act upon. Lets face it Cathy, you've got enough to worry about with your own health without worrying about what the family are trying to organise. I hope your family come to their senses and realise what all this is about. Good Luck & I'm here any time you need to talk! Take care!
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