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  1. I sent you a message a few days ago, I am not sure if you have had a chance to reply to it or not. If you have, I am still so new to this community, I would not even know where to look for new messages. So, will you add me to your friends list? I feel like I could really use some right now. I have about 100 friends on FB, more often than not, I don't let anyone know what is really going on inside. It is just more like something to do. And of course, I don't keep the anonimity that can be kept here.

  2. doubt many of u remember me.... I was the black sheep of the site at one time!! I come here once in a blue moon and read.... and not that anyone says anything bad, but it makes me hurt... maybe BC i can relate sooo much? Spend most of my time on a recovery site ... I am an alcoholic... or what we call dual diagnoses... I got them to open up a dual diagnosed forum and chat, but people will admit they have an MI but are not comfortable talking about it... Guess ii am just in limbo... but just wanted to touch base... JT
  3. Take it from someone that has been verbally and physically abused.... when my husband was putting me down and telling me how sorry I was ( trying to cover up his own faults) I would beg him, just HIT ME PLEASE... Bruises go away...when they hurt your soul U never recover..... JMHO
  4. I Have no words of wisdom...but welcome to the site.( AND SHAME ON YOU ALL THAT DID NOT DO THIS BEFORE) JT I will up UR rep and U can post in other threads
  5. Not sure what to say... but I feel UR pain... sorry U are hurting
  6. " I have always been CRAZY that is what has kept me from going insane!!" BUT S BAPTIST here.... not Catholic...BUT I am not sure if there is a GOD .... but let us all ere on the wrong side and say HE is here???? Least we all go to hell.... I KNOW I am going to HELL... but let us not turn those away that may save themselves.... JT
  7. I NORMALLY try to stay out of this thread and others..... but for some reason I was drawn here..... BABY GIRL.... I have been hit ... BAD.... been in the hospital many times... broken jaw when I was 15... after that it has always been something I could tell the docs... I FELL, I was working on the truck and DANG the transmission fell on me... etc??? YOU did nothing wrong.... IN MY MIND when my Hus hurts me .... it is because he feels bad about himself and is taking it out on me.... on that he THINKS is weak..... BUT he does not KNOW ... and yes I can say this on the internet now because I am NOT going to do it.... BUT I had plans to kill him and HOPED like hell I would get away with it.... WHO would miss him??? NO ONE EVEN talked to him but me..... but any way... Please take care of yourself...BUT If you need a place to run to ... you can come here.... you would need to help me around here... but you would be safe.... JT I JUST HATE to hear a woman or a man being abused..... but IF you need me PM me...
  8. Some times you have to let what you love go..... and if it is meant to be they will come back.... AND I KNOW that saying is about a man and a woman.... but I had to let my kisds go.... I hated it when they had to live in their cars... but THEY KNEW they could come here.... but not use on my property..... I am sorry you are hurting...
  9. You are sooo much younger than me.... But I can relate.... sounded like you were telling my life story..... EXCEPT for the beastoligy..... that is not my thing.... BUT the rest... Welcome to the site and I will boost your rep.... yes do I think you have issues???? YEP .... so do I... that is what this site is for... because if WE talk... ( we meaning the people on this site) MAYBE we can HELP or CALM.... and there will not be no major killing???
  10. Sorry no one replied to you all day... SHAME on them.... but I do understand... IF you want to talk more... I will listen... I DID NOT have the money you had.... BUT I understand the feelings... JT
  11. Welcome..... I too am an alcoholic.... there are many good sites.... on the internet.... For addiction ... INCLUDING this one.... If interested send me a PM and I will send you some links.... Good luck and yes therapy is almost the best thing.... because if you do not deal with the "reason" you drink or are self medicating..... then the problem never gets solved.... GOOD FOR YOU!!! HUGS< JT
  12. HOTSPOT..... THANK GOD for people like you and your wife.... "we" all my Brothers and sisters grew up in foster care.... and you are sooo right... MOST do not care very much... Just a source of income.... I was Pretty Lucky.... My foster parents kept me from 9 mo until 12 ( then I went back to my mo mom.... BIG Mistake.... BUT anyway) And although they did make mistakes.... I KNOW they did it out of love. The Social Workers??? SOME do care, some don't.... BUT they have a lot of kids that they have to find homes for and sometimes, it is in their mind better to place them in a so so home .... than a group home..... I think the CHILDREN need to come FIRST.... they are our future.... Teachers and Social Workers have a hard job... Keep up the good work and may God bless you and your family! JT
  13. Just be careful.... you have heard of the craiglist killer??? But just do not put your info... ss or address.... just phone number and beware of cons.... but I believe 90% of people are honest...
  14. HI again.... I was 5'7" between 100 - 105 since I was 12..... up until about a few years ago.... those MEDS made me gain weight..... NO ONE told me .... until now.... but they tell me now that they thought I had AIDS...... I thought I looked good..... Now 150 lbs... and I HATE it.... but the others think I look great??? WTF is so great about not being able to wear clothes comfortably???? I have been hungry the past few days ... ( My tummy wanted food) BUT I can't eat anything.... when I try I get sick and gag...... I KNOW that is not how to loose weight and U and I have talked about this.... but if you need me and think I can help... PM..... Or maybe understand???
  15. sounds like anxiety or PTSD to me..... see if she will see a doctor..... Hugs
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