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  1. hmm. this was on a list that I don't seem to find my way back to (new to site) I was thinkin this was like chatting, but doesn't seem so so far. I have a slipped disk in my back, in my early 40s, dunno what I will be doin with the rest of my life. Oh well, good thing I don't have to know at the moment. I am on disability for depression. I will be glad to talk things over with you if you like.
  2. I have felt that before. Now things not quite like that and I am glad, but happy to talk with you if you like
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    this is my first posting here. I am in my 40s, on disability for depression, and have a slipped disk in my back. I want to say hello to any who readin this and reacquaint myself with the affirmations and such tools to help feel better on the inside and talk with peers doin the same
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