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  1. looks like iam in a situation similar to that of you, i feel trapped - i have a degree in Computer sciences, i hate programming and hated maths since i was a kid, now i have no friends and no job , staying at home, mad at my parents , i loved social sciences, i have fantasies of becoming a war reporter, i have a indepth knowledge of geopolitical conflicts( war stuff) , i quit my job saying to my parents that i wanted to prepare for UPSC, but i hate cramming , so since last one year iam sitting at home, passing time tweeting, feel alone & guilty that iam still a burden to my parents, I feel literally trapped. I regularly loose my train of thoughts, one moment iam hyper exited about some idea(iam all about ideas now, mostly thoughts on politics,war) , the next moment i forget about it, leaves me with a deep sense of loss. makes me mad. I have all the traits of a schiziod. I cant tolerate intimacy, i push away people. I have a bad back, i cant sit for long, so i have to lie on the bed and read, it makes my brain very foggy and sleepy. The sorry part is i have good looks & built , ( it would have been less cruel if i was ugly and depressed), sometimes looking at my face , i cant make the connection . ( like i feel worthless for having a face like that). thing is that i never cared about my looks, have been more kind of a Idealist kind, (like not filling my exam papers because i felt that the examination system is wrong, not that i was very good with my subject).
  2. thnks for the reply,i had a job offer recently, but currently i am preparing for some exams, i would love to get in to a therapy program, donno if they r available
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