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  1. Victimorthecrime

    Day 25

    Ah dude go to any 2nd hand or thrift store and pick up a little desk top radio 📻 But regardless glad to hear your are managing and adjusting to the situation. Someone once said "if you can't change your circumstance change your mind". Be well.
  2. Victimorthecrime

    Day 25

    Do you have a radio? I enjoy listening to the radio to some extent. And the BBC has way better radio then we get here. I know 'cause I get that channel in my car (satellite). Reading books 📚 is also good for when the TV is out. My TV 📺 is ancient. I hate replacing appliances so can relate to what you are going through. The other things I do when TV is out: over eat, over sleep, drink way too much tea and coffee and do some exercise and internet on the phone. I could go on but you get the idea 🙂
  3. Victimorthecrime

    Adolescent horror stories

    @GoldenBoyX - have these experiences made you feel like junior varsity or benchwarmer in the sexual/social arena? I feel that way in all areas not just sex.
  4. Victimorthecrime

    Planning. I'm not good at it.

    Feeling a little better today so far. TGIF! I need it.
  5. Victimorthecrime

    Planning. I'm not good at it.

    I got through the day. Very tired and a little achy but no other symptoms thank God.
  6. Victimorthecrime

    Day 22

    I would consider getting a new set. If you don't have the 💰 then look 👀 around. There are people that give away old sets if you are willing to come get it. Just sharing a thought.
  7. Victimorthecrime

    Planning. I'm not good at it.

    Yes and this morning I woke up feeling sick 🤢. Ugh 😑. I mean it's a "good" thing in that it means it's "working" i.e. my body detects the dead virus and is fighting it. Now if that turns out to be the case and I don't get the flu 😷 this winter then it is all worth it. Going to bring lots of meds into work.
  8. Victimorthecrime

    Planning. I'm not good at it.

    Got my flu shot yesterday. So far so good. But I am feeling a bit low energy and achy. Just going to do the best I can.
  9. Victimorthecrime

    Edit/update: seeking out being exposed and shame

    I think he flashed women he knows because he said he dreams about them telling his friends. If they know who his friends are then they know him. Don't do it @jojojojo. You'll regret it. These days they label anyone a "sexual predator".
  10. Victimorthecrime

    Just want to be heard...

    Possibly check out a school counselor @stained_glass_window can't hurt to talk.
  11. Victimorthecrime

    Day 21

    Will you purchase a new TV 📺?
  12. Victimorthecrime

    Help needed

    Try unplugging it for a few minutes.
  13. Victimorthecrime

    Day 20

    Oh ok thanks for the update. Good luck. Winter is coming we need our heat and hot water for sure.
  14. Victimorthecrime

    Day 20

    What is the gas for? The stove? Hot water heater?
  15. Victimorthecrime

    Planning. I'm not good at it.

    Sometimes weekends are busier than the workweek! I won't go through the the whole list of chores and errands but it is good news in the sense that I am at least feeling good to be able to be engaged like this. And to be fair I did get to relax and watch TV Friday and Saturday nights and will again tonight Sunday if all goes to plan. I am lousy at planning so I use the term loosely. The only time you can actually do anything is right now so planning is a waste of time unless it somehow encourages action which for me it doesn't. The weather has gotten much cooler here so there's that. Do my best to deal w it all. I guess that gets me back to why I think planning is a farce. Like I said in the past biology is destiny. You either have the power to do something or you don't. To plan to do something you don't have the power to do is a foolish waste of time and energy.