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  1. The above post was Saturday and for sure I enjoyed a few but thankfully I dried out on Sunday and headed in June not hungover. Going to try to make June as dry as possible. It’s not that hard really because after overdoing it I don’t even want a beer. I like to feel good and plus the reality is I have things to do, even on the weekends.
  2. @Klingsor hope you are ok. No one, least of all myself, is telling you to clam it. Love reading your stuff. Give yourself a break. You don’t owe anyone out in the world any explanations or justifications. You’re fine the way you are. Fuck their bullshit, these put down artists. If they were so special they would have no time for it.
  3. The part of it nearest me seems to have stopped for now but still major problems in the city. Even where I am stores closed abruptly at 2pm - Home Depot, CVS, etc.
  4. There is wide scale looting and rioting not far from where I live, a 15 minute drive at most. All stores have closed, curfews are in place. This is not good.
  5. Beginning last week for Memorial Day weekend I had my first beers in quite some time. Bought a couple cases of Modelo Especial a terrific summer beer. I had fun listening to some music and chatting w people on FB but as always it does slow down my productivity which already not exactly stellar. But no regrets. I am in hardcore quarantine and frankly going a little nuts ha ha so I need some outlet once in awhile I guess. But we are getting there, things are starting to reopen and even though I will remain cautious I am glad because I am hoping it will alleviate some of these long supermarket lines. Anyway, glad it’s the weekend, nice weather so far. Cheers 🍻
  6. @LaLa From what I read on the internet there is controversy to this day as to what lyric means.
  7. It was 81 hot degrees here today and I was only out for a short while but noticed that mask wearing compliance has plummeted. Masks are even more uncomfortable in the heat. Added to that we are set to move to “yellow” on June 04 and I think people are over it and ready to move on. I am too but just hope it holds. Don’t want to have to go through this again in the fall.
  8. I think this issue cuts across the political spectrum. Where I am is very much Left and those folks will immediately ask “what’s he compensating for?” the minute they see a guy in a fast car or in reference to any type of achievement really.
  9. Wow. Hopefully there are some rivers or lakes for people to enjoy ‘cause they ain’t driving to the beach anytime soon. Or maybe water parks are a big deal I dunnno.
  10. Someone should write a book “Love in the time of COVID”.
  11. Same here my friend. I recall you like to keep to a regular schedule so this disruption must be stressful. Hang in there and try to make the best of it. That’s what I am doing. Being really super lazy this weekend is how I am coping lol. Drinking beer 🍺 and listening to music. My local county has great live open mic FB page where some terrific musicians sing and into the night. They all have Venmo tip jar & I have given a little from time to time. Be curious to hear what other folks are doing to cope w quarantine and the stress of not knowing where this is all headed if anyone cares to share.
  12. @Daveuk how r u? Good to see you back.
  13. The problem w grassroots movements, particularly internet based ones, is anyone can grab the label and start yammering. Such has been the fate of MGTOW, MRA. There is however a segment of them that I align with. Those are the guys that while they disagree w some of the far Left and radical feminist voices, absolutely do not hate women but rather have just decided to “go their own way”. To opt out of society’s sex role game and to firmly reject the pussy beggar model of male-female relations. Count me in.
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