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  1. I agree except I do like some heavy metal. The energy of it along w the bleak world view resonates w me unfortunately. Hope all is well. I know how it is. Hang in there.
  2. @Toosmallforcomfort - so what’s the next step? Are you going to purse another relationship or stay single for awhile? (If I’m following the bouncing ball here)
  3. BTW - I love a huge variety of music: jazz, bluegrass, a small amount of country, experimental music, etc. Recently got off on a binge of 80s Goth and dark wave. I basically like everything except stuff that sound “fake” to me.
  4. @KlingBro - what music do you like? Sincerely.
  5. That is so weird when that happens. I went to college w a guy, good dude, solid citizen, but he is nowhere on FB or the internet and none are of my old friends know anything. Bizarre.
  6. HA! I am sitting here in Pennsylvania laughing. I guess poetry’s where a ya find it. I found her egg roll metaphor compelling. I wish I knew the young lady so I could uncover what pre-meal offering I most resemble.
  7. If a relationship is bad in the beginning it’s going to be worse at the end.
  8. That one I like. That was back when Eric Clapton was good. The 80s came, he did MTV unplugged and that was it.
  9. I like pop music as long as it’s not auto-tune or sub-woofer blast beats type stuff. Grateful Dead, REM, Hot Tuna, Phish. 1970s stuff.
  10. My best Eric Kartman voice: Nooo Waaayyy
  11. Wow. Because egg rolls are an appetizer, not the main course. She was at least a poetic woman.
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