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  1. Planning. I'm not good at it.

    Here's the text of a meme I saw on FB: I never give money to the homeless. They are going to spend the money on alcohol and drugs. I need the money for alcohol and drugs.
  2. Planning. I'm not good at it.

    It's hard to work a full time job and keep to a regular exercise routine. There are only so many hours in a day and there are other things that have to get done in life outside of work - shopping, chores, housekeeping, paying bills, whatever time one spends w family & friends, pets, downtime, sleep.
  3. Planning. I'm not good at it.

    Sorry if you are feeling down Klingsor. I am struggling w feeling anxious and sad. I just can't seem to make any significant progress on anything. The minute things start to go the slightest bit my way life will drop a boulder in front of me. Today I am feeling bewildered. Asking myself "how?". Is there something chemically wrong w my brain or other physiology? Doing my best - eating better, avoiding alcohol, trying to minimize stress, trying to be proactive. But improvements are around the margins at best.
  4. Back again with a whole new set of issues.

    LOL! No not at all, he just said he could relate to what I posted.
  5. Back again with a whole new set of issues.

    Glad you're feeling a bit better. Hopefully you'll find better work at some point. I saw your post Klingsor 😏
  6. Back again with a whole new set of issues.

    My family was working class but I can relate to what you are going through. I have horrible mood swings from that go from being giddy w delight to wishing I could kill myself. I have cut way back on the drinking so my social life has evaporated. I have always had jobs I hate. Failure at relationships.
  7. Are You Able to Laugh At Yourself?

    I think occasional self deprecating humor is a good thing. Especially if the situation crys out for it. It relives stress and engenders goodwill.
  8. Depression, Guilt & Regret

    Hey Small sorry you experience these negative emotions. My story is similar but w anxiety. So many bizarre and unexpected traumas have come my way that I fear what next one may hiding along my path waiting to ambush me. The only thing that helps a little is for me to orient myself to the near future to take my mind off the past and help me to feel prepared.
  9. Best options for dating/meeting women online?

    Match is pay but they are always running promos and freebies for new members.
  10. Best options for dating/meeting women online?

    I had a friend whose wife left him for her supervisor but then the supervisor dumped her and she tried to come back to him but he was having none of it. Anyway he had a lot of luck on Match.com, everything from women wanting to marry him to a ones that were just looking for sex. He is a really good looking guy the lucky bastard but very lazy and weird which is why he was friends w me.
  11. Stretching the truth...

    Carved forever in the annuals of small penis lore.
  12. Planning. I'm not good at it.

    Klingsor - you know you are free to post on any of my stuff and I enjoy reading them so all 100% good 🙂
  13. Stretching the truth...

    Hey if it wasn't for the weights you may never have become Bathman.
  14. Planning. I'm not good at it.

    Yeah but it turns out I am not much of an afternoon person either 🤡
  15. Hey Tina please don't be so hard on yourself. Freshman year of college was a time of massive breakdowns for all of us. Just keep looking and moving forward.