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  1. Brokenness

    That is so crazy. There is no time on earth that a heterosexual man will be less arroused than in a men's lockeroom so it is just no way to judge size. Erect size is the only thing that matters sexually.
  2. So how would one fix stupidity?

    That sucks. Modern society puts a lot of pressure on people to be mentally agile. When I am tried or sick my brain is next to worthless. How are things otherwise?
  3. Diet/Gym/Health/Sanity

    Creatine is legit. I used it many years ago and it builds muscle but it can make you run to the bathroom 🚽 so just know that.
  4. Not sure why I can’t stand my mum

    Everyone I know has or had a complicated relationship w their mother. Mine was the one and only person in my life I could truly count on to always be in my corner however looking back I see how she was often very manipulative of me to what she perceived to be her benefit. The emotional body is a real body just like the physical body and it sounds like yours took some blows and sustained some injuries growing up. Your emotional body reacts to your mother and that what you are feeling. I encourage you to keep one other thing in mind - when your mom is gone she is gone. This is the person that gave you life. If you are harsh or cold w her it will haunt you for the rest of your life. The thing I am most proud of is the way I took good care of my mother the last 10 years of her life as she started to decline. I can honestly look back and say I did all I could and then some.

    Men Going Their Own Way. Partly Men's rights movement and partly a lifestyle where men sort of "opt out" of the traditional male role of husband and breadwinner on the belief that it is no longer worth it. Thats my take on it, I am neither an expert nor an advocate or non-advocate.
  6. Job fears

    @lostboy1 thanks for weighing in. I value your (and everyone's) opinion. I used to feel exactly how you feel. Sadly I think that thanks to so called free trade, globalism, computer technology, and idiotic government policy we live in a time where the last thing that matters is the working law-abiding tax paying citizen. People can't eat jargon they can only eat food and I feel we are not far from violent revolution in this country. I don't want it; I just think that is where all signs are pointed that we are headed. But your points are solid - we can only do what we can do and it is important we do that. I was laid off once from this place and managed to find another job internally. That could feasibly happen again. If it doesn't and I get cut loose I will get about 6 months of salary as severence and could then collect unemployment for 6 months. I do own my own home and have some money in the bank. I also have a FICO score of 800. My plan would be to complete a medical billing course that I started some time ago and look for a job involving that. If I really had to I could even get by on as little as $10/hr for a couple years. It wouldn't be pretty but it could be done. That is just rock bottom worst case scenario. So basically I know in my heart I should worry less but like you said w the SPS some things are easier said than done.
  7. Job fears

    The company i work for is involved in a large merger and they are saying that since the other company is in a different market segment there should be mininal impact on the workforce but I am highly skeptical because there already have been layoffs and rumors of more on the way. If I could do over again I would do anything, literally anything, then work for a corporation.
  8. Beer

    After feeling mostly ok yesterday I got very anxious last night and I drank 2 can of Genesse Cream Ale. It was enjoyable and I soon got to sleep so no harm done really.
  9. Planning. I'm not good at it.

    Weekend update: feeling a weird combination of grateful and melancholy. We are expecting snow and I am just so glad to be feeling decent and to have a warm house and a stocked pantry and just being able to chill and do the few things I want. Grateful that I have been doing good on my semi-vegetarian diet and a general sense that while I face some real challenges - this house, job insecurity, aging, and a pitiful support system - I am mostly up to the challenge and what I am not up for is going to just have to be what is until such time as I am able to get a handle on it. Feeling a bit melancholy mostly due to FB and you tube seeing people traveling, enjoying nature, concerts, friends etc. Also I see these guys deploying skills that I don't have w technology and handyman skills that I never developed. There's this guy that lives in his solar powered van that he built himself and makes money on line and travels etc and it makes me both jealous and feel like an idiot by comparison. He's not some pathetic wage earner worried about getting laid off.
  10. Confidence / Self Confidence

    I didn't even see this until now. I missed your post Klingsor, hope all is well or as well as they can be. My best advice to you is to focus on making money. If you have money in this country life can good no matter what your past. But regardless take good care of yourself. Life is short and then over forever. Enjoy it while you can for all its worth.
  11. My so called life

    I would have a side order of donuts and Pepsi. If your gonna do it do it right.

    There's a bunch of mgtow channels on You Tube just do a search. Truthfully I unsubscribed from all of them because it got to be redundant. How many times can you hear the same thing? Back when I did listen to Sandman I thought he made some valid points. What's your view?
  13. Adult Imaginary Friend

    Wow @MDeCa that is a lot to deal with. I would encourage you to seek help. It sounds like schizophrenia to me and while I am not a psychiatrist I have read that severe mental illness rarely gets better on it's own. I suffer from intrusive negative thoughts and it really worries me at times so I can relate to that extent. I wish you well and I wish you healing. Feel free to vent here if it helps.
  14. Planning. I'm not good at it.

    2 but got back in touch w a 3rd on Saturday. I used to have a lot of "friends" but it can be a mixed blessing when you are a busy person. Friends start blowing up your phone w "let's do this, lets do that" and I have trouble saying no to people and the next thing you know I am: spending too much, eating too much, drinking too much, sleeping too little and accomplishing too little.
  15. Planning. I'm not good at it.

    Got together w another friend today so that was fun. I managed to insulate 2 more windows this weekend and only 2 more to go and I am done for the season. I also made it to the grocery store too so not lacking in provisions. There was a lot I didn't get to but that is ok because it was due to catching up w friends which takes priority.