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  1. Planning. I'm not good at it.

    I should get that tattooed. A corollary to this world be "It's all time off". One of the ways I survive difficult times (like on the job or dealing w house and car troubles) is by telling myself to "find a way to have fun w it". It's sounds insane but I'm telling ya it works. So there's yer tip for the day. I mowed my grass for the first time today even though the ground was soggy. I had to move a huge branch to the back of the yard. That was fun. NOT! Hope everyone has a good weekend. I am not seeing any friends this weekend because I need to relax and get some things done. Feel free to chime in w what your up to.
  2. Confidence / Self Confidence

    I totally agree @Klingsor_the_Capon It has plagued me as well. But I am still working on it and have had some success. I find preparation helps me. If I am prepared I am much more confident in the situation.
  3. Confidence / Self Confidence

    The desire for success is not about changing who you are. It's about growing to who you know you can be.
  4. me....

    Just ask Ozzy 😆
  5. me....

    Oh yeah, let add that I certainly don't want bats in my house. I had one once and it scarred the hell out of me. Only the lord knows what a bite from one might do - rabies, hanta virus, hep C, etc.
  6. me....

    I like bats 🦇 because they eat bugs.
  7. Planning. I'm not good at it.

    Totally forecasted my weekend. I just slept and watched TV and did very little. Met up w a friend yesterday for lunch, it was fun. Today I thought I would be energetic but no dice. Didn't even leave the house. I did eat healthfully today so that's a plus. Also my state of mind is decent so that is positive.
  8. Beer

    Yesterday was Saturday and I am glad that I did not drink at all even though it was warm and I was tempted to. Today is Sunday and I have tomorrow off because my car needs work so I might treat myself to a few beers 🍻 tonight. There is something about Sunday that makes me really enjoy alcohol when I have Monday off.
  9. Planning. I'm not good at it.

    How did your presentation go this week @LostBoy? The one you were working on last weekend. I have gotten nothing done. But that's ok. Sometimes Saturday is my day of rest. Went back to bed after my post above. Gonna meet up a a friend for lunch so hopefully that will get the ball rolling.
  10. Planning. I'm not good at it.

    Hola Weekend Peeps! Hope everyone is doing well or at least ok. Warm day here going to 78 but major rain ☔️ tomorrow. I have things to do but am being lazy, drinking decaf and watching TV/radio/phone. Have plans to see a friend for a short bit later. Allergies are acting up and I am just not feeling energetic ATM so just going w the flow. Feel free to share or update what is going on w you if you care to.
  11. me....

    Perhaps when you can handle more power it will be given to you ba.
  12. Recommended readings

    I totally agree w that. Over the years I have know several guys that were from "good families" and they were so insulated them from any form of genuine trouble, difficulty or adversity that when it came time to live their own life they shut down. These guys felt that problems were a sign that something was horribly wrong; they had neither context nor coping skills to mount a response.
  13. Planning. I'm not good at it.

    I went into work myself today, Sunday, for about 1 hour 15 minutes and got a good amount done ✅. Happy 😊 about that. Now I just chillin out and going w the flow.
  14. How to be a better person

    Decent advice. #3 Letting go of anger is a tough one for me. I can be in the shower or sitting have lunch and a memory of someone who wronged me decades ago will surface and I will feel a head-splitting rage. I like the idea of complimenting yourself. Gonna give that a try.
  15. Beer

    @LostBoy - totally understand. You work hard & long hours and have to kick back and enjoy at some point. Me myself I am not looking to quit but rather just cut back as much as possible.