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  1. Victimorthecrime

    Planning. I'm not good at it.

    Hey Klingsor hope you are ok. It's surprising to me all the accounts guys have given of having penis size discussed in the workplace. I have never experienced this. BUT like everything it comes at a cost. The company I am at is an HR police state where the slightest perceived misstep will trigger a call to HR. Personal conversations have to be in barely audible hushed tones because you never know who is going to say they overheard something offensive. So pick your poison: public dick shaming or the Stasi. But regardless work is hard enough without having to endure that bullshit. If you object in anyway you will be ostracized so just laugh it off and roll w it. Sometimes you can use the cloak of humor to punch back. I recall many years ago this guy was always busting on gays and one day I piped and said "I don't know, Pete. It seems to be one your mind quite a bit". I said it w an exaggerated tone and a big dumb grin that telegraphed "obviously I am joking" but the message was sent and he cooled it.
  2. Victimorthecrime

    Your typical vent about penis size

    @RonaldU exactly right. 14cm is 5.5" of girth per Mr. Google. Folks are free to interpret that data point as they like.
  3. Victimorthecrime

    Planning. I'm not good at it.

    It's Saturday again so welcome to the weekend people. I have discovered that I really am not good at planning in the sense of making specific plans. Having specific time-sensitive plans stresses me out. I am ok w a general flexible outline, one w lots of caveats because for me "doing" is key. Whatever plan I have must be subordinate to the action that I take because I am only going to do what I am going to do, I am not going to do what I am not going to do and what is going to happen is what is going to happen. The plan is that if I get laid off from my job I will spend a few months getting my house fixed up and ready for sale. I would walk away w the cash, rent the cheapest safe apartment I can find and find another job. Maybe.
  4. Victimorthecrime

    What I learned in EST

    No matter what you do life only turns out the way it turns out. If you look back over your life you will see life has always turned out the way it did and never any other way - no matter what you did. When I found out that nothing I had ever done had made a difference in my life, I was sad for a week. And on the other side of the realization that there was nothing I could do to force life to work came the realization that it worked perfectly. A thing is perfect when it is the way it is. When it is not the way it is then it is flawed. Life is always the way it is hence perfect. It did not work the way I wanted it to, it worked the way it worked and only that way. I just needed to get my fingers out of the machinery. What you need to do in order to get life to do what it is doing is nothing. Nothing is the most simple and hence most difficult notion to grasp. To do nothing means to do exactly what you are doing. Nothing more, nothing less. Werner Erhard
  5. Victimorthecrime

    Recommended readings

    Yes I wish I had more close friends too. One thing at a time.
  6. Victimorthecrime

    Recommended readings

    Yes regarding article about men its true we are often told to open up but WHO you open up to really matters. Some people will make you regret even bothering. Some people just don't have the maturity needed to handle the fact that life has problems. They're the ones that like to blame the victim so you certainly don't want to share your problems w them.
  7. Victimorthecrime


    I luv happy accidents 😃 Hope you find some more soon.
  8. Victimorthecrime


    Thanks @LaLa. Yes it worked out well. My friend and I went to a restaurant and sat in the outdoors section and enjoyed beer and lots of good food. Later after I dropped him off I came home and had beers and watched TV until bedtime. I slept really well thank god so I feel half decent all things considered. Hope to have a relaxing day and try to not worry about things I didn't get done this weekend. The heck w it. Life's too short ⌛
  9. Victimorthecrime


    I took a nap after work for an hour I was so tired, it was Friday night. I was wide awake later so I decided to enjoy 3 beers 🍻 Genesee Creem Ale a great upstate NY beer. This was 11pm at night and it was fun. Slept ok and not feeling too bad thank god although not feeling particularly energetic. Its Saturday AM and I am having coffee and susposta catch up w a friend later and I might enjoy a few more beers today we shall see. I am seeing all the great times and summer concerts that I am missing and it makes want enjoy something so that is why I reached for the beer. Plus I put in a decent week at work and am hopeful things are cool there. Hopefully I can get things done tomorrow that I really need to because today I want to take a break from being in "do stuff" mode every minute.
  10. Victimorthecrime


    I had a dream I was the rear admiral on a rainbow flagged cruise ship 🚢 🌈
  11. Victimorthecrime

    Planning. I'm not good at it.

    Practice! 😎 Those convenience stores are incredibly busy on the weekends. I bet the day flys. Well it's Sunday morning and I am having coffee, just getting ready to run some errands and get some chores done. Yesterday was fun, went for coffee w a friend. Not really looking forward to the work week but such is life.
  12. Victimorthecrime

    Planning. I'm not good at it.

    Hello Weekend people wherever you may be! It's Saturday 9 am and I woke up at 7 am feeling very depressed BUT a little coffee ☕️ and thinking and while I am not dancing on the moon I am at least feeling ok. We are expecting thunderstorms here soon and I am hoping they hold out so I can mow the lawn. I would do it now but it is too early. I don't want my neighbors to hate me. These fuckers are sleeping off hangovers, not even joking. Things are cool right now and I want to keep it that way. So the lawn can wait if it has to. Other than that just going w the flow. Have a call into a friend but have about a million things to do and keep me busy if we don't catch up. Hope everyone is doing well.
  13. Victimorthecrime

    Lying about (or hiding) your size

    It was extra small but you're making me think. 🤔
  14. Victimorthecrime

    Confidence / Self Confidence

    Negative/positive - it's all interpretation. It is what it is. No biggie. It's just that sometimes I get my hopes up for one minute and sure enough life will kick me in the balls to remind me in no uncertain terms what the deal is.
  15. Victimorthecrime

    Lying about (or hiding) your size

    If I was any fucking happier I'd wearing latex 😝🦇😜