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  1. Victimorthecrime


    @YOTH - how have you been? I recall you were understandably upset and in turmoil for awhile but hope things are better now.
  2. Victimorthecrime

    Christmas count down and new year count down

    Ok well if there is no rule against it you could use your employee discount to pick up a few stocking stuffers at CF πŸ€— πŸŽ„
  3. Victimorthecrime

    Christmas crackers

    Tell us the joke
  4. Victimorthecrime

    Christmas count down and new year count down

    @IrmaJean - there a rule in your household against buying gifts from Cumberland Farms? Ha ha @jazz - oh I am easy. Back when I got gifts anything was fine - books, music, clothes, food, little tools or gizmos etc. even gift cards are fun
  5. Victimorthecrime

    Christmas count down and new year count down

    And some past and future shopping as well
  6. Victimorthecrime

    Christmas party

    Ok thanks sounds pretty cool.
  7. Victimorthecrime

    My top 10 Christmas episodes and films

    Ever see Seinfeld's "Christmas" called Festivus for the rest of us? That was great. Most of the classic Christmas movies leave me a little flat because I SO just don't have that life. I love Christmas don't get me wrong, not a Scrooge or a Grinch. Actually now that I think of it "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens would be my favorite Christmas movie and book. I would like to find that book at the library or store and read it.
  8. Victimorthecrime

    Christmas party

    Nice. What is a drop in center?
  9. Victimorthecrime

    I don’t know anymore.

    @Unknown21 - wow I that is a lot happening in a short period of time. Sometimes when that happens to me I need to "drop back 10 and punt" (an expression from American football) and just take a break, cool out, until such time as I reassemble myself and am ready to rejoin the battle. Take care of yourself first and try to focus on the positive. It sounds like there are good things in your life so try to keep them that way and add to it. Let me know how it's going. Good luck!
  10. Victimorthecrime

    An observation

    Oh I know. The same goes for Halloween. Guess what they play then?? If you said Halloween you are correct! They want to spend as little as possible and that means just playing the shit they have.
  11. Victimorthecrime

    Mental abuse and Human Rights violations

    Do they have coffee shops or Internet cafes? Perhaps you could retreat there. Some even allow napping. Also check and see if your county has emergency shelter or housing.
  12. Victimorthecrime

    Think I've gotten to the point I'm done

    @Obsolete - I agree w what you said. Life itself is the issue.
  13. Victimorthecrime

    Word Association ( Christmas Addition )

  14. Victimorthecrime

    The Christmas tree photo

    Awesome πŸ‘ Hope you (and everyone) here has a wonderful Christmas πŸŽ„ and/or Holiday season.
  15. Victimorthecrime

    Tuesday 21st August

    Scroll under activity - content I started