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  1. Victimorthecrime

    Planning. I'm not good at it.

    It's Sunday 4:30 pm here and we got the kind of snow I like: 1-2 inches. Just enough to be wintry and scenic but not a travel problem. I am having tea now. Early this morning I got to see an interesting sight right outside my door: a woodpecker! He had a red crown atop his head and was a decent size and was going at it. I filmed him w my iPhone but you can hear him more than see. Other than that a mostly relaxing weekend. Talked to some friends on the phone but did not go out except for errands. I am trying to stay away from crowds in order to avoid cold/flu type nonsense. I have a full week of work but at the end of it is a four day weekend so looking forward to that! The arthritis in my left knee and general aches and fatigue still trouble me but I can deal. It wouldn't be life if there wasn't some problem.
  2. Victimorthecrime

    Good comedy for new year

    I can remember back in the early to mid 80s going to 2 different Monty Python film festivals w friends and what a fun time that was. After 4 or 5 Python films back to back your mind is in a strange place.
  3. Victimorthecrime

    Back again, depressed. Essay forthcoming.

    How is that you were bulllied because I thought you are a big guy?
  4. Victimorthecrime

    Decorations all taken down

    Halloween 🎃 💀 all year
  5. Victimorthecrime

    Before Christmas

    Why did the walk make you nervous? Is it a bad area?
  6. Victimorthecrime

    White Flag

    @Desolate Ronin oh for sure totally agree.
  7. Victimorthecrime

    Happy 2019

    Happy New Year! 🎆🎈🎊
  8. Victimorthecrime

    Let the countdown begin

    Getting close!
  9. Victimorthecrime

    White Flag

    I agree w that. That lines up w what I have seen.
  10. Victimorthecrime

    White Flag

    They are free to want whatever they want but this is exactly the kind of guy that these days pushes off marriage until well into his 30s or beyond in exchange for an extended period of killing it on Tinder. There is even a guy on here who talks about that and also about the troubles it brings.
  11. Victimorthecrime

    Let the countdown begin

    You guys are exactly 5 hours ahead of me if your time is same as London. I cleverly went into my iPhone clock and added London. Tell me I haven't mastered technology lol 😂
  12. Victimorthecrime

    Happy New Year

    Good for you @TheDane. Dude YOLO.
  13. Victimorthecrime

    Last blog entry of 2018

    I have learned, the hard way, that for me, it only gets better if I make it better.
  14. Victimorthecrime

    Acceptance and Craigslist is our hope( lol)

    That's one of those things that is so easy to say to someone else. Especially when you don't have to be there after the crash back down to earth. Society needs men to be strivers so that we generate tax revenue and stay preoccupied. This particular message of striving to sexually insecure men is designed to promote and sustain Goddess culture.
  15. Victimorthecrime

    A poll or today

    I like prequels. I might like Gotham. Btw - I was a little heavy handed in my description of the American movie theatre experience. I had a couple of bad experiences many years ago but most of the time it's fine.