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  1. Victimorthecrime

    Planning. I'm not good at it.

    Sunday morning, after breakfast and having tea and just relaxing a tiny bit before getting to some chores and thought I would post. Having some chronic difficulties w this house that I don't even want to go into. These APPs like Home Advisor, Thumbtack, etc are a joke. Most of the repairman are far away and none call you back. Get better results out of the Yellow Pages! Anyway times like this I remind myself that there are people fighting stage 4 brain, lung, breast, and colon cancer along w any number of other painful, chronic, life-threatening diseases and those folks would give anything to have home repairs be their biggest problem. It's the only thing that gives me perspective & peace. All we can do is our best and take one thing at a time. Hope everyone is doing well or at least reasonablely well.
  2. Victimorthecrime

    Thy Enemy.....Small Penis

    @smallguy - I think both gamma & omega could be incel. Basically a gamma is an omega w higher intellect and/or education. I half regret even posting it because I am just not big on labels. At the very least the categories are both highly fluid and situational. I mean just because a guy lays a lot of women or is successful business does not necessarily make him an alpha in my mind. To me an alpha is a guy who is secure and confident in himself. A man that lives directly and sincerely, embracing and accepting life and the world as it is without all that puffery ego-nonsense bullshit.
  3. Victimorthecrime

    Thy Enemy.....Small Penis

    You are correct. This is a crazy thread and I got mixed up.
  4. Victimorthecrime

    Thy Enemy.....Small Penis

    It wasn't Small. It was @smallguy
  5. Victimorthecrime

    Thy Enemy.....Small Penis

    Maybe it's me. The way I understood the video he is talking exclusively about men. The presence of women means absolutely nothing to this analysis because it's about men. Let me illustrate. Say there is a company (or other organization) comprised of 100 human beings. 98 of those are women. They have nothing to do w this. Zero. This would involve looking at the 2 males and asking 1) which one is alpha and 2) which on is beta - relative to each other. They could be the two janitors or two cafeteria workers. It doesn't matter. This conversation reveals how in 2019 it is absolutely verboten to even talk about men unless the real the purpose is to talk about women.
  6. Victimorthecrime

    Thy Enemy.....Small Penis

    He is talking about MEN. Do you feel that is not acceptable or do you just not understand the concept?
  7. Victimorthecrime

    Thy Enemy.....Small Penis

    No idea. It's a good question though.
  8. Victimorthecrime

    Thy Enemy.....Small Penis

    I am gamma fighting like hell to not become omega. I suspect there are a lot of gammas here.
  9. Victimorthecrime

    Give me useful advice, or none at all.

    @lloydbaker I totally agree. #metoo ha ha. Humans smell weakness and they attack. It's reality. And the people that disagree all have the same circumstance: their dad's money insulated them from it.
  10. Victimorthecrime

    Thy Enemy.....Small Penis

    This video seems to relate to what you guys are saying: https://youtu.be/1Ua2XnYlm-o
  11. Victimorthecrime

    Thy Enemy.....Small Penis

    He went by the screen name lostboy1 if you want to read. I think he was from a small Christian community and got married young.
  12. Victimorthecrime

    Thy Enemy.....Small Penis

    Yes in the sense that he was married and wife said she had no problems or concerns w his size but the worries plagued him.
  13. Victimorthecrime

    Thy Enemy.....Small Penis

    @lloydbaker & @Ruth Ann Ritchie essentially I agree w what you wrote. I have made similar points on here in the past. Not everyone agrees and that is fine. No one answer is going to explain absolutely everything. There was a guy on here who said he was 1" and had to sit down to pee and that is unfortunate & an obvious problem in and of itself. There was another guy that said he was masculine tall athletic successful & take charge in every way but was tortured by having 4". So it's important to be open to other points of view.
  14. Victimorthecrime

    Thy Enemy.....Small Penis

    How does one initiate such a correspondence?
  15. Victimorthecrime

    In a bad state (Scared out of my mind)

    Do you have a girlfriend?