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  1. I want to wish everyone a Happy Halloween 🎃 🦇 🕷 👻
  2. Reece’s Peanut Butter cup by a mile.
  3. I’m no longer permitted to use the Acme self check out following a Jim Carrey-like meltdown where I hugged the mechanism weeping and apologizing for my incompetence lifting my shirt and placing a nipple on the scanner.
  4. @Klingsor I have not experienced the pro life people to be that way. We are in different parts of the country, as I have said I’m in a largely Catholic area so maybe where you are you got some more radical folks. I imagine most of the rioters are pro-choice. They clearly by their own words have a genocidal agenda. So at the very least that knife cuts both ways.
  5. I reconnected with an old college friend he is down in Florida. He tells me it’s gotten really bad lately where fewer & fewer are wearing a mask. My friend is a mature adult like myself but has numerous health conditions and is very concerned about the COVID-19 virus. But what can you do? There’s only so much hibernating man can do.
  6. Yeah but “if you want think you got problems now wait until you see our solutions” lol 🤐 won’t say more 😇 such a good boy.
  7. It’s definitely a corrosive and toxic culture.
  8. “If it don’t hang you can’t bang” WAP - Cardi B
  9. Victimorthecrime

    My new place

    Looks sunny and cozy. Enjoy!
  10. This is going to turn into a crisis.
  11. Yes me too! I don’t like this new motif.
  12. Well it’s the last day of summer, tomorrow the first day of autumn. Even though this summer was hot and kind of a pain in the ass I don’t like seeing it go because I know what awaits. Already my sinuses start give me trouble and I had to take a Sudafed. I slept well but I still feel tired. Such is life on Monday sometimes I suppose. At least it’s been nice and quiet here I’ll say that much. It can be relaxing at times if I allow myself. Talked with four different friends over the phone over the weekend so that was nice. Some form of human contact to an extent. When you talk to people
  13. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bbc.com/news/amp/uk-england-london-54209800 oh no I England’s Covid situation was much improved. This virus is never going away.
  14. Tell us more @Chickadee. How are you doing now?
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