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  1. Victimorthecrime

    Full week

    Interesting thanx. I like that the website is nice n simple. American website sites all have banners, pop ups, links galore so if you click one wrong place you are off to a different page and have to start all over again. Let me know if they are of real help or if it's just talk. Glad things are going good 😊
  2. Victimorthecrime

    Full week

    Tell me a bit about 'routes to work' if you care to.
  3. We have a guy Maury Povitch whose entire show is humiliating women & sometimes men over paternity test results. Brutal stuff.
  4. There are some that theorize that there are demons or possibly aliens that feed off of negative human emotions. Not saying I believe it but it would explain a lot!
  5. Wow! Yeah I a not a fan of humiliating people be it through lie detector or ambush or anything.
  6. Oh ok thanks Jazz. You know I partly feel sorry for these guys because they are pushed by their employers to be edgy but one step over the line and they are dumped. When will these guys learn that children should be off limits? Hope things are good w you guys @Daveuk and @jazz
  7. Just passing by...🍰

  8. Is he the guy that called Archie a monkey?
  9. Hi Beth. I'm ok. Dealing w some house issues and I know you know about that. Just taking one day at a time and doing my best. I guess what I have learned is that unless you are multi-millionaire rich life is endless endless problems and if you are going to let that get in the way of your enjoyment you might as well do yourself and everyone else a favor and go live in a monastery or something.
  10. I am exhibiting a flat affect responding to internal stimuli lacking insight impulsive
  11. I am: Flaccid Priggish Insouciant Decompensating
  12. @the_anonymous_one I am sorry you had that experience. It sounds awfully deflating.
  13. "It's big enough to be on your mind" would be my response.
  14. Tuesday sounds fun. I love tea. Both green & black. Anytime of year but especially spring, fall & winter. But the morning, like right now, belongs to coffee.
  15. Yes yes "pizza happened" along w some other things ha ha 😄
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