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  1. So glad things are cool at the new place. As you get settled it will be more homey.
  2. @Ladichy that sounds like a lot to deal with on a daily basis. I am not a clinical person so I won’t even pretend to know what to do. I will say this: if it was me I would just try everything under the sun until I found something that works. Dietary changes, exercise, psychiatry, therapy, among other things would be on the list. Good luck!
  3. I remember when I was young we made moving fun by drinking beer, eating pizza and blasting rock-n-roll. But barring that it can be a pain in the ass so hang in there @Daveuk
  4. That is absolutely true and that describes me exactly 5” NBP but I still never pursued normal relationships lol. Life got in the way. I would encourage guys to pursue what they want no matter what size they are. Sure you will face rejection but you have to be self possessed & not give a shit.
  5. Hi, I am old here. Born & raised in the United States, male, currently in the USA. Hobbies: work full time so not time for much time for hobby but I would list reading, walking, wasting time on this phone, fighting for a better life, music appreciation, local travel by car, comedy, a certain amount of low-dollar philosophy / psychology / spirituality / highly questionable beliefs. @NewHere tell us more. What brought you here to the US? Are you staying or visiting? Also feel free to ask anything. Good luck with whatever you have going on πŸ™‚
  6. Yes we will miss but hopefully not for long
  7. That's cool. Ask around to see if your phone can connect to Wifi because you won't need to use data minutes. That's what I do at Starbucks or the library or wherever I can switch to Wifi mode. You can get to this site on a public computer at a library too. Good luck keep us posted.
  8. I watched the whole thing @LaLa and it was very good and in keeping w my views. I like stoicism.
  9. HA! Am I the victim or the crime? Is what I sometimes wonder.
  10. Do you just search on the internet or subscribe to psychology today or something similar? I find psychology interesting and followed psychology today on FB but dropped after too many male bashing articles.
  11. I believe you were happy at your previous place so not sure what happened but I am no stranger to sudden and unwelcome developments so hang in there. Can't you just take your phone to any public wifi and jump on here for a bit?
  12. Do you mean w regard to SPS or problems in general or something else?
  13. I had to google bedsit. Interesting. Good luck w it.
  14. Oh ok thanx for the clarification. I never worry about flaccid. I am 5" NBP so not setting any records here either. It's the least of my problems.
  15. That's not bad at all. You're probably 5.5" erect (maybe more) and that's perfectly fine. Am I wrong?
  16. Are you saying that High T guys will continue to pursue sexual congress despite phallic shortcomings?
  17. Harry Truman said "if you are going through Hell keep going"
  18. Hmmm...so long as the potatoes aren't too mushy I like any potato salad so I'll have to say nothing! As for individual taste I like black pepper, onion, grated cheese on mine. Not a big celery guy but I can deal. Not a bacon bits guy. What seasonings do you like? πŸ€”
  19. Ok so the problem I had w the house was that back in February i suddenly had water on my floor. My house has no basement so the floor is a concrete slab. A water pipe in that slab burst. It was as much fun as it sounds and costly too. Here is what I learned: get a second opinion always. The 1st plumber was an idiot who completely misdiagnosed the problem. I paid the price in time (vacation time), money and misery. The other thing I learned: keep a clear & open mind when things go wrong. I defaulted into catastrophic thinking and that didn't help. Lastly what I learned is that everyday there is some fuck up problem. It might be your body, you job, your house, your car, your phone, people in your life etc.. If you let that ruin your life you might as well give up now - go drink, declare bankruptcy, go on welfare etc because that's just how it is. You have to live you life and enjoy your life in spite of it, in defiance of it.
  20. Yes it does, more than it should, but what I have seen is that people that have other skills, carry themselves w confidence and do what they can to look their best can overcome it.
  21. Yeah I get on a roll sometimes πŸ˜€
  22. Me too. I just buy it from the store and add chopped onion. I love potatoes period. I even add them to chili! So Dee-rish-ous
  23. Good question. The problem I run into is that even w people that I largely agree with we will eventually run across an issue where we disagree and it stirs anger. So on balance I would say it's not a good idea but at the same time acknowledging that it's going to happen. At the very least one needs to know when to bail if things get heated. What do you think? Do you discuss politics w friends/family and if so how does it turn out?
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