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  1. Wow. Hopefully there are some rivers or lakes for people to enjoy ‘cause they ain’t driving to the beach anytime soon. Or maybe water parks are a big deal I dunnno.
  2. Someone should write a book “Love in the time of COVID”.
  3. Same here my friend. I recall you like to keep to a regular schedule so this disruption must be stressful. Hang in there and try to make the best of it. That’s what I am doing. Being really super lazy this weekend is how I am coping lol. Drinking beer 🍺 and listening to music. My local county has great live open mic FB page where some terrific musicians sing and into the night. They all have Venmo tip jar & I have given a little from time to time. Be curious to hear what other folks are doing to cope w quarantine and the stress of not knowing where this is all headed if anyone cares to share.
  4. @Daveuk how r u? Good to see you back.
  5. The problem w grassroots movements, particularly internet based ones, is anyone can grab the label and start yammering. Such has been the fate of MGTOW, MRA. There is however a segment of them that I align with. Those are the guys that while they disagree w some of the far Left and radical feminist voices, absolutely do not hate women but rather have just decided to “go their own way”. To opt out of society’s sex role game and to firmly reject the pussy beggar model of male-female relations. Count me in.
  6. I tried once to give up the apostrophe but I just couldn’t.
  7. I wonder when it will be safe if ever?
  8. @pinkocean your welcome. And thanks for having a sense of humor. Good luck in your studies.
  9. That is the worst idea I have ever heard in my life 🤣😂. But seriously, don’t get too deep, too heavily on a girl too early. Remember she’s a friend not a therapist. You don’t want to scare her away. I know because I made that mistake too many times when I was younger. Glad you are doing ok.
  10. As I mentioned before I work in Behavioral Health in a non-clinical capacity and one thing I learned is that federal Medicare will not reimburse a Licensed Professional Counselor. I think that is in error but not much I can do. Every time I was to refer a Medicare member to an IOP program I can’t do it if it’s run by LPCs which most are in my experience. Scroll down to the “Things to know” section: https://www.medicare.gov/coverage/mental-health-care-outpatient
  11. Yes and I still haven’t ☹️. Not giving up hope, just reporting.
  12. I’ve been in a shitty mood, depressive mood all weekend. Quarantine is triggering some latent agoraphobia. Seriously. I have barely stepped out the door, and that is only to pace a little after sundown.
  13. Don’t the Gertrud Pfisters and Ben Carringtons of the world have anything better to do? Is this what we spend hundreds of billions of dollars on education for? My God, I would tell these folks to go bake a cake or paint a fence or something. Geez. The internet is a cess pool. I don’t swim in it. Life is too short for these assholes and their hate thinly veiled by a pretext of “observation”. @Klingsor these people aren’t worth a minute of your time, they don’t have a tenth of your intelligence. They accomplish nothing.
  14. All’s fair in love & war. Not my idea, I don’t like it. But that’s how it is.
  15. What kind of counseling program were you enrolled in? LPC? LCSW? Good luck w whatever you decide to do.
  16. 10-4 to that. Pretty much how I spent my day. Worry about my job security in this downturn, worry about this house & all that it needs, worry about my health as I get older, worry about everything I see other people do that I miss out on. Dave? Dave’s not here🤪
  17. @Klingsor on a more serious note please seek help if you think for a second you might need it. Not sure what your health insurance situation is but providers both in and out of network are offering therapy and prescriptions via Skype, Zoom or just phone call. Many offer sliding scale because their business has been hit. This is one of the few things I actually know about because it is part of what I do for a living. Just do a search. Where there is a will there is a way.
  18. LOL no my brain is rationed. I’m all alone and since currently I don’t have to leave the house to go to work I just procrastinate and end up not showering.
  19. Notice he had to get his little snarky cheap shot in on the My Pillow guy. Sorry, I just can’t stand the fucker. But I have absolutely no problem w the posting. And it certainly is true that at some point we are going to have get out there and face this thing and come what may. How are you doing otherwise? Getting out on any good hikes and taking In any scenery? I got the lawn mowed & sprayed for weeds so happy about that much. Got a shower which is a big deal because in quarantine I get about 2 a week! 🤣. That may have to change w the warmer weather here.
  20. I have not watched Bill Maher in easily 10 years and that’s no accident. What his “analysis” misses is time. No one is saying don’t go back to fucking in hotels. Just give it a little time. As the warmer weather gets here people’s immunity goes up and maybe by Halloween we will have more testing & treatments. If not we can make Bill happy and get on w hookers and blow. If everything I hate about American men was made flesh it would be Bill Maher: Ugly but acts handsome, rich but acts poor, swagger but a total pussy, self absorbed but acts concerned, successful but zero skills, walled community elitist but acts street, feminist but uses women like tissue paper, intellectual but little more than a cheap shot artist. But hey man, that just, like, my opinion 😁😃😇😊
  21. Yes I agree. I am, for better or worse, a very sensitive person and I can detect how much cleaner the air is. It is a simple pleasure just to stand outside & breathe. After a long week I just woke up from 3 hr nap!
  22. YES! We all realize that we don’t need actors, rock stars, celebrities, but do need farmers, truck drivers, warehouse workers, retail workers etc for actual real life to continue. We all have learned the value of stocking up on essential items and saving for a rainy day.
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