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  1. @Klingsor I have not experienced the pro life people to be that way. We are in different parts of the country, as I have said I’m in a largely Catholic area so maybe where you are you got some more radical folks. I imagine most of the rioters are pro-choice. They clearly by their own words have a genocidal agenda. So at the very least that knife cuts both ways.
  2. I reconnected with an old college friend he is down in Florida. He tells me it’s gotten really bad lately where fewer & fewer are wearing a mask. My friend is a mature adult like myself but has numerous health conditions and is very concerned about the COVID-19 virus. But what can you do? There’s only so much hibernating man can do.
  3. Yeah but “if you want think you got problems now wait until you see our solutions” lol 🤐 won’t say more 😇 such a good boy.
  4. It’s definitely a corrosive and toxic culture.
  5. “If it don’t hang you can’t bang” WAP - Cardi B
  6. Victimorthecrime

    My new place

    Looks sunny and cozy. Enjoy!
  7. This is going to turn into a crisis.
  8. Yes me too! I don’t like this new motif.
  9. Well it’s the last day of summer, tomorrow the first day of autumn. Even though this summer was hot and kind of a pain in the ass I don’t like seeing it go because I know what awaits. Already my sinuses start give me trouble and I had to take a Sudafed. I slept well but I still feel tired. Such is life on Monday sometimes I suppose. At least it’s been nice and quiet here I’ll say that much. It can be relaxing at times if I allow myself. Talked with four different friends over the phone over the weekend so that was nice. Some form of human contact to an extent. When you talk to people
  10. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bbc.com/news/amp/uk-england-london-54209800 oh no I England’s Covid situation was much improved. This virus is never going away.
  11. Tell us more @Chickadee. How are you doing now?
  12. Yes so far so good. Even Friday was not too bad as it turned out. Today, Saturday has been fine. A little boring but at least no problems.
  13. So glad it’s Friday. Just want to stay to be over. Looking forward to a relaxing weekend.
  14. Well it’s been three months since I posted here so I figured I’d come on and babble a little bit. I had a half decent Labor Day weekend. My one friend who goes out, my other friend is hard-core quarantining to an extreme I think, but anyway the friend that does go out we went and had beer and burgers on both Saturday and Sunday. Can’t remember the last time I was out two days in a row. At least it was kind of fun. I am totally sick of the whole Covid restriction stuff wondering what’s open and what’s not open what the rules are we doing it right etc. I mean I don’t get me wrong I und
  15. I work in behavioral Health in a non-clinical capacity. The key is someone’s baseline. If your friend is always this way then that’s just his personality. It’s when someone displays a sharp deviation from the norm a.k.a. baseline then that could be a symptom of an underlying problem. It’s not an easy determination to make. Even highly paid professionals fail at it, in fact quite often. At least that’s my view.
  16. The eyes can’t see the head The hand can’t grasp itself. Alan Watts
  17. The original 1977 Dario Argento Suspiria was a great movie, a horror classic. Check that one out.
  18. I don’t get Netflix or HBO or anything so I can’t recommend anything specific. On You Tube I watch concerts, all the old fart stuff - Fleetwood Mac, Stones, Yes, etc it’s a break from all the “news” that gets woven into every movie or TV show these days.
  19. I wish I was your neighbor! I’m sick of United States. Good luck buddy enjoy
  20. Because when you like something you like a lot of it.
  21. Boy Sex Ed sure has changed since I had it in the 70s.
  22. What’s happening in Portland should be enough for any rational, civilized person to make up their mind.
  23. @Klingsor - just fun speculation here but remember the S&P hit an all time high back in March too, just before the big COVID collapse. Some conspiracy theorists believe that market movers manipulate stocks higher a short time before a big drop. They make money on the way up, they make money on the way down by holding short positions.
  24. @Klingsor - The move higher is being driven by technology stocks like “service now” that have nothing to do with economic growth but rather increasing efficiencies and cutting costs. With interest rates so low there’s no place else for investors to put their money. The stock market is a discounting mechanism. Investors are looking six months down the road past our current troubles to a time of certainty and stability. ”You can’t fight the FED”. The federal reserve is expanding its balance sheet and buying assets at an unprecedented rate. The
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