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  1. Very few things in life do what they are intended to do. I have both seen and gotten support here. The Coronavirus thread has been active - that’s not SPS. But you are right most topics get little to no traffic. So it’s up to you big guy. If you wanna put the kibosh on it I would just request a ‘heads up’ so I could connect w a couple of people via email or whatever.
  2. @Klingsor you observations are on point. Regarding social connections what I found is that if you’re single guy it can be challenging to be excepted and welcomed among successful people. Believe it or not at one time I was pretty good at schmoozing. But what I found is that it could only take me so far because single guys over age 30-35 are just not welcomed into any sort of inner circle. You could be on the periphery and it can still be somewhat helpful but you won’t reap the full benefit. You won’t be the first choice for the best opportunities.
  3. @peter touch your finger to the little heart ❤️
  4. @Shrimp Fried Life I hear you. I am in a similar situation although I am not as depressed about it as you I don’t think. I talk a little bit on the phone to three different friends and one coworker. I hardly see anyone at all.
  5. Telehealth therapist: how often do you exercise? Me: three times. Telehealth therapist: three times what? A day? A week? A month? Me (getting defensive): Ma’am I’ve answered your question.
  6. In the disgusting and dangerous city that I live much too close to police broke up massive parties over the weekend hundreds of people at various a Air BnB spots. No one wearing masks, young people partying. So the problems are everywhere. I don’t see any way out of this thing in the near term anyway.
  7. Hope everyone finds a solution that works for them. Life is too short.
  8. @Helpless_loner on-line relationships are notoriously erratic. Hope you are doing better.
  9. What I wanna know is how did Nixon make a phone call to the moon in 1972 and I can hardly get service in my kitchen!
  10. @Klingsor agree. I take comfort in that where she is at is overall pretty decent in terms of the culture & behavior. My State has announced we are taking a step or two back in the direction of shutdown. Stores are going to begin strictly enforcing the no mask thing. Imagine making $9-11 an hour and having to confront some of these lunatics who don’t want to cooperate???
  11. That’s great article @LaLa. The Atlantic does some good reporting.
  12. Yes me too. “Shops” I luv it that’s so British 🙂.
  13. IMO wearing a mask 😷 around others who are not is more dangerous than not wearing one at all. My State’s health department has repeatedly put out a statement “my mask protects you, your mask protects me” explaining that if I were to cough or sneeze at you my mask would limit the transmission medium, reducing your risk. If you are not wearing one and sneeze or cough on me it will stay on my mask increasing my chance of infection.
  14. Here is what I would write: Dear Admissions Department, First let me say what an honor it is to correspond with you. All of my scholastic life has been in preparation for this moment and now that it is here I find myself filled with both awe and gratitude. Should you allow me to cross the threshold and walk the hallowed halls of what I consider to be the finest institution of higher learning in all of this great land my pride will be will evident to all, I promise you that! Warmest regards, Dima
  15. @Klingsor God bless you my friend. I am rooting for you 1000%. I hope you hit the lotto and party like a Greek shipping tycoon. If you make a decent buck at a corporation you have a target 🎯 on your back. Plus you could be outsourced/insourced at any moment. I see it everyday where I work and friends tell me same. A truly high income professional or in a government union is the only place to find security.
  16. @Klingsor does this mean you are not taking the job that would require relocating? I regret going to college the way I did it, going directly from HS. I was ignorant of the world. I actually agree that college is worthless. Here’s why: any of the subjects that pay can be learned on-line for a fraction of the cost. The rest are valued just higher than a warm bucket of spit. It doesn’t matter. This country is going to hell.
  17. What are your autism symptoms like @Dima? Do you have sensitivities to light, sound, textures, and other stimulus? Do you have difficulty wIth social interaction? Full disclosure I don’t have autism. I do have anxiety and some depression. I work in behavioral health, albeit in a non-clinical capacity, so I see treatment cases for autism patients, ABA etc.
  18. Thanks @LaLa. I know there will still be ups and downs but this was a notable shift. A change of perspective.
  19. Actually purchased Bud Light Orange 🍊 yesterday. What a disaster. It tastes like a rotten, sour orange. Going to have to buy something different today, Woke up feeling very very down. Was beating myself up for not doing this and not doing that and I got to a point where I said “FUCK IT”. I am no longer going to worry about what I do or don’t do. Seriously. I do what I do and that’s it. It was a mini-revelation. It just freed me up to live my life. You just got to accept that you are who you are and your life is your life and that’s all there is to it and the weight will come off your shoulders. I felt so energized I went out & mowed the lawn. So I ended up doing something positive after all.
  20. @Dima - people comply w the mask 😷 law in Turkey, correct? I get the impression they don’t fool around over there.
  21. The mask totally sucks in summer but I still wear it. I was carrying a 30 pack of beer across a parking lot wearing that thing and didn’t think I was gonna make it! 🤣
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