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Found 17 results

  1. Hello All, I don't think that this has been done before, in a single thread, but I thought that I would start a place for us to share our size (if you are willing). This is a way to see that we all have imperfections as well as to "come out" about what we truly causes our pains. It's not a place to shame or hurt each other (no matter how large or small) but it's a place to record, in a single thread, our dimensions. Hopefully everyone will get something out of this but my goals are: to recognize that I'm not alone in having a small penis to gain a better understanding of whether we are a majority of small guys or whether we are a majority of guys who are not necessarily small but just unhappy with our size to liberate myself by "putting it out there". No longer keeping my secret but instead sharing it openly Here's mine. Share yours if you would like. Bone Pressed Stretched Length (measured when flaccid) = 7.39cm (2.91in) - This is how most of the studies by doctors or scientists measure. Bone Pressed Erect Length = 8.62cm (3.39in) - Supposedly the accessible penis when penetrating. I guess what it's supposed to "feel' like to a partner. Non-Bone Pressed Erect Length (what my size looks like) = 6.57cm (2.59in) Bone Pressed Flaccid Length = 3.13cm(1.23in) Non-Bone Pressed Flaccid Length (what my size looks like)= 1.34cm (0.53in) Flaccid Girth (mid-shaft measurement) = 6.97cm (2.74in) Erect Girth (mid-shaft measurement) = 9.54cm (3.75in)
  2. I was discussing this in a different thread and decided to start a thread of its own. There is a wide variety of people on this forum who have a wide definition of SPS. I'm curious what others think defines SPS vs. Just having a small penis vs. Just having an average size penis but wanting to be larger. My personal opinion is that you can have a small penis or an average penis and want to be larger without having SPS. I also believe SPS is that "next level" where you obsess over your size, where you are socially impacted due to your feelings over your size, or where you are unable to live a "normal" life due to your feelings over your size. SPS drives mental struggles and limits you. BDD (which SPS is a form of) is defined as a preoccupation with one or more imagined defects in ones appearance. I somewhat disagree with this definition because my defect isn't imagined so, by definition, that means I don't have SPS. I'm curious what others think about this topic.
  3. I very seldom remember my dreams and, even when I do, I typically don't remember all of the details. I also don't seem to dream much but I do go through phases where I will have dreams that seem to last the entire night. Last night, I dreamt about my small penis. It was not anything erotic and I definitely don't remember the full dream but the part that I do remember was me being in a locker room with other guys and complaining to them about the fact that I bought the wrong size underwear "pouch" and that they were too big for me (for those of you that are female or just don't know, most underwear do not have a pouch size associated with them). It wasn't shaming towards my size, no one else was making fun of me, and my comments were simply "matter of fact". I can vividly remember seeing myself "out of body experience style" and seeing nothing but a flat front underwear with a small amount of loose cloth (not even as much as a regular pair of men's underwear but more between panties and underwear in design). Even with this "micro pouch" style underwear I did not fill them up or even come close and it was very noticeable. When I woke up I have to say that I felt mixed emotions between intrigue regarding the dream and being upset with my physical shortcomings. I've thought about this all day and replayed the dream many times to try and determine if there was more to it that I might remember but unfortunately this seems to be my full recall. I was just curious if anyone else has "small penis" dreams and, if so, what are they about? Do they bother you? Is it a regular occurrence? Do you think they mean anything at all?
  4. Things have been a little slow on here lately so I thought that I would post another poll. One of my recent posts was related to the motivation for another person to be on this site. I sometimes question what brought people here (SPS of course but what was driving you individually). hopefully the Q&A's are self explanatory.
  5. After being on this forum for a while I realize that many of us have a tendency to "punish" ourselves on a regular basis, in one form or another, for either being small or feeling that we are small. I wonder why we do this? As an example, I regularly catch myself comparing my cock size to others in locker rooms, on the internet, and on television just to reinforce the fact that I am tiny. While I may not physically measure myself all of the time with a ruler (although I do measure much more than any one person should), I am constantly comparing the size of my dick with other objects just to "prove" how small I really am. Any time that I am naked and even sometimes when I am not, I catch myself looking at my limp or erect dick in the mirror or I use my hand to feel how small I am just to reassure me that I really am small. Just today, I was looking for something in my house that compared with my erect penis size and I found that the cap on a bottle of Nasacort was the closest everyday object that I could find that compared to the size of my erect penis (and it is very close in both non-bone pressed length and girth). Why would I go through the effort to do this? It just came out of nowhere that I wanted to "create" or find an object that compared with me. Why do I constantly feel the need to punish myself and "prove" that I am not a real man? Why do I have this urge to constantly prove to myself how small I really am? After all, I know I have a small dick. This was established many years ago and it is a known fact. it is not an opinion or a misconception, it is very true and I know it. Why, psychologically, do I want to continue to "prove" that I am small? You would think that I would want to prove the opposite or at least prove that I am somewhere in the average but this isn't the case for me. I don't enjoy being small and I'm also not really into SPH or anything sexxually related to wanting to be small. It's an obsessive mindset that I have related to my small penis size and while I am not OCD in any other aspect of life I feel that I am very obsessive as it relates to my penis size. I would love to have an intellectual discussion related to why this is the case. What is the end game for me? What am I trying to prove? Am I a masochist at heart and just love the repeated humiliation? I personally don't think of myself as a masochist but what other explanation would exist? I typically consider my mental state to be extremely stable. I have never really suffered from any other psychological issues but this one has me stumped.
  6. Hello everybody, I'm new to this site, so please don't be so harsh if I did something that is out of rules, and also sorry for my English, it is not my native language. I'm a 19 years (virgin) boy, who has a very small penis which means around 4-4.3 inches when erected. I'm also obese (5'9 feet and 222 lbs), I'm just mentioning it because some said if I'll lose weight my penis will be bigger (under that I'm not meaning, it'll actually start growing, but more will be seen after the fat pad went away, which is not that big anyways and not so soft so I do not know.). Actually, when I'm in "doggie style" and having fun with my "artifical vagina" its 4.7 inches. When I grab my penis and push it back until (almost) the bone its 5.9-6 inches, but as I heard its a fake size because it is impossible to put it that deep into a girl since it is not even possible to reduce the fat pad down the bones. I also have a strange fetish which might be funny for you (I do not know how is it called in English, but its about tying something around my balls that will make it go lower, I hope you understand what I mean....) so when I do it and of course it makes my skin stretch or I do not know my penis is actually bigger like around 5.1 inches... That might be my real size if I'd lose weight? Or is it just another fake size that does not even matter? Also my other question would be men who has the same (hilarious) size: Have you ever had a sex with a girl that did not laugh at your tiny penis? Or do you even have a family? Because soon I'll want to have a family since I won't be able to live alone... To go home to an empty house that I can't even call a home.... I think I'll commit suicide if I'll be rejected that much .. I'll most certainly give it up .. Anyways, another question, which is for women: Would you live your life with a man who has this tiny penis I have ? And please tell the truth I'm not here for lies, I know what I know, but I must know other people's opinion too. Also if someone here, who has the same sizes and have a family please contact me in PM, I'd like to have a chat with him in the near future...
  7. where to start.... im now 25 years of age and from newcastle from an early age i knew that i wasnt the size of the other lads, obvious reasons i noticed this the older i got. fast forward to my teenage years which was when i the mental attitude of my size really started to kick in, that teemed with the use of drugs made me very paranoid. the memories i have are that of complete darkness and not being in a good plcae atall, to date ive tried to block this whole period from my teenage years out my life just so i can move on but turley it hasnt worked. i can remember being very paranoid to the point i would get 2 socks, one stuffed in the other and tuck it in my pants with the waist keeping it in place. kind of funny cos im pretty sure it made me look way over sized with a very odd shapped penis if anyone was to have a good stare at it. this was taking place from what i remember to be 16 years of age all the way to 18 or 19 maybe even longer, at around 16 i decided id rather just work and earn money so i went into being a chef. work was good and bad so many unconfortable social situations was brought to me by working and making friends. somany sexual situatuions i just didnt feel confortable in so in the end my developed defence.... which was to push people away from me ive tried my best to stay the same nice person i always was but now as a 25 year old man im at the point where i dont even feel like i can work, i never see my friends and have lost touch with them apart from on facebook. im even living with my mother. i really feel like i have a disability which isnt classed as a disibiltiy. im unable to push people away anymore i feel like i have no motivation atall to do anything or even go out. ive never even had a relationship and i yearn it so much!! i still know i have that good loving person inside me masked by this grumpy man who pushes people out his life, gave up his career and had friends. i dont know what to do atall. in my mind all i hear is whats the point??? why get a job or even do anything. it wont lead anywhere apart from you ending up on your own and when my family dies i have nobody, not even kids to look after me. my size last time i measured was 6 inches, i know people on here will have smaller or biger, but seriously to me it might aswell be 1 inch cos i feel usueless with it. over the years as much advice as people have given me to fix my life not knowing the actual reason ive always shrugged it off....... so im here with people who have the same experinces hoping sombody can help me yours sincerly martyn
  8. Some random thoughts as I am browsing articles on penis size anxiety issues: A Dr. Dombeck on Mental Health Net describing men with small penis syndrome writes: “Most of the men who have written us have supplied their penis measurements (it is a habit of such men to do so).” I can almost detect a roll of the eyes…I agree that our obsession with measuring is rather sad and pathetic, but when you are on the small end there is a valid reason for it. Your need to see if you are “normal”, or “average” is a burning need. It helps me greatly to read testimonials of 3.5 inch guys having great sex with their partners. If a measurement is not included, the testimonial has little meaning for us small guys, as lots of 7 inch guys seem to think they are small as well. When I see posts from guys with 5 inches (I am 4 inches) mentioning depression and thoughts of suicide, I am hoping they can hear me talk of how awesome my sex life is with my wife and realize that they just need to hang in there and keep searching to find a loving accepting mate as I did. When measuring really sucks: when you are reading a study meant to give you hope and instead you find this: Came across this in an article in Bustle meant to reassure about penis size based on the new study published in British Journal of Urology International. “The same study also found that small penises, which would be a penis that falls under 2.8 inches flaccid or 4.7 inches erect, are actually not that common. Yes, they exist, but it’s not like the chances of coming across them frequently should be a concern. In other words, dudes, your penis is probably just fine, at least in the size category.” That soul crushing moment when you are reassured that yes, you exist, but fortunately the chances of someone getting stuck with someone as small as you are very slim.
  9. Hello Everyone. I'm glad to find this group and I look forward to discussing these personal issues with others who understand. I've known for a long time that I have been very small and I've dealt with it by not being nude in public places where this could be known (gyms, locker rooms, etc...). I've learned to adapt and deal with it but it does limit me.
  10. My wife left me because of my small penis. She had never confirmed it, but the signs were obvious and she had remarried and is now with a man who is very well endowed. This had damaged my self esteem, my personal image, my personality - i've become dull and negative, and had damaged my nervous system - i now live between panic attacks. I want to find a way to not care about it, just dismiss the fact that i am rejected by the opposite gender, that my kids have a stepfather who they live with, because i was physically not enough. I thought of committing suicide. I came very close to it, i think, and that is when my attacks started happening - i felt that i did not want to die but also had to do something about my situation and the only thing that i could do was to kill myself (i am not promoting that). (i had a noose tied up and was going to hang myself in a sitting position. i stayed home that day, to work from home, knowing that i am staying to try and go through with it. i lack imagination - i don't know why i stayed home for that because this could have been done anywhere. that morning i kept debating with myself whether there is another way, another action that i could take ... that was all i could come up with. eventually i noticed that my heart was going extremely fast, that i was unable to move my arms because they were numb and ... i blacked out for a second ... like everything just goes blank and black, you loose control over all muscles, i started falling, i shook myself out of it, jumped, ran outside, it happened again - another blank, fell on my knees, came back to it, i though it was a heart attack ... neighbors called an ambulance. this was on April 04. i still have these attacks once in a while) So ... i am still unable to pry off the "i have a small penis" tiara of my head I want to find a way to not hate and want my ex wife back (a very confusing emotion). I want to be able to accept the rejection, and find a way to be happy or indifferent. I also don't want to be rejected by the opposite gender and what i want is to genuinely believe women if they were to accept me ... i am sort of loosing my mind over this because i am deeply convinced that all women will discriminate against me and humiliate me and also think that somehow i should keep trying to move on and try being in a relationship, which i don't know whether i deserve, if my hypothetical partner would be giving up pleasure ... it is very confusing - i feel entitled and selfish ... and what i want to feel is "what a great day has this day been. look how much i've done and achieved", even if i am alone for the rest of my life. How do i get there? Thanks
  11. Hello everyone, Hello everyone, I’m new here. I’m here because of anxiety issues stemming from being bullied in school because of my small penis size (4.25”). When anxious, such as in the showers, my penis in its flaccid state retracts to about an inch, presenting itself as a micro-penis. The humiliation was unbearable. So I avoid situations where I have to undress and be seen by others, and so haven’t been to the doctor’s for a physical for years. The humiliating feeling I get when I pull down my pants is something I chose to avoid, but I am now over 50 so time to get my butt in there…. The last time I went in for a physical, I got so nervous waiting to be examined that when my heart-rate and blood pressure were taken, they were off the charts and it created a big embarrassing scene. I have trust issues with male doctors and males in general as it was the guys in the locker room and their merciless taunts that caused me to feel this way. My so -called friends were the cruelest. It’s hard to summon up the courage to ask a girl out when everyone in the school knows how small you are (gossip like that covers the entire school in a day). I summoned up the courage to ask my doctor if I was normal during a physical once in high school, and he just said yes. I thought I detected a smirk on his face. It doesn’t seem as if some doctors know about or know how to deal with this issue of penis size anxiety. Anyway, it helps just visiting this site, and this is the first time I have openly discussed this with anyone ever, and it feels like a great weight off. Thanks for listening.
  12. Alright so I have a 4.3 inches penis. I just turned 17 and now I know that my chances of growing are gone. When I was 16 I was told that I was going to grow, but I haven't. That's not my point though. I have this amazing gf, but I'm to scared to have sex. I haven't even told her about my size problem. That's what I'm scared of mostly. I just can't tell her I get to embarrassed. I have no clue how she'd react. I really love her. It makes me really sad to be honest. I hate my size. I really hate it. I feel cheated in life. I don't feel like a man yet. I pray I'd grow, but that hope is lost. It doesn't help that I have no true talents. I'm honestly not much. I just work hard and I tell her so many things. I give her a million reasons why I love her every night. Yet I go to sleep crying. I feel so fucking pathetic. It's just unfair. For fuck sakes even 5inches is good enough...hell it's better then what I have now. My girth is 3.5 inches. I mean can she feel that? I just I'm sorry I'm just ranting, but I just need someone to give me hope. Tell me one damn good reason why it's okay. Or at least tell me I have a chance and why. Frankly I don't see any.. do you?
  13. Hello everyone. I have been reading this forum on and off for almost two years now, and I just want to say there is hope for all of us. Life is not about focussing on the negative, but trying to focus on the positive. We are all humans and we all have faults, so we have to think positively and remind ourselves about the good things in life. In the end, we have the freedom to choose the light or the dark, and the light leads the way while the dark will make us all lost. Shit happens, we are not all going to be perfect. With enough practice, our problems can be forgotten. Life is too short and soon we will be deceased, so pick your best version and live it! I hope my words have helped.
  14. Hello, how are you? I was a long time without posting anything good , I'm dating now but still having sex with more than one woman My girlfriend never said anything about my little Viking and I also never asked the only thing she ever said was about our sex, said it is great I am still researching the inventions of medicine about the situation , always hopeful forgiveness for bad english
  15. Hi there!I am 20 years old and my penis measures 5.5-5-9 inch in length and 4.3-4.5 inch in girth.I ve been depressed about my size for more than half an year.Also,I watch porn and seeing all those well-endowed guys makes me feel useless.Still,I don t believe that a women would feel my penis inside her because it s way too small.Any advice would be more than helpful.
  16. So I have no idea how I ended up on this the forum last night, maybe it was meant to be, but after reading some of the threads I decided to sign-up and share my thoughts. I should start off my saying that I am a 25 year old gay guy; therefore my POV will be skewed towards gay men, although I am sure that heterosexual men can find some relevancy. I am not sure how many gay men are on this section, but I am specifically talking to you. In the gay 'community' there are mainly three types of guys: Tops (those who penetrate during anal sex, give), Bottoms (those who are penetrated, receive), Versatile (those who like to give and receive). I happen to be a Bottom guy w/ very little Topping/Versatile desire. When I am having anal sexual desires, I mostly imagine the other man penetrating me. Okay, that was the background, now back to this topic: Although, I am 98% bottom, I would NEVER reject a guy for his penis size! I don't care if you are 1", 3", 5", 7", 9", it doesn't matter. If I go out with an individual and I like the guy, I will work with anything. If someone is "unable", for lack of a better word, to Top me, then that's okay since this is only one aspect of our sexual life. I am not going to be unhappy if a single aspect of our sexual life is a little different than the 'norm'. Even at 1" you can have sex with any man you want. Sex is not only about penetration - in both straight and gay relationships. If you go out with a man, you like him, he likes you, there is no shame in telling him of your smaller than average penis if this is going to make you more comfortable. I think many of your are obsessed with the porn-filled world. Men and woman are sexual, but they aren't out there, in the real world, looking for the biggest penis that they can find. If my 'soulmate' was destined to have a 3" penis then so be it, I will love all three inches of him. I know the gay 'community' comes off as very judgmental. We mostly are. You know why? For the same reason that everyone judges us, it's a defense mechanism. In the end, many would not reject you for your penis size. Those that do reject you don't matter, move on, it's life. Additionally, some might say that I am an exception and not the rule. This may be so, but think about it we are out there! Wouldn't it be worth it to go out there, take a chance, and maybe get rejected a few times (as we all have been for other physical characteristics: too thin, too tall, too fat, too short. It's the name of the game, we all get rejected) in order to find a guy who is more than willing to love you for YOU! Maybe you feel like very few guys will 'like' you, always remember you only need one man at a time to date/have sex with/partner with - ONLY ONE. I noticed that the gay men that post here are mostly virgins or have very little experience. I get it, you have a syndrome. But I think it's time for you guys to put yourself out there! There is nothing wrong with your small penis! I have been through my own struggles in life, we all have, but it's time for you guys to start using your peckers - no matter their size! I feel similarly for straight guys. I have so many girl friends who have told me that they find it hard to get orgasms through penetration, so their partners must do other things (foreplay, fingering, etc) to stimulate them. Any one of you is capable of all that. If you search, you will find someone. It may be a little harder for you guys, but life isn't easy, even for the guy with the 9 incher. I will be checking back on this thread to answer any questions or respond to comments made. I don't know if this is appropriate, but if anyone wants to e-mail privately do so at <email removed>. I hope that my post will help some of you take one step forward. Best of luck!
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