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Found 15 results

  1. Hi this is my first time writing here and I think I need some help. I have written a long one. This is almost for the first time I m mentioning everything at once. Thank you I want to talk about my small dick. I m really affected by it ever since I realised I had a small dick. About me, I m 20 year old and I have a penis of about 4 inches erect and flaccid just looks really embarrassing. I think its about all the sexual problems I have along with my small dick. When I was in 5th grade, I was molested by a guy in his late 20s. He forced himself on me and started making out and he didn’t let go off my hand. I remember it very clearly. I ran and puked it out. I didn’t know who to tell this too. So I kept it as a secret. When I got in 7th grade, my uncle had started living in my house, we later started sharing a room together. I was a fat kid back then, he used to sleep next to me and would press my chest and pull them and rub his hands. He would also spank me whenever he would feel like and hold me from behind. I always felt uncomfortable but never understood what it was. I started pushing him back and once even told my dad about it, he just laughed it off. In later years, I would fight him if we touch me. I also never masturbated properly. Since I was a kid I would hump on the bed, I still do. I feel really filthy about it but I m sort of addicted of it and cannot stop doing it like that. I m trying to stop it right now in my life. Back to school. When I was still in school all was fine and I wasn’t worried about my dick cause I would always feel it would grow more. But during my 10th grade I realised I had a small penis and from there my series of lying and low self esteem begin. My first girlfriend was the first one to see my dick. Other than her nobody else had ever seen it. (Ofc except family) I was still hoping my dick would grow. She didn’t understand how small my dick was because she had no idea about sizes and we also didn’t indulge in sex, so size was not a question. We broke up soon. Later I found out about Omegle the website where people masturbate or chat on video online. I started seeing man, boys with really big dicks. I didn’t stand a chance against them. So I started acting as a girl online. I would press my chest together to make it seem like a boobs. And I would show strangers my ass and would act like a submissive bottom. I had no idea about what I was doing. I didn’t completely liked it but it felt like atleast I could satisfy someone. I felt like I would never be able to go out with a girl with a dick so small. So I thought I would go out with men and offer to be their bottom because my dick cannot satisfy anyone ! So when I was 17, I started using grindr. I started talking to a lot of men who would say filthy things about me and humiliate me and I would enjoy and would want more of that chat but when it came to taking action I was really scared. So I would just delete the app whenever someone would tell me to come to their place. Until one day, I finally decided to go. He was in his 40s and I don’t remember what he looked like. At first when we started I couldn’t handle it and started crying and bleeding. Then I was almost done and about to go home when we put me on the bed and started thrusting his dick again. I didn’t want to disappoint him so I just screamed and asked him not to stop till he came and after he did, I was broken, I didn’t have in me to stand straight. I hated it. It sucked. But only that felt like the right thing. All my friends had girlfriend and had sex life. I didn’t have any so I started lying about it. I would make relatable comments that would make me feel included. I also made up a girlfriend and pretended that she cheated on me or some other reasons to other people. That lie still haunts me. People still think she was my girlfriend. I started just being a very private person after I turned 18 and would just lie about things to pretend to be normal. I met a girl when I was around that age. She later became my girlfriend. I was really scared of showing her my penis but when I did she was really nice about it. She didn’t once make me feel like anything were wrong with me. I felt really comfortable in my skin for the first time in life. Last year December we broke up and things haven’t been same. I was really jealous that once she will have sex with other guys she would hate me. Make fun of me. And the first time she had sex with someone all I was thinking about is how little she must have felt when she was with me. How she could have done way better than me. After the break up I downloaded grindr again and went out with a guy. Later, I went to an orgy where I took meth and ghb and 2 dudes fucked me. I really don’t think I m sexually attracted to men. Everytime, even when I was 17 and saw the men for first time, I was a little high. I just wanted to feel used and validated by somebody. I knew their validation wouldn’t mean anything sober and I wouldn’t be able to take it sober. So I had to be a little numb. I have a fear I cannot satisfy anyone and that makes me do all of this. After the orgy, I was really really high. I couldn’t feel much although it hurt a lot, I was just numb. Yesterday night, I went out with a guy again. I was again high on drugs and ended up tripping on his bed. At some point I was really drugged and he was just trying to insert his dick in me and it felt very off. I couldn’t believe all of my life choices ended up to this. I really wish I had a bigger dick and these problems wouldn’t exist. I have more to share but this feels good for now. I read many peoples post in here, thank you for helping with some motivation.
  2. Continuing from earlier post. I find myself lie very often about things that don't require much saying. I often do it when I find myself in situations where I cannot tell people about my problems, insecurity and majorly sps. Today I went out with a girl and found myself lieing to hide out my sexual problems and made up scenarios in which I was the alpha in the story lol. I want to know, especially from senior members. Have you confronted about sps with someone in your intial meet ? Does anyone find/found themselves in situation like I describe earlier ? I don' t think its a major issue honestly. I know lying is something that can be worked upon but I only find it tough because I hate feeling small. Thank you, would love to hear some opinion on this
  3. Hello All, I don't think that this has been done before, in a single thread, but I thought that I would start a place for us to share our size (if you are willing). This is a way to see that we all have imperfections as well as to "come out" about what we truly causes our pains. It's not a place to shame or hurt each other (no matter how large or small) but it's a place to record, in a single thread, our dimensions. Hopefully everyone will get something out of this but my goals are: to recognize that I'm not alone in having a small penis to gain a better understanding of whether we are a majority of small guys or whether we are a majority of guys who are not necessarily small but just unhappy with our size to liberate myself by "putting it out there". No longer keeping my secret but instead sharing it openly Here's mine. Share yours if you would like. Bone Pressed Stretched Length (measured when flaccid) = 7.39cm (2.91in) - This is how most of the studies by doctors or scientists measure. Bone Pressed Erect Length = 8.62cm (3.39in) - Supposedly the accessible penis when penetrating. I guess what it's supposed to "feel' like to a partner. Non-Bone Pressed Erect Length (what my size looks like) = 6.57cm (2.59in) Bone Pressed Flaccid Length = 3.13cm(1.23in) Non-Bone Pressed Flaccid Length (what my size looks like)= 1.34cm (0.53in) Flaccid Girth (mid-shaft measurement) = 6.97cm (2.74in) Erect Girth (mid-shaft measurement) = 9.54cm (3.75in)
  4. It seems like there have been a few polls out lately and, due to the slowing of activity on the forum due to the holidays, I thought that I would add one to keep things interesting.
  5. I was discussing this in a different thread and decided to start a thread of its own. There is a wide variety of people on this forum who have a wide definition of SPS. I'm curious what others think defines SPS vs. Just having a small penis vs. Just having an average size penis but wanting to be larger. My personal opinion is that you can have a small penis or an average penis and want to be larger without having SPS. I also believe SPS is that "next level" where you obsess over your size, where you are socially impacted due to your feelings over your size, or where you are unable to live a "normal" life due to your feelings over your size. SPS drives mental struggles and limits you. BDD (which SPS is a form of) is defined as a preoccupation with one or more imagined defects in ones appearance. I somewhat disagree with this definition because my defect isn't imagined so, by definition, that means I don't have SPS. I'm curious what others think about this topic.
  6. Things have been a little slow on here lately so I thought that I would post another poll. One of my recent posts was related to the motivation for another person to be on this site. I sometimes question what brought people here (SPS of course but what was driving you individually). hopefully the Q&A's are self explanatory.
  7. Was average and had SPS, but now smaller after a peyronies injury. Oh, the irony. Hello everyone, I found this forum a couple of weeks ago and read a bit then. I'm active on Reddit and read r/smalldickproblems, but I don't post there much at all due to not being under 4.5" in length. I've had small penis syndrome since the age of 16. Before that, I only felt that my balls were kinda small from seeing my a couple of neighbors naked. At 16 though, I was in a sexual relationship for the first time. She was my first love. She had a large vulva and very elastic vagina. I wished that my average penis were bigger to fill her up more. It bothered me a lot. I hadn't seen much porn by then. Probably just 1 video, but I read a lot of penthouse letters. I LOVED reading about penetration. I was absolutely fascinated with it. I began to really like it when a woman was challenged a bit by the cock or toy penetrating her, and she had to stretch. While dating my first love I started to explore penetrating my rear. I wished that I had a vagina of my own, and I wished that I had my girlfriend with me to explore much more often. So, I kept doing insertions on myself. Now, I'm saying all this to explain how my sexuality formed (not to troll ! ) . I became drawn to large penetrations and also began to hate my penis size. At 17 I finally began to get on the internet. I soon found info about extenders, pumps, and a book on penis enlargement by a guy named Gary Griffin ( I think). Penis Enlargement Facts and Phallacies. I became obsessed with enlargement. I couldn't stick to a routine longer than 2 months. I thought that I was starting to see results, but I question that now. I definitely did get harder erections with a modest pump/jelq routine, but that's about it. I couldn't stick to it for months on end. It took so much time. I tried enlargement routines on and off through my 20's, then less so in my 30's. I had one longterm relationship at the age of 23 for a year, then couldn't get into one until I was 29. Then from 29 till my mid 30's I was in an LTR. My penis all this time was 6.75" bone pressed length x 5.25" midshaft girth. I was definitely not satisfied, but I knew that I was probably at the 60th percentile on size, statistically. My non bone-pressed was 6 to 6.2" on a good day when I was lean. Yes, I say was. At 34 I got a peyronies injury by dry humping. She had always turned me on so much. We didn't have condoms on hand, so I kept my pants on. I regret it so much. I lost about a half inch in each measurement. My length and foreshaft, especially. I now measure about 6.2" bone pressed, but just under 5" non bone-pressed. I gained a little bit of body fat (not a lot, really) and combined with the peyronies my penis is now an inch shorter. It seems even more at times because at 80 to 90% erect my penis is much smaller than it used to be with that same level of erection. It takes a very full on erection to get past 4.5", it seems. My foreshaft girth is now 4.5". Sex feels different to me too now. It has been so difficult to handle this mentally. I've been to counselling, but it was more for overall relationship stuff. The councilor hasn't asked much about it. He's a guy. My longterm relationship ended a year and a half later. The peyronies didn't cause it, but it definitely didn't help. I didn't want to have sex as often. It weighed heavy on me. Last year I had a couple of dates and 3 sex partners, this is since that longterm relationship ended. Nothing stuck. They were weekend romps. Then, just 2 weeks ago one of them contacted me. She was newly single and wanted a date. We had a date Friday the 9th, then again last night. Both nights I had trouble maintaining an erection. It was quite hard before I went down on her, but after I went down it was just a half erection. The first Friday night I was able to get it hard after penetrating her, but then I came in 5 to 8 mins. She seemed barely disappointed. I went down on her to get her off. We went to sleep. We had better sex that following morning. It wasn't easy to get fully hard, but I got it done. This weekend was a repeat, but worse. I couldn't get more than 80% hard last night. My cock fell out of her a lot, including when she was getting close to orgasm with her vibe on her clit. She said she wanted to quit, that she was cramping and maybe starting her period. We went to sleep. This morning she realized that she was not starting her period, so we started again. I got mostly hard, then went down on her. I lost the erection, but worse..... after she nearly reached orgasm, she stopped me. She said that she was "too much in her head". That was probably true. She didn't want to continue sex after that. I asked if it was thoughts about her breakup. She said, "yes, and other things". She then started saying that we needed to get up and out of bed. I made us breakfast. It was very difficult to keep my composure. At the end of breakfast I asked if she thought we'd be intimate again in the future. She said that she wasn't sure. Then paused, and went on to say, "I'm sorry I lead you on". We had a few nights of heavy caressing and major arousal without sex before these last two weekends. She was really digging me before being more sexual with me. I feel like she was disappointed in my size and hardness. Basically some combination of the two. She is very sexually liberated and mostly dates women. Her last breakup was with a guy though. I was expecting that she'd be very up for playing with my toys or being very satisfied by finishing with oral, but no..... now I think she expects more from a guy when she is having sex with a guy. She uses toys with women, so maybe she just wants flesh and blood penis with a guy......and damn sure wants a hard one. Well, I'm struggling. I'm 38 and never married. I don't want kids, but I would love to share a home with a woman. This woman that quit me in the middle of sex had a lot of common interest with me. We were unusually well matched with our eccentric interests and friends group, to boot. I'm really hurting emotionally about my penis now even more so than I was for the last 2 years. I have even wondered what it would be like to cut it off. My last longterm partner now lives with a trans male that uses a strapon on her. If I didn't have a penis I could more easily wear a strapon...... is what runs through my mind. I think of the movie Hedwig and the Angry Inch that I've yet to see. It was recommended to me by my last GF. I'm really broken hearted about my penis. I needed to vent AND tell the story about how it all started. Thank you for reading all of this.
  8. After being on this forum for a while I realize that many of us have a tendency to "punish" ourselves on a regular basis, in one form or another, for either being small or feeling that we are small. I wonder why we do this? As an example, I regularly catch myself comparing my cock size to others in locker rooms, on the internet, and on television just to reinforce the fact that I am tiny. While I may not physically measure myself all of the time with a ruler (although I do measure much more than any one person should), I am constantly comparing the size of my dick with other objects just to "prove" how small I really am. Any time that I am naked and even sometimes when I am not, I catch myself looking at my limp or erect dick in the mirror or I use my hand to feel how small I am just to reassure me that I really am small. Just today, I was looking for something in my house that compared with my erect penis size and I found that the cap on a bottle of Nasacort was the closest everyday object that I could find that compared to the size of my erect penis (and it is very close in both non-bone pressed length and girth). Why would I go through the effort to do this? It just came out of nowhere that I wanted to "create" or find an object that compared with me. Why do I constantly feel the need to punish myself and "prove" that I am not a real man? Why do I have this urge to constantly prove to myself how small I really am? After all, I know I have a small dick. This was established many years ago and it is a known fact. it is not an opinion or a misconception, it is very true and I know it. Why, psychologically, do I want to continue to "prove" that I am small? You would think that I would want to prove the opposite or at least prove that I am somewhere in the average but this isn't the case for me. I don't enjoy being small and I'm also not really into SPH or anything sexxually related to wanting to be small. It's an obsessive mindset that I have related to my small penis size and while I am not OCD in any other aspect of life I feel that I am very obsessive as it relates to my penis size. I would love to have an intellectual discussion related to why this is the case. What is the end game for me? What am I trying to prove? Am I a masochist at heart and just love the repeated humiliation? I personally don't think of myself as a masochist but what other explanation would exist? I typically consider my mental state to be extremely stable. I have never really suffered from any other psychological issues but this one has me stumped.
  9. Hello All, I month or two ago there was a journalist who was asking around on here requesting some input into a small penis syndrome article she was writing. I think several people on this site might have contributed and I just happened upon the article, today, so I thought I would share the link. It's aimed at trying to help those with SPS, especially younger people. https://tonic.vice.com/en_us/article/kz33mn/small-penis-dating
  10. I am a really small penis(ed) guy. I have been searching internet sites about small penises in dating/hook-up, CL, and other blogs. I am astounded and disgusted! Many men seem to get off on being humiliated and being used as a submissive due to their small (almost micro) penises. Is this really true? Is this any way to have a satisfying sex life? Does anybody know or practice this? I still strike-out nearly 100% of the time. At my age in my twenties am I destine for this? HELP!
  11. Hi everyone, I would like to talk with people who have SPS from France, Switzerland or Belgium (anyone who speaks French actually). I'm 24 years old and my life is being completely ruined by this issue. I won't spread myself on the subject right now but I really want to get in touch with people who speak the same language to talk about sexual issues, relationships with women, etc., related to SPS, on this forum, by email, by phone, we can even meet if we live in a close area. I posted this message because I think talking directly with people like me could really be helpful, I want to live my life fully and stop being obssessed with SPS. I would add that I'm really glad to have found this forum, it's the first time I am writing about something so personal on internet, so thank you in advance for your answers. (sorry for the bad English) I'm looking forward to hearing from you.
  12. Is this a life-long worry???? I think about this several times a day.reakin I even stopped looking at this site to free my mind. And then it hits me I bet most really small guys that are relatively young (me) ARE FUCKIN GONG TO WORRY ABOUT THIS FOR THE NEXT 50 YEARS ? A full half a century being worried My whole adult life,,,,
  13. Anecdotal Evidence of Our Adequacy I spend a lot of time reading on the internet, and I came across this discussion that was personally encouraging. They don't say how small these penises are, and we don't know for certain if this is anything other than 3-4 people personal experience and not a larger trend, but I find it encouraging to read a discussion of women talking about having successful sex with smaller penises. Obviously, this will only make you feel better about yourself if you let it, and there are plenty of things to be critical of, but I know it personally made me feel good about my prospects of making my partner orgasm. Bill Russel sums up my thoughts on the matter pretty succinctly: "What these youngbloods have to understand is that this game has always been, and will always be about [orgasms]". Now for the verbose thoughts. I know some other guys on this forum think differently for themselves, but I don't think my pride is all that important when it comes to the relationship between me and my future partner(s). The only thing that should matter is if they're getting orgasms/buckets from our intercourse sessions. That's all I should need to know, and I think I'd be content with that. Orgasm are great, they're what make you feel complete after sex and they're what you appreciate the next day. I don't care who else she has been with and how big they were, because she's with me now and not them. It used to really bother me that all of my partners' friends would know that I had a small penis, and I know trust is still an issue for me and others here, but eventually I realized that A.) this is inevitable and trying to prevent it will only make my insecurity have a greater impact on our relationship, and B.) if she also tells them at the same time how frequently and awesomely she orgasms from our love making, then I really shouldn't care because she's the only one I'm having sex with. If they don't like small penises, whatever, because she does and she enjoys our sex. And hey, maybe she only orgasms from fingering or oral or a vibrator, again, whatever, because it's really just about buckets, right? Less than half of women orgasm from PIV regardless of size. We'd still have PIV sex, and I'd still orgasm from that. I mean, it's really just about getting buckets for her too, right? She would get as much out of it as I would get out of orally giving her an orgasm. I have that conflict of pride that I think everyone here does as well, that I feel bad about my penis because there are numerous scientific studies and countless anecdotes and cultural influences that tell me I'm too small to please a woman. But shouldn't I also take pride in how happy my partner is sexually? I mean, guys are easy, if we came, we're happy, but if I can make a woman orgasm a lot as well, shouldn't that fill that void in my pride? That void is societal, if I'm getting buckets, what's the void really about then? Other than procreation, which I'm assuming I'm still good for, isn't that all our sex organs are about? If she came, and she doesn't want to break up with me and enjoys giving me orgasms too, isn't she happy? I know that the small penis meme is a source of humor for all of the insensitive people out there, but isn't it also kind of funny how weird/mystical the female orgasm is and how women fake it all the time with men of all sizes just so that we'll stop fucking them and how some women can't even get there at all while others can get there just by thinking really hard about it? That's batshit crazy weird, like 100x weirder than my penis being 33% smaller than the average penis. I don't really know where I'm going with this, but I just think that if orgasms are the main goal of sex, and women can get plenty of orgasms from small penises or no penises, why shouldn't I just get really good at dishing out orgasms and making my partner happy? From what I understand, universally for both sexes, the single most attractive thing about an individual is confidence. Obviously looks in totallity are more important, but compared to any one aspect ie. the face or your butt or your legs or whatever, being confident is what makes other's want to be with you the most. So if sex is the end goal of relationships, and the end goal of sex is orgasms, and I become confident in giving orgasms in all ways possible... Idk, I'm really just rambling, and I am far from a success story. Getting to a point of confidence in giving orgasms would require a lot of practice and an honest and communicative partner, so maybe I'm just blowing smoke. But I'd like to hear what you guys think about the discussion in the link and your thoughts on getting buckets.
  14. So I have no idea how I ended up on this the forum last night, maybe it was meant to be, but after reading some of the threads I decided to sign-up and share my thoughts. I should start off my saying that I am a 25 year old gay guy; therefore my POV will be skewed towards gay men, although I am sure that heterosexual men can find some relevancy. I am not sure how many gay men are on this section, but I am specifically talking to you. In the gay 'community' there are mainly three types of guys: Tops (those who penetrate during anal sex, give), Bottoms (those who are penetrated, receive), Versatile (those who like to give and receive). I happen to be a Bottom guy w/ very little Topping/Versatile desire. When I am having anal sexual desires, I mostly imagine the other man penetrating me. Okay, that was the background, now back to this topic: Although, I am 98% bottom, I would NEVER reject a guy for his penis size! I don't care if you are 1", 3", 5", 7", 9", it doesn't matter. If I go out with an individual and I like the guy, I will work with anything. If someone is "unable", for lack of a better word, to Top me, then that's okay since this is only one aspect of our sexual life. I am not going to be unhappy if a single aspect of our sexual life is a little different than the 'norm'. Even at 1" you can have sex with any man you want. Sex is not only about penetration - in both straight and gay relationships. If you go out with a man, you like him, he likes you, there is no shame in telling him of your smaller than average penis if this is going to make you more comfortable. I think many of your are obsessed with the porn-filled world. Men and woman are sexual, but they aren't out there, in the real world, looking for the biggest penis that they can find. If my 'soulmate' was destined to have a 3" penis then so be it, I will love all three inches of him. I know the gay 'community' comes off as very judgmental. We mostly are. You know why? For the same reason that everyone judges us, it's a defense mechanism. In the end, many would not reject you for your penis size. Those that do reject you don't matter, move on, it's life. Additionally, some might say that I am an exception and not the rule. This may be so, but think about it we are out there! Wouldn't it be worth it to go out there, take a chance, and maybe get rejected a few times (as we all have been for other physical characteristics: too thin, too tall, too fat, too short. It's the name of the game, we all get rejected) in order to find a guy who is more than willing to love you for YOU! Maybe you feel like very few guys will 'like' you, always remember you only need one man at a time to date/have sex with/partner with - ONLY ONE. I noticed that the gay men that post here are mostly virgins or have very little experience. I get it, you have a syndrome. But I think it's time for you guys to put yourself out there! There is nothing wrong with your small penis! I have been through my own struggles in life, we all have, but it's time for you guys to start using your peckers - no matter their size! I feel similarly for straight guys. I have so many girl friends who have told me that they find it hard to get orgasms through penetration, so their partners must do other things (foreplay, fingering, etc) to stimulate them. Any one of you is capable of all that. If you search, you will find someone. It may be a little harder for you guys, but life isn't easy, even for the guy with the 9 incher. I will be checking back on this thread to answer any questions or respond to comments made. I don't know if this is appropriate, but if anyone wants to e-mail privately do so at <email removed>. I hope that my post will help some of you take one step forward. Best of luck!
  15. JaiJai

    sex education

    if anyone should happen to read this thread, ive deleted much of what i had originally wrote. I apologize if it causes confusion. I regret much of what i wrote, and i deleted due to my embarrassment of my shameful behaviour. If it were possible to delete the thread, i would have done so.
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