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I also received the PM.🙄 I did flag as a spammer. I will see if there is more I can do. I'm sorry for the aggravation.

I love your avatar, Klingsor. 🙂 I love big birds, though I seem to have a fascination for hawks and eagles in particular. I like the idea of a nature theme. 

I agree, Vic. We will get through this. Wishing everyone good health and stay safe.

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You know I almost mentioned this on here when it happened, but I had a nightmare a couple weeks ago. I have these infrequent, occasional nightmares like only maybe once in a single year. They are memo

I have never been very handy (to say the least) so anytime I do anything I feel proud. I managed to insulate a drafty window.   Three years ago this window was so drafty that it caused a heating

It’s little joys like that I live for. Usually once a month I buy a large pizza on Friday night with breadsticks, salad full works and a dr. Pepper and then watch a movie. It’s a welcome indulgence 

Random notes.  I had some things planned today but said “fuck it it’s Easter” and just chilled out.  Other than laundry I don’t think I did anything constructive at all.  Took a nice 2 hour nap.  
One thing good about the quarantine is a bunch of local musicians got together and created a FB page where they play live nearly around the clock. One old hippie dude lost all his gigs and lives in a run down part of town so I sent him $20 on Venmo.  He’s an amazing singer and guitarist.  I sincerely believe in karma so I am cool w it. 
That’s really it. Sipping tea right now and taking it easy. Got a full week of work ahead of me and for that I am grateful 



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Why does a day off go so much quicker than a day at work lol?  
I took a vacation day today 4-17-20. Just needed a break. Got some food shopping done. Didn’t need a nap, slept in.  Got to one little accomplishment than I had been procrastinating for years. There was this ridiculous thing that someone else had taped up inside a window decades ago and it looked absolutely awful from the outside but I could not get to it. It was out of reach because so much stuff - furniture, cabinets, chairs, general junk was in front of it. Anyway I moved enough of it out of the way I able to reach the thing and rip it down off the window. And I threw a lot of shit out too.  It still ain’t pretty but it looks much better.  Geez.  

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Having a miserable day. Not sure why but just not happy. Very uptight. I woke up from a horrific nightmare last night and it took 1.5 hours to get back to sleep. Maybe that’s it.  

I did make it out to the produce stand for fruit and eggs.  That’s the only good thing.  Oh well maybe a short nap will help.  

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Hi @LaLa thanks.  Platitudes are ok w me.  I did get a short nap and then lunch and it helped a bit.  I took out the trash which included old junk I am glad to be rid of.  And as the evening slowly rolls in I am relaxing, looking forward to a cup of tea at sundown, a habit of mine.   

How are you doing?  

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You know I almost mentioned this on here when it happened, but I had a nightmare a couple weeks ago. I have these infrequent, occasional nightmares like only maybe once in a single year. They are memorable for their vividness and lack of connection to any identifiable trigger or anything happening in waking life. They always involve extremely gruesome, horrifying imagery that lingers in my mind for several days afterwards. It’s strange and upsetting and alien, I have no idea what causes them.

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Well it’s been three months since I posted here so I figured I’d come on and babble a little bit. 

I had a half decent Labor Day weekend. My one friend who goes out, my other friend is hard-core quarantining to an extreme I think, but anyway the friend that does go out we went and had beer and burgers on both Saturday and Sunday. Can’t remember the last time I was out two days in a row. At least it was kind of fun. I am totally sick of the whole Covid restriction stuff wondering what’s open and what’s not open what the rules are we doing it right etc. I mean I don’t get me wrong I understand why I’m just saying it gets old. So this weekend I’m gonna take a break and just chill out.

Other than that I’m just feeling kind of blah. Not bad but not good. Kind of sick of everything. Been in this house quarantining, working at home since March.  Part of me feels that if the whole world is going to hell then none of my efforts are really going to matter all that much. 

Feel like I need to get a plan, to figure something out, but I just don’t know what it is at the moment. I’ll keep working on it.

On a brighter note I’ve kept in touch remotely with two friends who live in Florida. It’s been fun texting back-and-forth sending little Memes and videos and jokes or whatever. Actually three friends although the third is pretty quiet but he is two years younger than me and still rides a motorcycle 🏍 does long trips. Good for him. He posts a little on FB and we connect there.  

I just need a change of pace. Sick of the same old routine. Need some new energies. Maybe the change of season will spark something.


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Well it’s the last day of summer, tomorrow the first day of autumn. Even though this summer was hot and kind of a pain in the ass I don’t like seeing it go because I know what awaits.
Already my sinuses start give me trouble and I had to take a Sudafed.

I slept well but I still feel tired. Such is life on Monday sometimes I suppose. At least it’s been nice and quiet here I’ll say that much. It can be relaxing at times if I allow myself. Talked with four different friends over the phone over the weekend so that was nice. Some form of human contact to an extent. When you talk to people you realize how much everybody is going through struggles. I sometimes have to remind myself that there are people in this world that would give anything to have my problems. People with serious medical or legal issues. One thing I have to do is find a way to enjoy life more because I think that’s why I lack motivation so much. A certain point your attitude becomes why bother? And that’s not good.

Hope everyone is doing reasonably well.

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