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What should I do? I feel like my life has no purpose anymore. My parents and friends ignore me, I barely ever see my family, and I normally am locked up in my room (I lock myself in) to skip school. I don't eat and am falling behind in studies. My best friend recently committed suicide and I just want to see her again, not in a picture. Help. I feel there is only one solution to my neverending grief, anxiety, and depression.

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Welcome to the community. I'm so sorry you are hurting this much. :( I'm sorry about your friend. :icon_cry: I lost a dear friend last spring. Grief can be very painful and confusing, but there may be lighter days ahead for you, even though it might be difficult to see that now. I found that I needed to talk and share my feelings a lot. What do you need right now, Sad? Can you listen to your needs and be with yourself through this?

Are your parents aware of your struggles and are they supportive? Can you go to then them now and ask for help? Is there a teacher or counselor at school who you could share with? It's okay to reach out and ask for help.

We're here to listen too, if it helps to share. I hope you feel better.

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