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will I ever get better?

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my housemate pointed out I've been using escapism instead of dealing with issues and I realised I don't actually have any way of dealing with my issues, when I feel sad I go out looking for cats and they make me feel better, but I havent solved anything.

Dose anyone one know how to deal with loss, or lonliness, or hopelessness or other symptoms of depression? I really need better ways to tackle this.

I don't know if I'll ever be able to get better, I can't face living in a world like that.

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Hi gobey. So sorry you're struggling. :( Animals can be a comfort and a support in some ways too, I think, to help us along the path. Maybe you can work on your difficulties and also enjoy time with your kitties?

I have always had great difficulty with loss. I would suggest confronting your pain and fears in this, as best as you can. Talk about your feelings as often as you need, continue to reach out, make new connections with others if you can, take up a new hobby perhaps, gently care for yourself, and take each moment as it comes. It will be deeply painful at times, true, but things can get better, even if you can't see that right now.

Please know that you aren't alone in your struggles. There are no simple or black and white fixes, I don't think. I think you took a first step here by reaching out. I hope you will continue to listen to your needs.

Care to you.

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