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A great life story, inspirational not only for people with Indigenous heritage:




For the majority of his life, Jesse Thistle lived the stereotype that so many people have of Indigenous men in Canada. He was born into a messed up family, with a history of abuse and addiction. He grew up with a chip on his shoulder, angry at the world. And he inevitably turned to drugs and alcohol himself when he was just a teen. It wasn't long before he became heavily addicted to crack cocaine.

Jesse was that guy you saw on the street, begging for enough change to get his next fix. He was that guy you paid tax money to feed in prison.


Against all the odds, Jesse broke the cycle of intergenerational trauma that ripped his family apart. And now, he's one of the most decorated PhD students in Canada.



"So in a way, I guess I put my crack addiction aside and replaced it with a greater addiction for education. And education, that thirst for it, there's a hunger for learning that overpowers my addiction."


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I bet he uses again.  It's impossible to forget. I don't believe anyone stays clean forever.  Not to mention it's just everywhere.  At my work I swear almost every employee is on sub or selling sub.  They don't even try to hide it.  Life just sucks and people want to feel better.  I can't blame them.  And then people work so hard to get and stay clean and for what,  you just die in the end either way.  Some people have impossible situations and will never be able to have a real life.  My life is impossible.  It's like I just knotted everything up so bad that I'll be dead before I can undo enough knots to actually have a life.  My life is actually so pathetic that my parents have already planned out new babysitters for me once they die.  That's really encouraging.  That's how much faith they have in me.  

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