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how to lose weight

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what is the easiest and the cheapest way to lose weight?

I'm 26 years old, 172 cm tall and weight 130+ kg I think. and my daily activity is sitting in front of my computer.

I have so much fats from my stomach down to my thighs

in these two days, I just use freestyle glider until I'm tired, then I hit the floor do sit ups until I'm tired, then I do back ups until I'm tired, and then push ups (not a perfect push ups, just from upper waist) until I'm tired, and go back to freestyle glider again... I do this cycle until I no longer have a will to continue, usually it last for an hour...

what I want to achieve is be able to keep moving for 5 km non-stop with... umm... additional 80 kg weight...? (assuming I fast-walk carrying something/someone)

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I tried that hiit for a little bit and it really seemed to help but now I remember it was during the period my depression was really bad and I only really ate toast like every other day so maybe that contributed to it. 

Either way the only way I think people can lose weight is old fashioned exercise and eating better. 

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