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Is anyone here into new age/psychic abilities, I believe this could be the new age of Aquarius. This could be a time to further mankind or test mankind with the opening of the third eye (ajna).  (To give new life of fresh water or flood the world in agony) :Dunno::Ponder:


(A Clairvoyance/Astral Projection Test)


Clairvoyance (To imagine/forehead) 

The more often you imagine your symbol the better your spell.


Spells (A symbol to think about often at the end of your wand)

You will manifest yourself as the symbol you associate with. Symbols that can used 

Alchemy Symbols

Shamanic Symbols

Religious Symbols

Celtic Symbols

Solomon Symbols



Mana/Health (Water-Usage & Energy) 

The more water the easier to do magik. I drink nothing but water, food is essentiaI, I for one eat fruits (mainly bananas) and with regular food digestion for sugar intake most of the time. Excerise helps with focusing aswell. 


Wands (A Focus Point)

With the lit end of a smoke, pole or lit candle this can be used as wands to generate energy to one single point.

Astral Projection (Merging Souls)

Imagine a wand in your head or in hand with the tip of the wand glowing and on that glow the word "merge", have the depiction of someone whether 2D or 3D and with the glow of the wand facing the person you want to soul merge with say in your head "merge" consistantly while believing you can do this act. 


Triangles (Another Focus Point)

Place a word of emotion inside a down side triangle, ie. Peace, Survival or Merge

From the top of the triangle (line), following the alignment of the slopes and finally the point of the shape, place this imaginary triangle above the top of someone's head and repeat in the head the word you chose for that triangle.


This is easier to do in person (3D) than through pictures, videos, and imagery (2D) for some. 

This should become second nature after the brain gets accustomed.

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