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how to heal the scars on the heart?

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It's about the female that I like online...


She was get criticized by particular person... Like a castle that under siege by trebuchets...


I don't think it can be called cyber bullying, not yet.. But I have an impression that she is not taking it well...

She just stay quite and don't talk much...

I scared the wound will leave a scar...

I want to see her smile again...


I was planning to keep sending her funny memes, but I think I should be precise and delicate with her, I'm afraid of unintended and unwanted side effect...


What should I do..?



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Is there a possibility for you to react, on-line, to the comments others make about her? If yes, have you been doing it, to show her there's "someone" who wants to protect her?

What kind of unwanted side effects do you worry about?

I imagine, in such a situation, sending a private message saying that I'm very concerned because of the nasty things people have been foolishly "doing to" her on-line and asking her how she's been coping with it. It means I would both criticise the "almost-bullying" (both as a phenomenon in general and what people do to her in particular) and express my worried about its impacts on her. But that's my idea of approach, yours may be different.

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