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I am not good at making friends at my school. I entered to this school 3 years ago with other 25 students, they all made friends almost immediately and I still haven’t made any real friends. When I’m with my group of “friends” I feel like I am a sperm that’s trying to end the egg but it just can’t, I just can’t get inside the group and be like everybody else. Sometimes I wish I had someone to talk to, to laugh with. I have no one. I convinced myself that in the next school year I was going to make friends but now I see that’s not happening (I explain why on the post on the general forum). It really sucks when you are the girl who has no friends and is alone. I have so much love to give and i just don’t have anyone to share things with. On these 3 weeks I’ve been on vacation not even a single one of my “friends” have texted me. I am not even the second choice, I am the last one. I just really want someone. 

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