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I hate how society treats guys with my size

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10 hours ago, Helpless_loner said:

The way I see it in the  -I know- relentless internet is that there's no such thing as an "average". Men are either big or small, nothing in between .I would go as far as saying that "average = still small".

Let's admit that a beautiful woman who is very sexually experienced might not think your better than average penis is very attractive.  But, she might not think your shoulders, bicepts, abbs, butt and thighs are much to look at either.  She might not like your personality either.

She could probably get off on your penis though because she is sexually experienced.  The brutal truth is we all have to go after women that are "in our league."  Your penis isn't dramatically reducing the league in which you could compete.  

Now, I would guess, your main problem is that you have remained a virgin a very long time.  If you are careful not to get hooked, a prostitute might get you up to speed such that you will be confident that you can "do it" if the right woman shows-up.

I was in a similar situation when I was 21, but with an objectively small penis.  Liquor got me over the hump, but that became a problem in itself!


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Don't know about you people but I only experienced small penis slurs bully from guys only. Girls don't use small penis slur, only laugh (giggles) along with the guys, unless I m in a heated argument with them. It is always the guys (alpha male) that called me small penis and made jokes/discriminates against me.

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