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There's an Asian guy on YouTube who does that. Or at least he has a small one and works out a lot. I think it might be one possible coping mechanism that is positive rather than negative. At least you're feeling fit and healthy. I hope you get back on the horse and go find a new girl who isn't so shallow. Don't let this become an issue if you can help it, women are only human and they say stupid shit, don't take this as a personal verification that you're small, plenty of women cheat like this with any size guy. I hope you come back stronger and more in tune with yourself. You saw what you needed to see to get out of a wasted relationship, that's a good thing. Sets you up well for the next. 

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I also compensated by completing 4 years of engineering at a major university and got a 3.9 GPA .

Was this my "coping mechanism" too ;)

And I also weight train.  No kidding. 


My point: I try to be my best at all the important things occuring in my life. 

Independent of my huge monster cock that every woman worships..lol.

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