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Hey guys,

I’ve felt, seen, and realized that I’ve gained a lot of weight on the past months and I hate it so much. I want to stop eating, and I have reduced the amount of food I ingest in a considering way, but my problem again is my family, they force me to eat and to finish the meal and I can’t, I hate it, I can’t look at food without feeling sick. I am so scared of carbs and of gaining more wait. I want to be skinny and to fit in pretty dresses, to be able to look at my ribs, to see skinny legs, not ham legs. 

Any advice?


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Are you and your family attempting to manage your ED on your own, or do you have professional help?  If it's just you and your folks, it could easily become (or return to) you against them.  That way is much harder, and requires that you and they keep on communicating.

With a professional, at least you have someone neutral to talk to.

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