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Back again, depressed. Essay forthcoming.

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I have no money, I have a crap job (and I struggle even to do my job properly), I am fat, I have a disability which I never asked for, I struggle with anxiety and depression and OCD and talking to myself, I am a former alcoholic, I dropped out of university 3 times, my mother died of cancer, I don't have much of a social life and have few friends, I have serious sexual problems that make it nearly impossible for me to have sex, I have a lot of self esteem issues, and I can't even lift 134kg at the gym. I SHOULD JUST KILL MYSELF, IT WOULD BE SO MUCH EASIER

I also have a lot of weird ideas about society as well that I should probably keep to myself

This is what WHITE MALE PRIVILEGE feels like


oh yeah and I was bullied as well thanks for reminding me

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On 1/27/2019 at 8:01 PM, Victimorthecrime said:

Hey if this is directed at me I want to say that all I did was ask a question about you posted. If you would prefer I didn't do that then just say so.  

I'm not being a dick about it, I don't have a problem with you

Life is just depressing. It has turned out far worse than I ever expected it would

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