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Thanks, @geronimo! :)  I've seen all the episodes of Would I lie to you available on YouTube (possibly all that have been broadcasted)! :) I also have a few of David Mitchell's (audio)books. On YouTube, I think the possibly best of his content is this series - perhaps you'll like it, too ;) :


(It's been fascinating to me how very similar we are in opinions (and even some preferences and attitudes)! After all I've heard from him, I identified only about 3 opinions in which we differ (and with regard to just the huge number of opinons he said in "The soapbox", it's surprising). Among "opinions", I include things that annoy him (and annoy also me) etc.)

BTW, this, for instance, exactly describes me, too (I "just" wouldn't be ever able to put it so well - I'm, unfortunately not witty - one of major differences between him and me)



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