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An autobiographical book about depression and suicidality and an interview about it:





Merkin's new book is an inside look at what it is like to live with clinical depression, never knowing if it will ever go away. It is also an account of her difficult relationship with her Orthodox Jewish mother, and a deeply personal examination of the nature vs. nurture debate. 

Daphne Merkin is an essayist, critic and novelist based in New York City. Her new book is called This Close to Happy: A Reckoning with Depression.



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1 hour ago, Victimorthecrime said:

I have found in my life that friends can be very situational.  To put in bluntly they are there for the good times but not so much the bad.  

Nicely put. My first reaction was laughter, although it's so sad :( . I really don't think it's generally true about friends, but... I cannot close my eyes before the fact that many people apparently behave like that. I suppose in many cases, it's because they don't know what to do; probably nobody had been there for them when they needed it, so they don't know how to be there for someone else. We sometimes fear we'll do more harm so we do nothing (like when people withdraw from someone bereaved) :( ...

BTW, it reminded me of this part of the documentary I posted here yesterday:


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Thanks, Vic, for the comment. I haven't read it, but one friend was 'over the moon' when reading it and recommended it very much. I've read some readers' comments and an excerpt plus the contents and I think I get it - it may be apparently very helpful to many people. But I seem impossible to be improved by any book, so... not sure I'll read more. 


Some quotes some of you might also like:


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