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This is possibly one of the most useful sections in the forum as it may provide others with the benefits of excellent self help resources. Following, as a starter to this section, are a list of a few

Wow! I've read that quote on a site with different quotes in my mother tongue and then I translated it in English to use it here. Thanks for your willingness .

Any books on Low Frustration? or that at least cover a good chunk?

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about Depressive realism:


I think the most interesting thing is that the author, despite appreciating the experience, still did "heal", even (most probably) wanted to "get back to the illusions", which supports my view that when someone suffering says "but I see the reality as it is, the problem is not in me but in reality", then, despite it being true (which I doubt only in extreme cases, relatively often seen on this forum), it doesn't mean that there is no reason to want to change themselves, as the "truth" (still just very incomplete ) is unnecessarily harmful in many ways, so it's better for them to find a way to, at least partially, ignore (some of) it. ... Hm. I'm not sure if I put it right. In any case, I don't deny "reality" (-society, 'biology', bad luck, ...) being painful and problematic and I don't blame the depressive realists for their condamnation of society etc. (I consider myself being one of them, I'm just lucky not to suffer too much most of the time, probably mainly lately (there have been many hard phases). I can just pretend, when being around people who are not close to me (=not my husband) that I'm cheerful and not pessimistic and not thinking about the world being a disgustingly horrible place with more suffering than any positive / pleasant feelings. And I have the luxury to just survive in a good environment ( = not homeless, not ill, so far), without direct impacts of all the horrors on my everyday life so far.) Sorry for oversharing in an inadequate place (under the wrong topic) :( .


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