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Pets as therapy

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I have pets and they mean everything to me.   It is sad when they get old, though.  The little dog that is in my profile picture will be 14 in December.  She is doing well for her age but I just had to spend over $600 on her to have the vet fix some dental problems that she rather suddenly developed.  I clean her teeth every day but things can go wrong when you get old.  I know it has been true for me!    ❤️🐶❤️

Best wishes to you Klingsor & I hope you can have pets again some time.  (BTW,  I was a very active member here 10 years ago but haven't been around much lately.  Nice to meet you.)

I just noticed my posts in this thread from 2010, ha ha!  I guess I was telling the truth!

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22 hours ago, Klingsor said:

I wish I had a cat and a dog. I miss having animals and taking care of them.

Pets are a comfort, aren't they? We have one pup and I look forward to having a kitty soon. Would it be possible to have one, Klingsor, or is life too unsettled right now? If not a cat or dog, maybe a smaller pet? I hope you are doing okay. Take care.

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5 hours ago, Klingsor said:

Except for the tenants of course

Yes, that's the problem: Many pets are totally OK in the sens that they don't make any noise, aren't dangerous, don't stink, ... while some neighbours can do / be all of that! :( 

Do you have a problem with your neighbours? (Ours are terribly noisy almost every day between around 23:30 and 1:30 and - what's even worse - smoke cigarets and weed very often and the smoke enters our apartment... Sometimes (/often) I was so very angry! It makes me more angry than most other things.)

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1 hour ago, LaLa said:

It makes me more angry than most other things.)

Fortunately I rent a small house in a quiet neighborhood. The house is ancient, rundown and the property managers are slumlord crooks, but it’s worth the rent for the peace and quiet. I pay for the location. However, I know only too well exactly what you describe. I could write about this topic for hours. I detest apartment living and did it for a decade. Probably increased my misanthropy more than any other single thing. It’s interesting that Roman Polanski made several “apartment themed” films, he discusses it in some interviews. 

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I'm very glad, @Klingsor, that you don't experience that anymore! It's very good to know you have, at least, this peace and quiet.

BTW, when I was volunteering (for 2 years) as an "active listener" (on the "help-line", or, rather, "support-line"), some people complained about their neighbours almost all the time.

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