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On December 23, 2015 at 4:30 PM, IrmaJean said:

We were talking in another thread about true love. I wanted to share this clip from the movie Up. It's very poignant and I cannot watch it without bawling. I think they did a very good job of conveying true love with these two characters. This is how I see it anyway. It's very beautiful.




One of my all-time favorite films (especially that opening sequence, and this scene); seen it multiple times on my DVD player.

Always brings the tears.  Did it again when i saw this clip.


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I loved Up too. :) Very poignant and moving. I found this post (below) that I wrote about it back in 2010. It might help to explain the clip better.

*Spoilers below*






"It was the typical scene of me bawling in the movie theater while my kids all chuckled at me. 

"Up" was in essence a love story which illustrated what is truly important in life. The old man's wife had died. All of her life, she had expressed a dream of going to a place called Paradise Falls where they would build a house and live happily ever after. But then real life happens...they lose a baby...a tree hits their house....the money always goes elsewhere. So no Paradise Falls. She dies and he feels he's disappointed her. So he goes on a quest himself to reach Paradise Falls. Throughout the movie, he occasionally looks at the cover of his wife's scrapbook, which she called, "Stuff I'm going to do". Every time the old man picks up the book, there is a sad and painful reminder that he didn't give his wife what she wanted in life. But he never brings himself to look inside or beyond some certain part of the book (I can't remember exactly which), assuming it will be filled with blank pages or dreams she was never able to live out. So one day he turns the page...and this is the part where I really lost it in the theater...and is surprised by what he sees on the pages. Turns out they aren't empty to represent her unfulfilled wishes and dreams as he'd feared... instead each page has pictures of their life together. As he turns the pages, there is the realization that his wife's life was ultimately fulfilling because she had been able to share it with him. In the end, life isn't about climbing to the highest peak of every mountain...it's about living day to day with your best friend by your side, through better or worse. Very powerful message. Good stuff, most definitely."

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I thought I'd link this here if anyone is into this sort of thing.


It's a playlist on YouTube of all the UK Grenada Television Sherlock Holmes series from the 1980's. I never read these books or was interested in Sherlock Holmes until one day I happened to see one of these in my list of recommended videos and just really loved it.

No sleazy sex, constant double entendres, gore, or cursing. Proof that something can be thoroughly entertaining without all of that. I'm sure a 32 year old single male watching this on a Saturday evening just screams eunuch and sexual inadequacy, at least I don't have to be constantly reminded of it while I'm watching it.

Here's a short clip from a favorite episode of mine, The Speckled Band..."Violence does in truth recoil upon the violent, and the schemer falls into the pit which he digs for another..."


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On 8/15/2020 at 10:21 PM, Klingsor said:

'm sure a 32 year old single male watching this on a Saturday evening just screams eunuch and sexual inadequacy,

I'm sorry you feel this way. :(  I would never make that connection and I don't see it there even now, when I understand, from your post, why it could be made by some.

On 8/15/2020 at 10:21 PM, Klingsor said:

No sleazy sex, constant double entendres, gore, or cursing.

This is also what I expect from a movie or series I'd like to watch!!!

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I'd like to add that I wish you to watch anything you like without thinking about any implications and opinions that others might have about it. (But I see that it's not that easy when one's been so much under the influence of mean or stupid people who had belittled him for no reason etc. :(  But imagine that you can "defy" them by learning to enjoy things without letting them spoil them for you by thoughts about their opinions. ;) )

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