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Anxiety Medication and Polygraph Test

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I'm currently applying to be a Firefighter. I eventually have to take a polygraph test. My problem is that I take prescribed anti-anxiety medication daily. I have a history of General Anxiety Disorder. Normally, I would inform the polygraph tester about my medication. However, the Fire Department does not like to hire people who have anxiety disorders. This is because people who have anxiety disorders are believed to be incapable of handling a stressful job such as; military, law enforcement, or fire department related.

Let me say this, I have improved my anxiety issues over the past two years. Eventually, I plan to get off of my medication. I am confident that I can become a successful firefighter. So don't tell me that I'm not qualified, or that I should choose a different career. Just because I had an illness that was not preventable, doesn't mean that I can never become a firefighter.

I know people will question me of whether or not I'm really qualified to become a firefighter. Over the years, I have learned to cope with my anxiety. I believe that, because I can control my anxiety, I'm able to better handle the high stress scenarios of being a firefighter.

I think that my past anxiety issues have made me more mentally stronger, because of the fact that I have conquered my disorder. Even a man with perfect mental health has a chance of developing an anxiety episode during duty. There have been several firefighters who have developed drug addiction, alcoholism, depression, anxiety, and even suicide because of the high stress involved in their job. Now, some of these people had no history of mental problems before they were hired.

I know how the 'Americans with Disabilities Act' (ADA) tries to prevent people of being rejected from a job because of their disability. But, I don't think that applies to the Fire Department. Besides, the Fire Department could hide the fact that they rejected me because of my anxiety, while making up some random excuse.

Will the polygraph tester ask me if I'm taking any anti-anxiety medication? If I tell him yes, then the Fire Department will know about it. Then they might reject me because of my history of anxiety. I've been reading on how to beat a polygraph test, so that I can lie on the fact that I'm taking anti-anxiety. But will they drug test me of having any anti-anxiety or other medications?

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No one knows what kind of questions they might ask you. Most people lie during the tests like this about something. I don't think that you should be rejected because of anti anxiety meds. You need to relax more about this whole polygraph thing, otherwise you will be so nervous that you will fail. Mine was inconclusive because I was so nervous. Think things through carefully, and stop treating yourself like a disabled person. I bet, 95% of firefighters take either anti depressants or anti anxiety meds.


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