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"Google has created what might be the most sophisticated information-gathering apparatus in the history of the Earth ... and the only people with information about them are the pizza delivery drivers."

And I trust the information from Domino's more ...

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"Honk if you're stuck in traffic on your way to the gym ..."

This reminds me: Have you already heard about the crazy (-in my eyes) proposition in Canada to have 54 (!!) different honks (like a Morse code, not different tones/pitches/amplitudes/...) - each having a particular meaning so that the driver knows what the honking-one wants to "say"?! It's not a joke! They are very serious about it and drivers would have to pass new exams. But... I doubt it will pass... (Or are they so silly?)

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Well, but it's a practical way.

Some links:




This should be in "Cuteness overload", but I suppose anybody won't mind if I post i here, too:


And another, similar, joke about FB:


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