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A glimpse of contentment

I've have a few short glimpses of contentment, enough to let me know that the seperation from my husband was the right thing to do. It is bloody hard though becoming single after 20 years as a couple, a disfunctional one at that. Despite declaring his undying love to me and begging me not to end the marriage my ex-husband is very actively seeking out another partner. To be in the company of my daughter is as always a tonic, we have so may laughs. She is off travelling for the month of June . N



My experience of coming off meds.

I think I will journal how things go with me coming off meds. I'm a couple of days in now. Don't know if I am suffering any side effects because I have a fever, chest infection and vertigo - which is quite likely masking the side effects. I know I'm not sleeping - but again is that due to the infection I currently have? I think the lack of sleep will be the difficult one to cope with if it continues. My mood is stable, however I seem to be a little more sensitive to confrontation at the moment.



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