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Halloween with the kids




I had a nice day escorting the kids and some of their friends all around to round up candy. The weather was quite nice out. I always have a nice time seeing all the kiddos in their costumes. Tons of princesses and tranformers this year. I really enjoyed the little ones in their scooby doo and pumpkin costumes. Passed several draculas and a few demented looking clowns.

I don't often get to go with the kids and I'm glad I was able to this year. We always get loads of trick or treaters at the house. I really don't like when the teenagers show up with pillow case in hand but without even a slight costume. I could careless that they are teens but at least put something on even a dopey hat or something. The lack of effort or creativity is boring. Finally ran out of candy at about 9 so, started handing out change.

My kids got a lot of candy. Several items I had to throw away. I'm not sure why some folks go to the trouble of making brownies and cookies. It's a nice idea but unless we know the people my wife won't let the kids eat any of them. Always feel bad throwing them away. One house really upset the kids instead of candy they got God Loves You stickers. The dentist gave out toothbrushes.

After filling up on sugar the kids ran around the yard pulling every ball or wheeled item out of the garage. Then it was time for spooky movies. I thought it would take forever for them to go to bed but after doing a rooms search for monsters they fell right out.



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sounds like a long happy day with the kids. I didn't get any kids here, I live outside of town and no one lets their kids go trick or treating here anymore, It's just not the same old neighborhood it once was.

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Glad I could give you a chuckle. On Halloween we pretty much let them have as much as they like. The following days we limit it. We did lots of blocks and think they will be well stocked for at least a few weeks.:)

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