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Day 3 - taking antidepressants



Today I'm feeling groggy and light-headed again. Its awful to feel this way. Yesterday I felt much better and didnt have any of these symptoms. I actually drove all the way to my aunt's place, met up with an old friend who lives in that area and had a good time catching up with her after a long long time.

Since last night I started feeling slightly disoriented. I took the pill a little before 9 pm as per the pdoc's prescription but still got this reaction. Chatted with aunt till 1 am and went off to bed. In the morning I was feeling much better, after shower and tea, I started feeling groggy and since then I dont feel confident to do things by myself. I feel shaky and slightly lack of coordination over my movements. My head feels light, dizzy, disoriented. I have never felt this way. Its awful!

I wonder how long I shall have this reaction from the meds. I wonder if I should call up the pdoc this evening and give her an update or wait till I complete 7 days of meds and then go to meet her to tell her all this?


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What sort of anti-depressant did she start you on? I know the first two weeks I was on my Lexapro I felt alot of the same way do are describing. I wanted to sleep all the time and felt groggy and very uncoordinated, but I had to make do as I had a newborn to take care of. After about two weeks though everything eased out and I began to feel much better. Sometimes you just have to give your body a chance to get used to the medication. Good luck with it though!!

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{And you might have to search out drug names on the internet, because they're usually branded differently between the U.S. and other countries.}

I've tried a number of anti-depressants, as well. Most of them had a couple of weeks of acclimatization effects (they're not really side-effects because they go away.) Some worse than others (and because these effects are really a result of a combination of the medication and the patient, it's not that the medications that caused problems are "worse", it's just that they were "worse" for me.)

I hope that you'll continue to try different ones, even if your current ones don't work out.

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Luna, You get the entire credit along with another friend of mine who's been supportive and insistent that I shouldn't give up and take them at least for 7 days. I'm still light-headed and slightly whoozy almost like a hangover but I'm feeling a little positive. I think there are fluctuations; suddenly I feel low but the depression is overall much better than the way I was before I started meds. I owe it to you LUnA!!!! KUDOS! Seriously I feel like giving you a big hug. I hope after 7 days I'm back to my usual positive self without having to take any more meds.

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Malign, The chemical composition for

Lonazep is Chlonazepam and

Paxidep CR is Paroxetine Controlled Release Tablets.

I'm scared of trying any tablets. After these 7 days, I'm praying I dont have to take any. So, 3 more days to go....

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