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Day 5 - taking antidepressants



I called up the doc last night before the party to tell her that I was feeling disoriented, almost felt like I was having a hangover. She said it cant happen for so long and if it was happening, then I should reduce the dose of Lonazep 0.25 mg (Chlonazepam) tablet. Lets see how today goes.

My ex-husband sms'ed me at 2:35 in the morning to say that I had ruined his happiness and that God will never bless me. He kept calling and when I didnt pick up the phone, he sent the sms. I'm feeling sad and slightly dizzy as well. I dont feel like getting out of bed and I forced myself to drink milk and have some fruits to avoid getting migraine. I get migraine if I dont eat anything. I really wonder if I will ever be happy:confused:


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