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First Flight...Facing Fear...Facing Life



You stand there on the edge

Your wings are open wide

Part of you is ready

Part of you wants to hide

Your heart is beating madly

You know that you're alive

You've prepared yourself for this moment

Your wingmen are at your side

All you need to do is step off

but no, that's not quite it

You wouldn't be the first one

the updraft has failed to lift.

All the knowledge you have gained

The preparation that got you here

None of it's worth a damn

if you're still controlled by fear.

There are things you can't control

They'll get you in the end

So find a way to believe in yourself

Faith is your one true friend

OK - here we go...

Our very first flight!

Our wings - they are working

Things turned out all right.

"Beautiful condor

Show us the way

Now that we're up here,

We want to stay"

The mighty bird whispered

"You must do your part

The updrafts will lift you

IF you follow your heart"

"The bad stuff will toss you

Don't stay there too long

Head for smooth sailing

It won't steer you wrong."

"So tell us what happens

at the end of the day

when nighttime approaches

And we know we can't stay"

Follow me down to your world on the ground

Watch out for the obstacles strewn all around

I'll get you back safely then its up to you

to learn from this lesson and start life a-new.


Recommended Comments

Thanks. Glad you liked it. I wrote it after listening to a sad song by Jann Arden "I'm just living cause I'm obligated, I keep trying cause I've got to get it right. I pulled the trigger but I hesitated. Lying here beside myself." At the end of the song, I forced myself to write something positive as a bit of an offset. Also I had tried to be positive in therapy one day last week and ended up grumpy and angry so kind of wrote it to give to my therapist too. Still playing around with the tune. I noticed a "voice notes" feature on my itouch that came in handy for that but after playing it back I've decided I need some serious voice lessons:rolleyes:

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