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I'm working on building friendships



As of late I've been trying to build up my friendships with friends I know. In a world where everything is available in an instant it's hard for me to slowly build up my friends.

I'm the kinda guy that would totally hug a stranger if they looked sad. My true friends are people I know inside out. I really don't care much for casual friends, I want friends that deeply care about me and me back to them.

I'm slowly learning that I need to call people often to build a friendship. I never called kids when I was young to hang out so this is actually a hard thing for me. I wish it was easy, where I only had to sit at home and wait for people to invite me over.

Currently I'm been hanging out with this girl that I like to be around. She's nice and a lot like a kid in many ways. It's been building my confidence up. We went to the movie, bikes, smoothie making.


-Call, don't text.

-Call at least twice a week

-Causally talk to people on the phone. I make it a mission every time I call. I can't just relax.

I'm sure there are many things I forgot to mention but that's what I'm working on.


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Those seem like a reasonable set of goals, and when I'm more confident, they'll probably come in handy.

Yea, I think those goals are reasonable. My therapist always said to start off simple even if you think you can do way more at the time of making the goals.

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School was okay. I still haven't really talked with anyone except that one guy who I kind of know.

I just got back from a therapy appointment about half an hour ago. My therapist gave me a challenge to say one line to a different person each day. The line could be something as simple as asking for the time. The important thing is that I get used to talking to people in school. Once that's done, I can look to start real conversations and find friends.

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Hey Sue, thanks for the kind wishes :)

Have you had any good moments today? :D

You were involved in my dream last night. It had something to do with me trying to comfort you, but I don't really remember too much :o

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