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Being Social and Child Psy



The topics on my mind the most right now are two things... Firstly being that I'm not doing that well with socializing with people at school. Maybe I just need to ask for names after I talk with them.

I feel like after I talk with someone they think I'm weird or something. I think they think that I look to old for them or something. Obviously a lot of this is just self consciousness. I still find it very hard being bald at my age. It makes me look older then I am but I don't want to cover it with hats either.

Secondly, my child psy class is getting me more nervous. Apparently I'm supposed to help a 3,4 or 5th grader with their homework and kinda be a buddy for them to depend on. I didn't know I'd be working with kids.

I have little experience with this. My little cousins for example love me to death and I always make them feel wanted and smart. That's exactly how I plan to help the child I'd work with. I plan on projecting a very positive role model.

I'm both looking forward to this and anxiety filled about it. Kinda like the same feeling I get before a speech. Nervous, but everything turns out working out great.


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